Liberal "Logic": America is Unsinkable, Let’s Sink Her!

Of late, I’ve been pondering the strange and inexplicable contradictions in liberal thought.  We’ve seen BO turn his back on Poland, and gracelessly, ignorantly doing so on the anniversary of the (then) Soviet Union’s invasion of that countryHe said he’d do this while he was still a candidate, so it’s not really a surprise to anyone who was paying attention to what he said (when he bothered to say anything more substantive than platitudes about hopeandchange).  Poland is calling this an act of treason, but I’m not sure how they figure that: the only possible treason that BO can commit is against the United States, his own country.  Russia, of course, is thrilled with the decision.  So much so that they gave us nothing in return except (utter and complete contempt demonstrated by) their outright declaration that they were not going to accept BO’s “secret deal” and back sanctions on Iran.  Score one for Iran, zero for the U. S.

We’ve seen him accept whatever Iran and North Korea want to do in terms of nuclear armament.  While he works busily to disarm us.  Brilliant.  It’s one thing to want a peaceful, perfect, nuclear-free world, but it’s quite another to expect diabolic, narcissistic, psychotic, and murderous dictators bent on destroying entire races to play nice.  It’s so bizarre to me that anyone thinks that you can say, Look, Kim Jong, I’ve put down my weapon, now you put down yours.  The guy’s going to shoot you in the face.  And then drag your dead body through the streets in a victory lap.  Ditto that wackjob in Iran who thinks the Holocaust was some sort of elaborate Wag the Dog hoax.  You can’t reason with such people.  They are in some ways just like BO, they have a twisted worldview with themselves at the center, and they believe with all that they are that they are right.  Trouble is there is a pretty big gap between what they think is right and what the average, thinking human being thinks is right.  Wiping out all Jewish people, most people would agree, is wrong, evil even.  So how do you convince someone who truly believes that’s the answer to the world’s problems?  By ensuring that we have no way to protect anyone, including ourselves? 

We’ve seen him ignore repeated requests and statements about the urgent need of more troops in Afghanistan.  Why?  It’s his “good war.”  But he just lets it sit on his desk for a month, while more troops are dying this year than in any other year we’ve had troops there.  He doesn’t want to send more . . . for whatever reason.  We currently have an excellent military, I would argue the best in the world, and if we wanted to finish the job in Afghanistan, we could.  But we do it half-ass, like we did in Iraq.  Not enough money, not enough troops, inadequate equipment and support, and then the liberals have every right to say we need to leave because nothing’s getting done and our men and women are dying senselessly.  If we can’t do it the right way, then for God’s sake, bring everyone home, let the Middle East continue their ages old internal battles, and let’s drill for our own oil at home.  Or import some from Brazil, where we just sent all the yummy money for their off-shore oil drilling (apparently, the environment in and around Brazil is not as important or worth “saving” as our own).

We’ve seen him stand up at least two hundred times (maybe more) to preach to us about our moral duty to be our brother’s keeper.  And all the while thousands of farmers are losing their jobs because the federal government has shut off the water to the San Joaquin Valley.  To save the Delta smelt.  Yep, thousands of Americans are forced into food lines, are losing their homes, and are literally crying themselves to sleep every night because of a tiny little fish. So we’ll be our brother’s keeper, but only if it doesn’t endanger a fish. You want to talk about something that shouldn’t happen in the “richest country in the world”?  Let’s talk about the government cutting off the water to once-rich farmland and creating a desert where much of our food comes from (not just produce, but any products made from that produce . . . like ketchup, etc.).  But that’s okay, we can import our food, too, along with our oil.  As for the people?  Sorry, we’re busy being our brother, the smelt’s, keeper.  Starving is good for the soul, and the rest of America won’t mind paying exorbitant prices for produce and goods (a lot of our cotton is was grown in that valley) that we now need to import from countries who don’t have the same safety standards or regulations that we do.  No problem, nothing dangerous can get through under our government’s eagle eye (shhhhh, don’t mention that whole lead in Chinese import toys for kids thing.).

The perversity of all this is reflected in the foundation of liberal thought.  Some people on the right credit the liberals with far more foresight than I do: they say that the radicals on the far left (like BO and his czars, Pelosi, Reid) are consciously trying to make our economy and government collapse, to ensure that we are no longer a world power.  That it’s all part of their plan to build from the ashes of our failure, engineered by overloading the system, a phoenix of Utopian equality.  I think there is some truth to this, and that we can see it with groups like ACORN, who are supposed to be helping poor people but are instead using those funds to help prostitutes and illegal aliens buy homes, among other–I’m sure–gross misuses of government/taxpayer money. 

But I don’t think that the average liberal walking down the street thinks this way.  For them, I think it’s less complex than that.  While these liberals hate America’s wealth, strength, and power, they actually believe in and trust it more than any conservative.  Like the Titanic, they think this country is unsinkable . . . pile on debt, disarm us, and side with people who should be our enemies–like the false Honduran government and Chavez (for they are the enemies of freedom and peace), and it’ll all work out because America is the strongest, richest country in the world.  So they allow, even applaud, this administration’s determination to steer us, full steam ahead, into gigantic icebergs, believing that nothing but good can come of it.  Oh, there’ll be headlines, alright, Mr. Ismay BO.


6 thoughts on “Liberal "Logic": America is Unsinkable, Let’s Sink Her!

  1. I don't think they believe history or the lessons of history, though. I think that they look at it and see themselves as superior, as somehow above the “mistakes” that have been made historically. They don't realize that the “mistake” is in the base ideology, not in its execution. In this, they are indeed fools.

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