Hate-Mongering, Race-Baiting, and Turning on Our Neighbors: Is This Your America?

I spent 9/11 watching a series of shows on the History Channel.  They ran a reconstruction of the hijacking of American Airlines flight 11 out of Boston, a story about one of the security chiefs who worked for a large financial firm in one of the Twin Towers, and a show that offered coverage of the events of that morning by amateur and professional photographers who were in Manhattan at that time.  I watched each of these with a heavy heart and a renewed and profound respect not only for the firemen and police but also for the average citizen of New York and by extension of our country.  What I saw and what I felt was people helping people and renewed hope for us as humans and as Americans.  In the midst of chaos and panic, black people helped white people stand and stagger away from danger while handing them a bottle of water, white people helped black people by reaching out and offering their hand or sharing their water.  People of all races and both genders were all in this together.  It was right there, in the coverage of that tragic morning that forever changed this country and its people. 

And then, on 9/12, I watched the millions (some say only 1.2 million, some say 2 million–most (honest news outlets) agree that it was the largest demonstration, or “march,” on Washington.  Ever.).  These people were protesting the reckless and useless spending of this administration, more and more taxes on everything and anything (with more to come), the nationalization of American healthcare, and big government in general.  It was really something.  I wish that I could have been there, but I certainly was there in spirit.

Around the web, people on the left were saying horrible things, racist things, things meant to degrade and discourage the protesters.  I read everything from the only thing missing was white hoods to these are the lunatic fringe of the right.  You know what?  I’m not even mad anymore.  I think that these people, the nay-sayers who don’t understand what they are seeing, who have been brain-washed by the MSM, are to be pitied rather than vilified (as I’ve done, calling them “loons,” among other not so nice things).  I am coming to see that it’s not really their fault.  They are being manipulated and “community organized” into being race-baiting, partisan haters.

Think about it.  Who do we hear talking about race?  Certainly not anyone on the right (well, excluding the white supremacists who don’t really get any air-time now that Geraldo is babbling nonsense on Fox).  It’s always the left.  They are obsessed with race, their goal in life and in government is to redress perceived contemporary grievances and, if they don’t have any handy, to create such grievances where none exist.  And they are constantly fed by the MSM.  Racist this, hate that, partisan the other thing.  When they meet anyone who knows what the bills say, they simply trot out Reverend Wright’s line about white republicans hating black people.  That’s just absurd.  I don’t want a government-run healthcare system therefore I’m a racist?  Huh?  That’s not even a faulty syllogism.  It defies all logic.  But they thrive on fostering hate and disharmony; they thrive on division and distrust.  When Joe Wilson accused BO of lying, they attack him as a white man from the south who must hate BO because he’s black.  Absurd.  The simple fact is that BO was lying.  Period.  And if you didn’t know it before I just told you so, then flip on your favorite news channel, they’re all reporting that the dems are now working in a provision to validate citizenship before going into the government option.  D’oh!  If they’re putting that in NOW, it wasn’t there on Wednesday.  Right?  Should Wilson have yelled out like that?  Probably not, but the truth is that he was speaking the truth.  He apologized, BO accepted; even Pelosi accepted it!  Before she didn’t.  They foster hate.

And just look at BO.  He’s supposed to be the President of the United States of America, to represent the American people and to be a figure we can trust and respect.  But what does he do?  And I’m not even talking about his bowing and scraping at the feet of fascist murderers around the world.  I’m talking about the way that he actively seeks to destroy the fabric of racial and social harmony in this country.  I’m not saying we had a lovely, thick blanket of such harmony, but we were getting somewhere.  Now all we have is frayed edges and frayed nerves, each on the verge of snapping.  The country came together to support BO, and now the polls show that he has alienated many of the people who once cheered his name and his mantra.  Rather than looking at his own divisive and hate-riddled speech and practices, he simply points to the right and calls “foul!”  This man is systematically breathing new life and new hate into negative race and social relations in this country, and the MSM is working it for all they’re worth.

In 1984, Jane Elliot did a social experiment in her grade school class in which she examined race and bias.  During the course of a week, she discussed the way that people formulate false beliefs about people based on what they are taught and told.  It was incredibly powerful.  She separated the class (it was all white) by those with blue eyes and those with brown eyes.  The blue-eyed people, she explained, were the best.  They were cleaner, nicer, kinder, and simply better than all others, especially brown-eyed people.  Elliot hammered on the superiority of blue-eyed people, and soon the children understood that the blue-eyed kids were better, that they deserved longer breaks, treats, and surprises, while the worthless brown-eyed people were treated horribly by the newly-biased blue-eyed kids.  And then she changed the game.  It was the brown-eyed people who were actually superior.  They were cleaner, smarter, nicer, and better in every possible way than people with blue eyes.  And the tables actually turned.  The formerly ostracized and abused (there was a fight based on eye-color during recess–name-calling, the works) brown-eyed people embraced their new sense of superiority and immediately began doling out hateful treatment.  They’d “been there,” but they still sunk into bias and hate. 

This, I believe, is happening on a grand scale here in the United States.  The MSM, the president, and the majority in Congress are systematically painting average Americans as evil, lowly, mean, ignorant, racist, stupid, small-minded, Bible-thumping hicks and hypocrites who are beneath contempt.  Is it any wonder that Americans in droves are acting like those schoolkids on brown eyes are best day?  Turning on their neighbors, deleting their friends from friends lists on social networking sites, spewing vitriol and hate.  Is it really surprising, given what we know about how malleable people are, especially people who are eager to “fit in” and be a part of the “best” crowd as it seems the people on the left are, that they are becoming more and more prejudiced, more and more judgmental, and with a bigger and bigger sense of superiority (moral, social, ideological).  An authority figure or figures is telling them that there is something wrong with conservative Americans, with Americans who don’t want bigger government, with Americans who support life, God, and the Constitution.  This is happening every single day in this country, and it. is. not. okay.

What say you?

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