Credit Where It’s Due

BO’s done two things this week that warrant praise.  The first is calling Kanye West a “jackass,” and the second is personally speaking out against Carter’s (and others’) hysterical claim that all opposition to BO is based on race.  Both of these are worthy of note and of praise.  While I continue to believe that BO himself has set the tone for the healthcare debate and certainly deepened the wide rift between liberals and moderates/conservatives, I think that his saying that he doesn’t believe that race is “the main factor” is the best possible thing he could have done.  I do know that he’s not going to stop lying and campaigning, but had he added fuel to that freakishly wrong-headed fire, we certainly would have seen more and more racial unrest in this country. 

On the downside, however, he’s still campaigning like a candidate and not acting like a president.  I’m not sure what the hell he’s thinking with his media blitz this weekend (and really since he took office), but the lines are drawn.  No one is changing their mind and suddenly going to embrace the government takeover of healthcare; indeed, the polls show that the more he talks, the less support people have for “his plan” (whatever the hell that is). 

If his goal is to motivate his base, then he’s failing miserably.  The real grassroots movement is on the right.  That’s not because they are better or even because they have it right (though I, of course, believe they do), it’s because they are the “underdogs.”  Grassroots uprisings don’t historically occur from the controlling party’s base, and this president has both houses of Congress in his pocket (for now).  His base doesn’t feel threatened.  And even if they did, he’s got a sad little number of 24% who strongly favor “his plan” and only 43% who favor it (but not “strongly”).  Contrast that with the 44% who strongly oppose it, and the new all-time high of 56% who oppose it (but not “strongly”).  (All numbers from yesterday’s Rasmussen poll. ) It’s the “strongly” group who go out in the streets, who go to townhalls, who march on Washington.  And his tiny little group of “strong” supporters aren’t doing that, and I think that’s not only because they don’t feel threatened but because they believe the “MSM” and think that he’s going to get his way.  He won’t.  His desperate appearances and constant speechifying signal his own understanding of this.   

If his goal is to shift public opinion, then he really needs to go on Fox.  Their ratings are through the roof and increasing on an almost daily basis; Fox News’ Primetime ratings “nearly equals combined competition’s demo” (emphasis added).  That should really register on this “great community organizer’s” radar, no?  What happened to Mr. Finger on the Pulse of the American People?  Well, apparently, he and his administration and his personal propaganda mouthpieces (the “MSM”) are ignoring it.  Hoping it will go away, maybe.  Or thinking it beneath them.  Well, that’s one way to lose support, lose office, and frankly, to be a loser.  This country, like it or not, is center-right and moving more and more center-right with each passing day as people reject the radical left lunge this administration is taking.  That’s not something you can simply pretend doesn’t exist because these people vote, and they’ll be out in droves next November and in even more force in 2012.  Something to think about, one might think.  But all you hear from the “MSM” is that anyone who speaks out against government-run healthcare is a redneck, a racist, a “domestic terrorist” (um, where’s the violence come from, again?  Oh, that’s right.  The LEFT.), and variations on “idiot,” “stupid,” and “ignorant.”  And the news story here is, what?  That’s editorializing, not reporting. 

What has happened to the “MSM”?  I mean, sure, they dropped the ball on Van Jones and the ACORN scandals, but their incredible bias against non-liberals and their failure to report any and all stories that might shine a not so glowing light on BO are breath-taking these days.  Even when they were finally forced to show the ACORN story, they gave all of 30 seconds to the actual corruption, criminal activity (tax evasion = bad, prostitution = bad, underage little girls smuggled into this country as sex slaves = bad, etc.), and it’s all being supported by government funding, that means your and my tax dollars.  Instead, they focus on the fact that two kids with a three thousand dollar budget and a video camera did the ace investigative reporting that they themselves haven’t done in a decade or more.  Well, okay, that’s not quite how they talk about it.  But they should, that’s far more honest than trying to say these kids did anything wrong or that it’s a vast right wing conspiracy.  You can’t expose something that isn’t there, and you can’t expose it if you never look for it in the first place.  Aren’t the media supposed to be watchdogs?  Aren’t they (and we) granted freedom of speech that they can “keep the government honest” (I mean as long as we’re so interested in keeping entities honest, right, why not start with the body that makes the laws and takes our taxes)?  Well, the “MSM” media is not doing their job.  And they haven’t for a very long time.

Glenn Beck has begun calling the “MSM” the “fringe media.”  I’m not sure that I’d go that far, but I do think it’s becoming evident that “mainstream” simply doesn’t apply anymore.  So what do you call media outlets with far left liberal agendas who actively suppress, bury, and ignore any and all stories that don’t fit their ideology or worldview?

4 thoughts on “Credit Where It’s Due

  1. I think Limbaugh has it right when he calls the MSM the “state run media.” The MSM is feeling the backlash against their biased reporting by the fact that fewer and fewer people tune in to their broadcasts or read their magazines and newspapers, which translates into lost ad revenues.

  2. Yes, I can see the state run media thing, but as they're voluntarily acting like sycophants to BO, I'm not sure it's as apt as Beck's “fringe media.” Though I don't think that quite fits, either. They're just dinosaurs, completely at sea and obviously having left any facade of “news reporting” long ago. Maybe you're right, and they'll get their act together as people turn them off and tune them out in favor of news outlets that offer actual news. I'm not so sure, though. We can hope.

  3. I don't foresee the MSM ever making a comeback. People realize they prefer to push agendas than report news. Absolutely they're dinosaurs. They've also put the nail in their own coffin by behaving irresponsibly.

  4. Yes, this is likely true, Chick. They've certainly been irresponsible. It would be one thing if they marketed themselves as left-wing opinion rags, but they still cling to the illusion that what they do is news. Hmph!

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