Okay, So the Liberal Loons Have a President. Where’s Mine?

Has it happened?  Is BO now only the president of the liberal far left and not of this country?  Listening to Robert Gibbs this morning, I have to think this is true.  Yes, sadly, I was beaten about the intellect this morning, first thing, before I even had a cup of coffee.  I flip on Fox and Friends and there’s Robert Gibbs being snide, sneering, condescending, and basically foolish.  (You can see the whole hideous, skin-crawling, insulting mess here.)

It was a sad start to the day, let me tell you.  First of all, how freaking amazing that this jerk (one can’t really call him “pompous” because he’s so witless, and pomposity implies a certain level of cleverness) would berate Fox for not showing the speech tonight.  So funny that it’s A-OK for NBC to run Titanic instead of a speech by then-president George Bush, right?  Besides, Fox News is covering it–in its entirety, and has been advertising the time slot for weeks (well, since we found out BO was going to speak before Congress).  Secondly, that Gibbs would dare say this after the entire MSM have been shown to be the propaganda machine that they are–let’s be honest, they censor the news for their viewers so they get only one side of any given issue–over their dead silence on the Van Jones story is just mind-boggling.  The irony, of course, is lost on one with the intellect of a slug who can only trot out the lines he’s been told by the real power in the White House.  All of which, by the way, are absolute lies.  He keeps hammering “competition,” everyone being able to keep their own plan, and all the rest of the utter lies.  None of that is true

And it didn’t end there.  Gibbs, puppeting his masters, also says that the dems are eager for a bipartisan bill . . . if the republicans suck it up and go with the public option.  Perhaps Gibss should take a look at the definition of “bipartisan”?  Hell, they all need to look that one up.  It doesn’t mean “you do what I want or I’m doing it anyway,” it means, “let’s talk about this and come to a compromise that works for both sides.”  I’m sputtering mad about Gibbs; he’s really got this cock of the walk thing going on, and all that tells me is that the White House is going to go ahead and push the “public option” (government-run healthcare system) through this fall.  So they aren’t listening to the people, they aren’t reading the polls, and they don’t give a damn what this means in terms of tearing this country apart.  BO is not a president of the people, he is a president of the far left loons.  They can have him.  I’m done.

It’s been coming, I suppose, for a while.  BO and his goons have been pushing aside the “little” people, belittling, mocking, and insulting us for months.  He’s not interested in what we think or what we want.  Gibss, his spokesman, made that crystal clear today (and just what polls is he reading that he thinks the president is as popular as ever and that the majority of Americans support the government take-over?  I want to see those polls, and I want to know who was polled.  That flies in the face of the Rassmussen and Gallup polls!).  And BO hasn’t been listening, and he hasn’t been hearing the American people say that they do not want this so-called “public” option which leads directly to government-run healthcare, make no mistake about this; it’s very clearly set up in HR 3200, and if you don’t believe that, go read it yourself.  In fact, if you don’t believe it, you have an obligation to read it, to know what is happening.  Do not believe this president; he is not interested in the people or their wishes; he implied as much on Monday, and seems geared to say as much tonight. 

And while I’m venting, what is wrong with the dems that they can’t seem to think of any word other than “robust”?  Hearing endlessly about the “robust” public option being “robustly” supported is making me a little ill.  Did they poll this word, and it sounded . . . um, robust?  So now they can’t seem to use any other descriptive for it.  How about “divisive,” “toxic,” or “untenable”?  I like those far more than “robust.”  Robust is coffee, it’s Rubenesque women, it’s flavor, it’s the first cry of a healthy newborn . . . it’s absolutely not a government-takeover of our healthcare system that sets up numerous new government offices, gives you a maximum of five years with your own doctor (that’s assuming you can afford the taxes and fines for not going on the government plan), will be more interested in cutting costs than in what you or your doctor think is best for your health, that will actually pay doctors for cutting medical items and services and “rebase” based on the cuts made so the level of service and care will continually plummet, that will do nothing to “keep insurance companies honest” because private employer-based insurance will be pushed out in five years, and that will mean more government intervention in every aspect of your life, including filing “health returns” each year.

Oh, and another while I’m venting moment.  Apparently, Reverend White (among others, of course) is calling anyone who opposes the government take-over of healthcare a racist who doesn’t want to see the poor helped.  This is such utter bilge that it takes the breath away.  But then, it’s becoming clear from the Skippy Gates and Van Jones incidents that race is all this administration thinks about.  This is strange to me, because I never think about race.  I’ve gone entire months without once thinking any thoughts about any race, including my own.  It would have been longer, I’ve no doubt, if someone didn’t start screaming “racist” at the drop of a hat or because they want their way (race card, race baiting).  It’s so ridiculous, and I’m so over it.  Why on earth do all these people think it’s all anyone thinks about?  I just don’t get that, not at all.

So back to my point, sorry, that’s been aggravating me since the Skippy Gates freak out and was renewed with the Rev Wright assertion.  Anyway, if BO’s talk goes along the lines of what he said on Labor Day (remember that one?  That Republicans have no alternative plans?  Hmph!) and along the lines of what the disgusting Gibbs said this morning, we will clearly see that there is no president of the people, of the people who’ve been expressing their concern, anger, fear, and frustration all summer (and for the past fifty to one hundred years) about government-run healthcare and the massive spending, increasing unemployment, and enormous deficits we’re accruing even before they spend the $10 trillion (over 10 years) on this government take-over.  BO’s just blithely going to do what he wants to do, what his people want him to do.  Well, where’s my president?  Where’s a president who listens to and cares about what I and the millions like me want?


What say you?

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