Respect for the Office of President (if Not the Man)

We’ve been hearing a great deal about respect lately.  Oddly, even hilariously, much of this has been coming from people on the left.  The same people who disrupt conservative speeches, throw paint on people’s clothing, and run naked across stages.  Weird.  Especially since this “respect” seems to mean shutting up and blindly following whatever BO does.  Not only is that not respectful, it’s DISrespectful to this country’s values and its founding principles.

But it is something that I think worth pondering.  I’ve long been a “we should respect the office of the presidency, if not the man” person.  Now, of course I was mostly thinking and saying this when George W. Bush was getting attacked and lambasted on a daily basis.  And I was mostly saying it to the very same people who are now calling for slathering, fawning, blind devotion to this president, a thing I never expected or even wanted for George W. Bush.  I didn’t think we needed to be in Iraq, and I wasn’t thrilled when we shifted our attention over there, leaving Afghanistan with fewer troops, less support for them, etc.  At bottom, though, I respected the hell out of George W. Bush.  I thought he was a strong leader, one who had a clear set of principles and convictions, and I never doubted that he loved this country and would defend it with his own life if it came to that.  I didn’t agree with a lot of things he did, and I didn’t like a lot of them (tarp, the first bail out, embryonic stem cell research, illegal immigration, & etc.), but I felt and still feel that he was a good and decent man.

Before him, was Clinton, a man it’s impossible to call “good and decent” but again, one who I felt truly loved this country, and once he began ruling from center (around 1994, right?), he did okay.  Again, a lot of things I didn’t agree with, but nothing that was worth getting my panties in a twist over.  I didn’t foresee the huge economic impact of his policies that extended credit to people who couldn’t afford things like . . . houses, so I wasn’t too up in arms about that at the time.  Sure, I hated his lies and infidelity, but for the most part, these were personal foibles, things that he inflicted on his wife and family, not on us.  I didn’t really buy into the “if he’s a cheat and liar in his personal life, he must be in his public life” line.  Still don’t (but then, you’ll remember that I am huge fan of Teddy Kennedy, a man of principle and conviction, a good and decent man).  Sure, Clinton’s presidency turned into a bad Jerry Springer show there for a while, and there was that pesky impeachment business, but over all, well, I could respect the office of the presidency, if not the man.

Nixon did a job on public trust, denting perhaps the people’s trust in the presidency, office and man, but we rebounded with Carter and Reagan (who really ever thinks of Ford?).  Sure, there were problems with Carter, he was a bit too namby pamby (would have made a better Secretary of State than president and is certainly a better ex-president than he ever was a president), had that weird alien sighting (in itself not damning, but the lack of restraint in babbling it to anyone who would listen does make one question his judgement), was attacked by a duck (or whatever) and told the world, but again, he was a good and decent man.  And then there was Reagan, another good man with strong values and principles.  Okay, and some weirdo ideas that he seems to have gotten from his film roles (encasing the U. S. in a big bubble?), but wow, he did some awesome and amazing things for this country and for the world. 

All in all, even with Nixon and Clinton thrown in there, it’s not been difficult to retain respect for the office of the presidency.  And while I do still have that respect for the office of the presidency, I am finding it, for the first time in my life, impossible to respect anything about this president.  Anything at all.  Even the things that I first thought were good about him have turned into liabilities.  I admired his rhetorical flair and his ability to run a campaign, but now, I see that he’s never going to grow into the role of president.  He’s still running a campaign and he’s still all talk and no substance.

He’s unkind, downright rude, and thoroughly mean-spirited.  How many times now have we seen him stand up before this country and the world and call its citizens liars, paid political pawns, and people who want the status quo (who don’t want reform, as he puts it.  And this is a lie.)?  He accused many of the same people of “clinging to their guns and religion” because they are “bitter.”  He and his administration are completely dismissing the growing dissent and unrest across this country . . . when they aren’t fueling it themselves, that is.  He lies about what he plans (an outright government takeover of our healthcare system, make no mistake), and he lies about “the other side” (er, that would be the 54% of us–yep, bounce over–who don’t want you to turn us into Canada or a European country, no offense, Canada and GB, we love you, just don’t want to be you.).  We do want healthcare reform, we just don’t want socialized medicine in this country.  What’s so hard to understand about that?  How does not wanting government-run healthcare translate to “wants the status quo”?  But he knows that his lobotomized sheep will believe whatever he says, even if it flies in the face of logic and hard evidence to the contrary.

