A Drinking Game to Help Us Get Through ANOTHER BO Speech: Cheers!

You have an hour to get to the liquor store and stock up for yet another in a long long long list of speeches by our illustrious leader (Wizbang has an excellent post about “Obama Fatigue Syndrome,” check it out.)  If you’re like me, you are dreading it, knowing that it will be more of the same.  Promises to be clear, followed by vague abstractions; lies and cliches trotted out amidst heart-tugging stories of tragedy.  It’ll be another yawner.

So when I got my daily email from Glenn Beck’s team (imagine!  I can’t believe that I am actually getting these, oh how far I have come during BO’s campaign and brief time in office, but honestly, I can see for myself what is happening, and it scares me to death.)  So when I got the email that mentioned a drinking game spun off of this post, I thought, “wee! This is perfect.”

And I began framing some “drink moments” of my own.  For one thing, every time he says something more than once, it’s almost certainly a lie, so drink!  Each time he alludes to or directly mentions “morality” and “our duty” and “doing the right thing” and “being brotherly” (or “neighborly,” either will work), drink up.  When he trots out the tragic story of the evils that the insurance companies have done to people (who will doubtless be in the audience, cameras will pan to them dramatically, and they will look tragic and victim-y), drink up.  When he mocks people’s concerns (legitimate, by the way) about any of the following: “pulling the plug on grandma,” “death panels,” “rationing,” coverage for either illegal immigrants or abortions . . . yep, drink up.  When he (as he undoubtedly will) declares that the majority of Americans want the public option, drink up.  When he arrogantly announces that he’s the one who’s going to get this done because he’s the bestest evah, drink up (after you finish laughing hysterically).  Every time he stutters (or stammers or trips over any word), drink up (this one alone should have you hammered in no time). 

For body language drinks:  any bobble-heading gets a drink, as does that vacant swivel and stare he does that is supposed to take in the entire audience but usually just looks like he’s having a senior moment.  Drink up when he flashes that giant disingenuous smile.  You’ll see this coming because it will be preceded by his saying something totally outrageous.  When he looks “sincerely” into the camera, drink up (try not to vomit, though, no alcohol wastage!).

And yes, I know you’ll be drinking twice on some of these because they are both drink triggers in their own right and lies.  But, hey, you have to get through this same old drivel some how, don’t you?

Okay, so except for that last part about voting for Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck as president, that vid’s pretty darned brilliant!


What say you?

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