It’s Not About Race, Stupid!

Look, I’ve had it up to here (holding hand above head as far as I can reach) with this whole race thing.  People who do not want government-run healthcare are not racists.  Or if they are, it’s got nothing to do with that.  Every conservative, every moderate who opposes government-run healthcare is not a racist, any more than every liberal is a nutty-crunchy, hairy-pit hippy grazing on bean sprouts, smoking pot, and chaining themselves to trees as they stare into space trying to figure out how to draw a smiley face or peace sign. Man. 

BO himself has stated, for once correctly, that Teddy Roosevelt first introduced universal healthcare one hundred years ago.  We didn’t want it.  Harry Truman wanted a version of it during his presidency.  We didn’t want it.  Teddy Kennedy was on it for fifty years (46, but close enough) and came sort of close under Nixon.  We didn’t want it.  And then, in 1993, Clinton wanted it, pushed it, and lost control of both Houses as a result.  We didn’t want it.  Now BO, Pelosi, and gang are trying to jam it down our throats in an insulting and deaf, dumb, and blind attempt to pull one over us.  Well, guess what?  We. do. not. want. it. 

To suggest that our not wanting it now is racist (what was it before?  Anti-Southern?  Anti-The Buck Stops Here?  Anti-Cheater?  Anti-Creepy Guy Snooping Around Hotels?  Anti-Rough Riders?) is not only patently false but also naively short-sighted.  What are the dems going to do when we have a black republican president?  Claim that they are against his policies because they are ideologically opposed to them?  Because they think they’ll be bad for the country, its economy, its people?  Um, er, how’s that work?  If it’s racist now, it’ll be racist then, no?  This whole race card argument is designed to do one of two things:  to shame people into supporting it so they aren’t called “racist”–thereby sliding it through based on white guilt or to fire up the dems who do not currently support it by painting anyone who does as a conservative racist.  Which is sort of the same thing, I guess.

The bottom line is that we all knew the race card was going to be played and played and played when BO got elected.  He could have done great things for this country and its people; he had it all in the palm of his hand, and he tossed it away with nonchalant indifference.  I suppose the more idealistic among us thought (or hoped) that racisim would die with the election of our first black president.  It could well have, but this administration has chosen, consciously chosen, not only to play the race card but to play fifty-two pick-up with the whole damn deck.  Or I guess they only need 51 to push it through with the nuclear option.


2 thoughts on “It’s Not About Race, Stupid!

  1. This is going to backfire. People are getting really ticked off by the name calling. It's pathetic when the people you've elected to represent you, think it's ok to demean and insult you instead. When the time comes that we have a black president who is a republican or a conservative, they'll treat him or her just as they've treated Justice Clarence Thomas.

  2. I couldn't agree more, Chick! I've been thoroughly disgusted by the response to American citizens by so-called representatives of the people. From the tea parties through the town halls and to 9/12, all they've done is tear down ordinary people who are truly and rightly concerned about the huge debt we're amassing and are deeply worried about the path this administration is taking into radical land. It's about time we elected some people who will represent us to Washington rather than representing Washington to us (I saw that in a townhall meeting–Barney Frank's, I believe, and I think it's all too true.).

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