MO’s Copenhagen Speech

Okay, I rarely mention MO.  Mostly because I can’t stand her, but also because there are so many MO bashing blogs out there that do a far better job than I can.  But I just can’t let her bizarre speech in Copenhagen go un-commented upon.  Here it is:

Carl Lewis is only three years older than MO, right? So why on earth was she sitting on her dad’s lap when she was in her twenties?  I mean, really?!

You could tell listening to the dead silence that greeted each of her “applause pauses” that there was no way in the world we (or as the Os cast it, they) were going to get the Olympic games.  It was particularly evident when she dropped her “man who knows something about change” intro of BO.  She must have been horrified that raucous cheers and songs of praise didn’t fill the hall at that one. 

Her speech was all about her, and that’s the basic problem with both Os.  They don’t get that the world is increasingly often laughing at them, either right in their faces or behind their backs.  They are completely deaf to all criticism, even constructive criticism, and that arrogance is exactly the quality that most of the world detests about America.  So while the Os run around the world apologizing for our country and explaining how fabulous they are, what wonders they perform, they are actually reinforcing that stereotype of Americans as self-centered, arrogant, and naive.  It’s shameful, and it’s becoming rather embarrassing.

[Cat claw warning]  And finally, what on earth is that shiny, wrinkly, banana yellow outfit she has on?  With an enormous bow at her enormous waist?  Giant bows belong on little girls’ dresses, certainly not on a grown woman. I repeat my call for tax payer money to be spent on a steam iron for MO, and a mirror wouldn’t hurt, either.  Her clothes are always so ill-fitting, with the fabric pulled here and bunched there and pooching out in all the wrong places that I want to submit her as a candidate for What Not to Wear.  Stacy and Clinton would have her wearing the right size and proper shapes, colors, and patterns (she just LOVES the sofa and curtain prints, doesn’t she?) for her build.  And for her position as First Lady of this country.

I find it amusing that the left is somehow, through bizarre intellectual and logical gymnastics, blaming George W. Bush for Chicago not getting the Olympics.  Hell, they need to make Bush-blaming an Olympic event, it certainly takes some extraordinary leaps of logic and fantastical high dives to pull that one off.

9 thoughts on “MO’s Copenhagen Speech

  1. first, i'm not really upset about chicago not getting the olympics. i'm kind of sick of the olympics with all the crap that has been going on for the last few years. seems like there is always some sort of scandal, or accusations of a scandal, going on. the true meaning of the games seems to have been lost somewhere along the way.

    second, i think whoever told the ioc that south america has been overlooked was correct. let everyone have a fair shot at hosting the games, for pete's sake.

    third, who cares? but then that's probably just me and probably relates to my first point.

    fourth, i have to agree with you about mo's clothes. for all the hoopla that's given to her “style” and whatever, i can't say that most of the stuff i've seen her in has looked that great to me. i'm not sure i would go so far as to say i'd like my taxes to go to her to get an iron, though. 😉

  2. Hey Kerry! I'm not upset about Chicago not getting the Olympics, either. It seems like we just had them in Atlanta and that was a hot mess. I'm like you, spread the Olympic fun around a bit, Rio can handle it, they deal with huge crowds and crap all the time.

    BO spent a good deal of political capital in that little stunt, though, and he was already running low. It was a rookie mistake to go, and hopefully, this will wake him up to his own limitations. All that crap he's been pulling is not working; maybe he can get his act together and start being a president instead of a perpetual candidate.

    And MO is a walking disaster. I've only seen her in one decent dress, and it turned out that it was early in the evening because by the next photo, it was all bunched and pulled and wrinkled again. She just needs to buy clothes that fit her rather than clothes that are two sizes too small (and she should broader her fabric horizons beyond sofa material and window curtains).

  3. I find it ironic that the Obama's chastize the US for it's “arrogance,” and then believe they will win the Olympics for Chicago simply because they are Barack and Michelle Obama. That's the height of arrogance.

  4. My sentiments exactly, Chick! It's also rather strange to me that so many people here in America who claim to loathe American arrogance have no problem at all with our Narcissist in Chief. Go figure.

    btw, did you go? I wasn't able to make it, but I would have loved to have gone.

  5. I don't watch NBC/MSNBC much but I walked into the kitchen this morning and a commentator was commenting on what a great and historic leader our Dear Leader turned out to be and that MO was perhaps the most refined and gentile first lady we've ever had.

    Without further discussion, I asked my wife, “is that NBC?” She said it was. The shameless pandering to Dear Leader against all evidence to the contrary make it look like Chinese State Television 30 years ago.

  6. Yay! Hi LL 🙂 You are so right, the bizarre and distorted view of the O's is every bit as bizarre and distorted as their view was of President Bush. But calling that woman “refined” or “gentile” or anything other than a horror show train wreck is simply too much to bear.

    I've not watched the fringe media in a while, but I'm sure they're still marveling at the similarities they see (God alone knows how) between Jackie Kennedy and MO. It's completely laughable. MO is coarse, clumsy, and ill-mannered, and her clothing is always a complete disaster–did you catch her in Pittsburgh in a spaghetti strap sun dress . . . in the rain, in late September? Clueless.

  7. Hold on Fuzzy Slippers (if that's even your real name!)! Michelle had all 5 of her kids at the same time, sideways, while fighting off piranha. So please, spare me the sanctimonious stuff about her only wanting to talk about herself. She deserves to talk about herself because she earned it. I don't see YOU sacrificing YOUR time to go to other countries with OPRAH. Maybe if I saw YOU doing that I'd UNderSTAnD where you're point of view is…but I do not. Only when good people come together can we keep bad people apart…that was a quote from history, in case you did not know: world history. Peace.

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