Liberal Attacks Are Something To Celebrate

Hillary Clinton’s “vast right-wing conspiracy” accusations are making headlines.  Again.  This time they are coming from Everyone’s a Racist Who Disagrees with BO Bill.  When she first trotted out this line in the ‘90’s, I thought she’d lost her mind.  How could a right-wing conspiracy force her husband to get a blow job from Monica Lewinsky?  Crazy talk.  But after I cross-posted my previous blog over at Smart Girl Politics, one of the group’s amazing Smart Girls gave me a link to Hillary’s 1969 thesis on the Alinsky model.  Her perception of a vast conspiracy is based not in wild guesswork or paranoid delusion but in the fact that she knows all too well the type of conspiracies required to launch “vast” attacks.  Alinsky was her boss, and he suggested her thesis topic (from her “Acknowledgments” page, link above).

If the goal of the repeated attacks on the right, on our character and morality, on our motivation and patriotism is to keep us off-balance, then they’re succeeding.  Handily.  Look around the conservative blogosphere, including my own pages, and you’ll see a lot of energy and time going into defending ourselves against false (and therefore doubly aggravating) accusations: we’ve spent how much time reading and writing about how many people marched on Washington on 9/12?  How many hours, even days, defending our right to protest peaceably?  How many months trying to explain that we do offer solutions to the current healthcare problems, that we do care about the state of healthcare in this country?  How many years complaining about the formerly mainstream, now fringe, media?  And all to what avail?

BO does not actually believe the lies he and his people spew about us.  Of course he doesn’t.  He’s smarter than that, even if the fringe media and his Stepford followers are not.  He and all members of Congress know exactly how many people showed up in Washington, they know exactly what Republicans are proposing for healthcare reform, and they know exactly which demographics are opposed to them–Rasmussen calls us “likely voters”; we’re the ones who turn up at the voting booth, and they know it.  And they are scared.  That’s why they redouble attacks each time we get organized and speak out as one voice, that’s why they toss new and exciting things into the ring at “key” moments (i.e. when we’re gaining traction):  re-opening the CIA investigations, having high-level officials (two former presidents, no less!) call us racists, sanctioning Joe Wilson, fake-crying about impending violence — none of that is “real.”

It’s all smoke and mirrors, and we need to stop falling for it hook, line, and sinker.  So what if a bunch of leftie loon bloggers and the fringe media think whatever they think?  We know that the real players in this game do not.  We know this because they take us seriously enough to expend all this energy trying to defeat us, to marginalize us, to demonize us.  Instead of being outraged and expending countless hours defending ourselves against new attacks, we should be patting each other on the backs for jobs well done.  When they lash out, it’s because we’ve scared them.  That’s something to celebrate in my book.

5 thoughts on “Liberal Attacks Are Something To Celebrate

  1. I'd commented on another blog that I think Bill's recent outburst was a way of hyping up the hype about the right's attacks on Obama, by dredging up that tired old “vast right wing conspiracy” attack. This tired attack has become a joke among everyone on the right, the middle, and even a little into left field. Its like putting icing on the cake (the cake being the constant 'racist' accusation from the left when you disagree with BO). What do you think? Am I hoping for too much from Bill?

  2. I really do think that it's all being orchestrated by the White House. BO himself can't say these things, but he sure can stir up the pot by having others say them. Bill's a buffoon, it's Hillary who has the brains in that family. I just wish the left would stop trying to pit us against one another; they are the only ones I've heard or seen mention race (except on conservative blogs where the race baiting is discussed).

  3. I never understood the whole right-wing conspiracy thing when the Clintons brought it up in the 90's — and I supported the Clintons back then. It always sounded paranoid to me. I'm also making an effort to get beyond the non-issues, such as the name-calling, and focus instead on what's important.

  4. Heyas Chick! 🙂 It's hard not to respond, but I do think that we can better spend our energies on uniting and getting conservatives and moderates into Congress next year and of course into the White House in 2012.

    Thanks so much, Rebal, and yes, it's very scary indeed.

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