Is Pelosi Gearing (and Tearing) Up to Ban Dissent Against This Administration?

Remember when I said that I was concerned that the BO administration and his radical leftie loon buds in Congress are still trying to find ways to silence all dissent in this country?  I think they’ve come up with a plan:

Once you get over your revulsion at this monstrosity pretending to have human feelings or actual thoughts, you can see that she is setting the stage for another assault on our freedom of speech.  Oh, make no mistake, that’s exactly where she is going with this bizarre display and what she’s hoisting up the flag pole to see how many wackos on the left salute.

They’ve raised taxes on cigarettes (a huge tax on those who make under $250k/year) and are now considering taxing soda and fruit juice (another huge tax on the middle and lower classes).  We’ll be healthier and less of a burden on the state.  It’s for our own good.  Lucky us to have Washington thinking for us, huh?  Next, and Pelosi’s on her way down this path, we will be banned from speaking out against the president and his policies.  For our own safety.

What say you?

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