Address by the Bully at the Podium

It sounded good, but then, we already know that BO can give a speech when he needs to, and deliver it with flair and panache.  But we also know, or most of us, anyway, that he’s full of . . . poo-poo.  And make no mistake, last night’s speech was a hot mess.  You really have to ask yourself what the man’s thinking. 

How can he stand there, with that veneer of sincerity, and tell us that he wants the bickering and games to stop and in the same speech take shots at republicans and the American people?  I also want to see this bill that he was talking about that won’t set up a group of bureaucrats to make healthcare and end of life decisions for people, that says you can keep your doctor and plan past the five year “grandfather” period, and that excludes illegal immigrants and taxpayer-funded abortions.  I want to see it.  Because the bill that I have seen sets up not one, but multiple, committees and commissions and offices to oversee every aspect of healthcare, including bribing doctors to cut supplies and services, taxing and fining people into the government system (this is the Commissioner’s job description as set up in the bill!  To find out why people aren’t jumping on the government option and to “fix” it.  D’oh!).

And all these offices, commissions, and appointees will be . . . what? working for free?  It’s not going to add one dime to the deficit?  Is he effing insane?  Or does he think we’re complete idiots?  I mean, really, not one dime?  He said he’s going to make sure everyone is covered, that quality of care is improved, and that no one will ever be cut off from costly and extensive procedures and treatments.  For free.  Come on!  Who on earth is that slack-jawed stupid and lobotomized-gullible to believe that bilge for one second? 

And let me get this straight, too, from BO’s speech.  He says that the reason for setting up a government option is so to provide competition, to keep insurance companies honest, and to cover the 5% of people who would not be covered if the bill contained regulations on cost.  We know intuitively that adding one more health insurer to the 1300 or so health insurers out there is not going to do that (allowing them to actually compete, across state lines, however, would and has proven true in Massachusetts when they dropped their “one price for all” car insurance law–I personally saved $300 per year for the exact same coverage!), and we know logically that the government is going to be setting the industry standards, putting taxes and fines in place, and essentially pushing us all on to this government-run healthcare system.  Not only is that in the bill, but it’s the only way for it to make any sense.  BO might sound good, but he’s not a fairy godmother, and his saying something is true doesn’t come close to making it true.  Even if he says it over one hundred times. 

He claimed that this government option would be paid for, in part?, by premiums, but at the same time, he’s saying that only the poorest 5%, who for whatever reason can’t get Medicaid (?), would be on this government plan.  That makes no sense.  If these people can’t afford their own insurance even though BO promises that it will be rock-bottom priced, then they certainly can’t afford to pay premiums to the government.  Who will?  US.  We will be forced into this government option, there is no other way to pay for it.  I mean in the real world where “this won’t add a dime to the deficit” is fantasy-land speech that only the least educated people, those without jobs and household budgets, could possibly believe.

Add to that his wild assertion that he’s going to get the money for it by stopping the fraud and abuse that is currently gobbling up billions in Medicare, and you have a joke of enormous proportions.  Think about that.  First of all, why is all this fraud and abuse allowed to flourish in Medicare, a government entitlement program?  If there is that much fraud and abuse going on there, don’t you think that he, and our leaders in Congress, should put a stop to it now?  Why wait four years?  Hell, why wasn’t that already done to prove that it’s there and that money can be found?  And if that government agency is so rife with fraud and abuse, then how is that supposed to instill public confidence in adding still more government agencies to the tax payers payroll?  This makes zero sense.  Look, I see a lot of fraud and abuse in this government agency; I know!  Let’s set up another one.

I sat here and was completely stunned by almost everything that man said last night.  Not only does it defy logic and plain, old-fashioned common sense, but I didn’t appreciate his “Father Knows Best” attitude of his chiding people for having very real and very deep concerns while swishing them away with his magic wand of wild promises that cannot possibly be kept and following up with enough partisan attacks and lies to choke a horse.  Or a house full of moderates and republicans who’ve been trying to set up meetings with Mr. My Door is Always Open, who’ve written no fewer than three bills with alternate plans that don’t include a government option, and who’ve been told that being bipartisan means doing exactly what the far left loons, including BO, want.  House Republican leader John Boehner has posted a “Fact Check” on some of BO’s more objectionable lies. 

And didn’t you just love the image of the President of the United States of America acting like the two-bit Chicago thug that he is and threatening to “call out” anyone who continued telling the truth about what is actually in those bills and what it will actually mean?  Well, here I am, BO, come and get me.  Please.  I think it would be good for the American people to see you make good on your threats before Congress, the country, and the world.  Nothing like “calling out” a blogger, a citizen, and/or a member of Congress to make my case that you are no better than a schoolyard bully. 

His arrogance is absolutely appalling, and frankly, I’ve never been more turned off by any president, ever.  That includes, in my lifetime, Carter, Nixon, Clinton, and Bush,  This man is a divider, he is a liar, and he is nothing but pure, undiluted trouble for this country, its budget, its people, and its future.


Update:  I forgot about the accusation of conservatives using “scare tactics” right before he assured us that if we don’t do what he wants more people will lose their homes, go bankrupt, and die.  How can anyone take this man seriously?  Anyway, Gateway Pundit has a great piece on this via Sarah Palin’s response to BO’s attack on her here.


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