Thanks a Bunch, BO: THIS is What Your Hateful, Racist, and Partisan Example Fosters

I rest my case:

If a white person did that to a black singer, all hell would break loose.  And rightly so.  But because this is a white country singer (i.e. one of the undesirables), this loser thinks it’s perfectly fine to humiliate her in public and steal her moment.  I am appalled beyond belief.  Beyond words, really.


Update, I posted this literally seconds ago, and it’s already been pulled!  As was the second one I found.  Apparently, someone doesn’t want this seen.  hmmmmm.   More here (this is the MTV link and has the vid) and here.

Update the second:  his apology is quoted in the second article link (@Rolling Stone).  I think he should have to go in front of the House of Representatives VMAs next year and apologize publicly to everyone there and to all of us watching.  Fair’s fair, right?  On the bright side, Beyonce was gracious and generous in giving up her thank you time to Taylor.  That is how we should all act.


6 thoughts on “Thanks a Bunch, BO: THIS is What Your Hateful, Racist, and Partisan Example Fosters

  1. This is true, Kerry. He's probably not the best example of what I am talking about. I just feel so certain that we are heading to social unrest unequaled since the '60s, and I really believe that this is almost being encouraged by BO and his community organizing team (including the MSM). Too many decent people are acting like crazies, seeing racists in every nook and cranny. He had an opportunity to bring us all together, but he seems to be intentionally doing just the opposite. I don't believe for a minute that BO doesn't know exactly what he is doing and what the effect is. Anyway, maybe it's catching, and I'm attributing too much to this incident by Kanye, who as you note is a known nutjob and does that kind of thing quite often.

  2. Kanye is stupid, but I don't know how Obama is connected to this. That means we have to connect others the same. If a person of race A says it doesn't mean all of race A are the same.

  3. Exactly right, Anonymous. I had my previous blog post about Jane Elliot's brown-/blue-eyed people bias experiment on my mind and the way that this is being played out on a massive scale (I do believe this to be so, just that it's not an “experiment”), and I think that I was too quick to make a connection that doesn't exist.

    Ugh. I guess we are all susceptible to knee jerk finger-pointing.

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