We all know those people who give the “back-handed” compliment, right?  You look great, I would never have imagined you could look so thin.  The defense:  but but but . . . I said she looks great; what’s wrong with that?  He’s one of them.  I want to work across the aisle (unspoken part: only if conservatives and moderates come one hundred percent to my way of thinking).  See?  I tried to work with them, but they refused (unspoken part: to do what I want).  My door is always open (unspoken part: to democrats).  I am open to all positive ideas about improving healthcare (unspoken part: as long as they center on the “public” option and don’t threaten my or my party’s standing with trial lawyers–no tort reform!–or the insurance industry, which I’ve lulled into thinking will be safe–no buying across state lines.).  The bills do not say that there are “death panels”; that’s a lie, those words do not appear in the bills (unspoken part: they are called “commissions” and “committees,” so there!).  There will be no rationing of healthcare (unspoken part: it’s called cost cutting and being responsible, Morons!).

His speech the other night–I should be more specific, he gives at least one speech for each day he’s in office.  So far.  He loves the sound of his own voice.  Personally, I’m sick of it.–anyway, I mean the one on healthcare.  Um, better clarify that, too.  The one before the joint session of Congress on Wednesday night.  That speech can be boiled down to:  My plan will guarantee a bounty of top-drawer healthcare to every man, woman, and child in this country.  For free.  The opposition are acting like children, playing games and lying, but I want to work with them to establish socialized medicine in this country.  They stubbornly refuse to work with me on this goal and only option, but if they continue to do so, I will call them out!  So there.

Um, yeah.  Real stand up guy, right?  I am still angry about and fearful of the implications of his “flag the fishy” campaign, and I think that he’s doing far more to find and silence opposition behind the scenes, now that he knows he made a misstep by publicly calling for people to rat out their neighbors and turn them in to the government for daring to dissent.  I am still angry about and fearful of his enlisting the National Endowment for the Arts as his personal (tax-payer funded) propaganda machine, and I am still creeped out by Demi Moore’s PSA statement that she’s a servant of BO.  A servant! 

He’s a racist, he hates America, he’s a liar, and I don’t agree with any of his principles (i.e. socialism and being more like Europe.  Apparently, he thinks they are sophisticated and wonderful, far better than his own country–France wants to include “happiness” ratings in figuring its GDP, brilliant measure of economic success, right?).  He keeps talking about how he wants to be president for a real long time, and that sends chills down my spine.  I think that if he could, he would either change or completely dismantle the Constitution to allow him to be a totalitarian dictator.  That’s one of the reasons I’m so upset about his czar-mania; it’s a shadow government that the left are quick to tell us have little power, but let’s face it, more power is centered in the executive branch than ever before (yes, George W. helped there.  Bad move.), with fewer and fewer checks and balances.  These czars have huge budgets, consult with and answer to only the president, and many of them are radical nutjobs with socialist, communist, and/or “social justice” agendas.  “Social justice,” for those who don’t know and think that sounds great, is essentially social revenge for racial inequality in this country.  Doesn’t matter if your people, like mine, were ostracized as immigrants (Irish Need Not Apply) and that they couldn’t have owned or even met a slave in their lives (none of my people were below the Mason/Dixon line before the 20th century).  Anyone with white skin needs to be put down, oppressed and punished.  Only when the tables have turned will these “social justice” people be happy.  It’s not about equality and moving forward, it’s about revenge and moving backward.

So no, out of respect for the office of the presidency, I would not shout out in a joint session of Congress that the president is a liar or that he has told a lie (which is actually what was said), but I will not hesitate to point out each and every lie that he tells (and they are many) on my blog.  That is my right and my duty as a citizen of this country.  I am allowed to dissent (well, for the time being).  No, I wouldn’t refuse to shake his hand if he were standing in front of me with his outstretched.  But you can bet your bottom dollar that I would make damn sure never to be in that situation in the first place.  That is one man I do not respect.  That I do not trust.  And that I do not like.


2 thoughts on “Respect for the Office of President (if Not the Man)

  1. Very well said. I have posted similar sentiments at my political blog “A Midlife Patriot”. I really do try to respect the office of President but the man himself hasn't done much to earn my respect of him as a person.

  2. Thank you Cindy and welcome! 🙂 I think that this is a conservative trait; God knows that no one boo'ing President Bush at BO's inauguration were concerned about respecting the office.

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