Same Speech, Different Day: BO Still on the Defensive, Still Telling the Same Lies

Oh the joy.  Another campaign speech by BO.  Someone needs to forward him the memo:  he’s president now.  His constant campaigning is unseemly, particularly as a good part of it is to denigrate American citizens.  But I guess that’s all he knows.

Oh, that and how to tell lies with a straight face.  Once again, he mocked Americans who oppose him (we suffer from “selective amnesia” because according to him our economy was worse seven months ago) and who disagree with him about the government-run healthcare system he is apparently going to cling tenaciously to (calling us liars, saying that we want the status quo to continue).  Once again, he lied about the economy (somehow the record high unemployment rate is a good sign?  Not sure how that works, but I guess he thinks it sounds good); and once again, he proved that he is completely unaware of what Americans want. 

He lied about republicans and moderate democrats not having any alternatives to the public option: “what’s your answer? What’s your solution?  And you know what, they don’t have one,” says our Liar in Chief.  “Their answer is to do nothing.  Their answer is to do nothing.”  He had to say that twice, I guess, to make it true.  But to no avail.  It’s a lie.  Next, he should try clicking his heels and doing a pirouette while wearing a pink tutu, maybe that’ll succeed in making it true? 

I’ve never seen one person, not ONE, who argued to retain the status quo or who didn’t say that we need some reform, just not a government-take over.  It actually seems to me that all we hear from the middle and right are alternatives to a complete dismantling of our healthcare system and replacing it with a government-run system.  The terms “tort reform,” “buying across state lines,” and “pooling and tax credits” apparently don’t mean the same thing to him that they mean to us.  To him, they are not options because all he is set on is a complete government take-over.  He’s wants complete government control of every aspect of our lives that pertains to our healthcare.  And that includes our morality, our bank accounts, and what we are “allowed” to eat, drink, and do–these haven’t been explicitly stated, but they are talking about prevention and wellness; these sound good, but you can bet that this will be another way for democrats to put more “sin” taxes in place.  Sodas and candy have already been proposed as likely “sins” to tax–the sugar, I imagine, who could think chocolate a sin!?  And with them in charge of healthcare, it would mean not only new taxes on products but higher premiums and fines.  Count on it.

BO doesn’t care about covering more people; if he did, he would be open to doing so in any way possible, not stick to his narrow, socialist vision that Americans have rejected for fifty years (or according to him a hundred years.).  Doesn’t it make more sense, in this time of economic instability, to spend less and affect real change for the people who are not covered?  Why force us all into it?  And make no mistake, that is the plan.  Don’t forget that BO’s idea of change is, “Sure, you can build that coal mine, but I’m going to tax you into bankruptcy.” 

He stood right there and said that “we” (presumably lefties) have been fighting for government-run healthcare for “almost a hundred years.”  Yes.  That is true.  At least we see when he stumbles over Teddy Kennedy and lands on Teddy Roosevelt (!?) that this is the same speech he’ll be giving Wednesday to Congress (they would be more open to invocations of Teddy Kennedy, I guess.  BO note to self:  Delete “Roosevelt,” insert “Kennedy” =  brand new speech).  But BO is right that people on the left have been fighting for it for fifty years, that Teddy Roosevelt suggested universal healthcare a hundred years ago.  This is not, however, a feather in his cap; instead, it’s clear evidence and should tell him, as it told Teddy Kennedy, that we do not want it.  But keep pushing, keep lying, keep steam rolling over the wishes of the American people.

That’s really really good for Republicans next year.  Guess we’re in for another massive change in Congress, just like the one in 1994, when Clinton was idiotic enough to think he could govern from the left.  This administration really needs to bone up on its history (and not just “How to Subvert Constitutional Governments and Set Up Totalitarian Regimes For Dummies”).

The only transparent thing about this administration is the wall of lies that BO cocoons himself in and peddles to the people.  We read the polls, understand the economy well enough to know that things are very bad, watch real news reporting on Fox and in blogs across the internet, read the healthcare “reform” bills and know what’s in store for us if he gets his way.  His lies do not hold up in the face of the legislation, the unemployment numbers, or in any other measure of “recovery.”  Period. 

Well, one thing’s clear, he is arrogant enough to think that his saying the same over and over and over and over and over and over and over will make any difference.  Today’s speech was the same damn speech we’ve been listening to for three years except this time he’s begging people to get “fired up.”  Apparently, the only voices that can affect change are the ones on the left.  Hmph!  We’ll see about that.  You fired up yet?  I am.


What say you?

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