How to Lose Friends and Alienate Your Fanbase in One Easy Interview

I have to admit that I wasn’t glued to my television this morning while BO made his Sunday morning talk show rounds.  Who can blame me?  The guy’s everywhere, all the time.  *Yawn*

Anyway, I am only human and so was a bit curious about what happened.  I expected such “hardball” questions as “So Mr. President, do you think that your healthcare plan is superior to anything offered by the Republicans?”  To which BO would answer, “Yes.  But you must remember that the Republicans have not made any suggestions whatsoever about healthcare reform.  They want to keep things as they are.  They clearly have no heart or sense of moral responsibility.”  “Yes, Mr. President Sir, you are so right.  Thank you for pointing out the error of my ways.  All hail President Obama.”

You know, like Bob Schieffer on “Face the Nation”: 

Those mean people!  Go for the hard and probing questions, Bob, you doddering old acolyte.  Great “interview.” 

So imagine my surprise when George Stephanopoulos on “This Week” asked him about the mandate that everyone must have insurance or pay a “fine.”  GS may have actually even challenged BO the Magnificent (gasp):

BO did not like this at all.  Not at all.  He became, as you can see, visibly shaken.  What, thinks the Magnificent One, is this?  I came on here to be fawned over, worshipped, hailed a great hero of the people, and what is this . . . this ant doing?  Can he possibly be asking me a serious question?  I must rise above this, show him who is superior in every way lest he think he can be so bold again. 

In his best BO exhibition of arrogant condescension, he smirks at, mocks, and belittles GS as if he were a common little conservative ignoramus. For daring to think that a tax is a . . . well, tax.  Nice.  And I almost felt sorry for George, who looked a little bit like a kicked puppy.  Only almost, though. 

Sorry, BO, but you can call it our duty, our responsibility, our moral obligation, or a marshmallow peep.  It is what it is.  Drip condescension all you like, it’s especially funny when you do it to your own fanclub.

And no, BO, we don’t think you’re trying to take over every sector of the economy.  Just the auto industry, the banking industry, the energy industry, the student loan industry, public radio, the internet, the healthcare system . . . .  See?  Nothing there about porta potties.  Those are all ours.  Yay!?


2 thoughts on “How to Lose Friends and Alienate Your Fanbase in One Easy Interview

  1. The MSM gave Obama a free ride throughout the primaries and presidential campaign. He certainly doesn't expect them to chellenge him. The creepy part is that he doesn't like anyone to challenge him, especially us mere mortals.

  2. Yes, and that free ride is what is making them so defensive and unethical now; they need to protect their investment. They know they didn't dig deep enough or report enough on the very serious problems with BO, and they don't want to be called on it. Ooops, too late.

    But yeah, BO is certainly full of himself. He's always honestly stunned when someone dares ask him a hardball question, or even a normal, logical question like George's about the tax hike. I'm thinking that the tides are turning, though, and his attacks on his own people will cause a big backlash. He best get used to being asked serious and probing questions.

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