Books of the Future . . . that We Never Want to Read

I was thinking about what future books might look like if a whole range of far-out things happened (yes, my brain can be a scary place).  So I created some books titles and tapped out brief synopses (perfect for any book jacket).

How Barack Obama Saved the Republican Party

An in-depth study of the rebirth of the Republican Party that begins with what many pundits called the “splintered,” “divided,” and/or “depleted” party of the pre-2008 elections, discusses highlights and trends of the stunning 40-year run of Republican presidents that began in 2012 and continues to this day, and ends with some observations about the political party that just can’t seem to win the White House.

Divided They Fell: The Former United States and the Dawn of a New World Power

This book studies the events leading up to the division of the former United States of America, a conclusion to the Second American Revolution that no one predicted and that rocked the world, and analyzes the remarkable, some said impossible, success of the Constitutional Republic of America.  We contrast this world power’s capitalist democracy with that of the socialist Obama State. We were unable to interview the reclusive and paranoid leader of the small socialist dictatorship and were denied entrance to it, but we have (disturbing) aerial photographs that we are revealing for the first time in this book.  They show poverty rampant across the former states that Obama was granted in the Palin Resolution and suggest that the recent “Transparency Tour” that members of the U. N. human rights team were treated to was largely staged to prop up Obama’s insistence that his socialist State has a booming agrarian economy and that his people are “joyous, loving, and neighborly,” rather than, as those who’ve fled to the CRA have claimed, impoverished, imprisoned for speaking out against the government, or starving in the streets.  We don’t spend much time discussing the globally-shunned despot, however, as our intent is to provide an in-depth look at the rebirth of a nation that many once feared would be transformed into a socialist dictatorship.  Contains extensive color photos, charts demonstrating economic, military, and social growth, as well as an historical time line.

The Day Democracy Died

Banned in the United States of America by its long-time president, this book is a nostalgic look back at the American Dream and American ingenuity as seen by a patriotic American who, though long exiled from the land that he loves, still hopes one day to return to a free United States.  A former curator at the Smithsonian Museum of American History in Washington D. C., the former capital of the United States, the author reveals for the first time his reaction to his receipt of his country’s former Constitution (along with its  Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights), what he felt and what he did when it was moved there to be displayed as an historical artifact.  He describes how he learned only that morning of the closing of the National Archives and suspected that its contents would be destroyed and his momentary elation to see they had survived the “purge” as he calls it.  However, the symbolism of this move seemed still more significant than their outright destruction, and this realization was the turning point for him, and he details his subsequent actions and how they resulted in his arrest, imprisonment, and eventual exile. 

The Day America Went Coup Coup

A humorous look at the attempted Obama coup and the counter-coup that successfully ended his presidency and “grab” for power. Includes several lampoon versions of the “Mmm mmm mmm” song that can be played in any karaoke machine, providing hours of fun for the whole family.


4 thoughts on “Books of the Future . . . that We Never Want to Read

  1. Opus, I know what you mean and concur. I'd hate for any of this to actually happen (and it really couldn't). Every blog post I started sounded like another blog post I've already written (more on waffling leader, more on healthcare, more on . . . I just needed a break :))

    Hey Kerry, well, you know my twisted sense of humor very well, so you know you're supposed to laugh (*and* cry). 🙂 I wouldn't want forty years of Republican leadership anymore than I'd want BO for forty years; both are anti-checks and balances (of power).

    No kidding, right, Velcro?

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