Jimmy Carter, Al Gore, and now BO

BO won the 2009 Nobel Prize.  Seriously.  Upon first hearing the news as I shuffled into the kitchen to put on some coffee, I was stunned.  A true “wtf? moment.”  But then as the coffee brewed and my cats were eating their breakfast (I’d lost my appetite), I realized that this is not that surprising.  I mean Al Gore and Jimmy Carter have won it (Carter probably does deserve his, to be fair, for his post-presidency work) in recent years, so what does it really mean?  Does it mean that you’ve made a significant contribution to global peace by (say) ending the Cold War or tearing down the Berlin Wall or helping set up a democratic government in a former totalitarian regime?  Of course not.  Only evil warmongers do that sort of thing.

One has to wonder if the Nobel committee wasn’t thinking about Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the war on terror; I mean, BO hasn’t done a damn thing yet except waffle, waver, give hundreds of speeches, make his apology tour, and jet off to Copenhagen.  They know that he’s currently considering what course to take, whether to troop up or get out of Afghanistan, and I wonder if they thought this might be an “incentive” to walk away.  What other reason could they possibly have for awarding him the Nobel Prize?

Let’s review some of the accomplishments of the sitting presidents who have won this once-esteemed prize:

Woodrow Wilson (D): tried unsuccessfully to keep us out of WWI, did manage to keep us out until 1917 with his “neutrality” policies, finally woke up and decided that “the world must be safe for democracy,” shipped off sufficient forces to end the war in under a year (and this while the majority of our forces succumbed not to enemy fire but to the influenza epidemic).  Set up the famous Fourteen Points which morphed into the Treaty of Versailles, and established the League of Nations (which we never joined, but he did it nonetheless).  He also, in his spare time, set up the Federal Reserve and established Mother’s Day in 1914.

Theodore Roosevelt (R): Rough rider legends aside, Roosevelt was a shrewd politician.  His “speak softly and carry a big stick” form of diplomacy was very successful and helped him negotiate an end to the Russo-Japanese War and establish peace in the Americas.  He established the Department of Commerce, and he negotiated peace in Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, and Morocco, He was behind the building of the Panama Canal, and he established the U. S. Forest Service to focus on maintaining, conserving, and preserving our National Parks.




15 thoughts on “Jimmy Carter, Al Gore, and now BO

  1. i guess this gives me hope, then, that i, too, can win the nobel peace prize. i haven't done anything to deserve winning it, but i guess that's not a requirement anymore.

  2. I knew you would have an opinion on this and looked forward to reading it! lol! There isn't much that leaves me speechless but I have to admit I actually was for a minute when I first heard the news. Then I found my voice and wrote about it at two blogs plus Facebook! 🙂

    Love the comment about beauty contestants, Hazaa.

  3. The Nobel Commission and their “peace prize” have been a joke ever since they awarded it to Palestinian terrorist Yasser Arafat, whose contribution to “peace” was the on-going murders of innocent Israeli citizens.

  4. Heyas Cindy 🙂 Where is your main blog? I think I might be following the wrong one?

    Aw, so sorry, Candle. If you wish for world peace really really hard, you'll win next year's Nobel (though you'd probably rather have the plastic decoder ring).

    Good point, Chick!

    Oooh, thanks, Dudge; I'll go and take a read of that now. 🙂

  5. I think the problem here is that the Nobel Committee is either playing their hand at world politics and trying to influence Obama, or they are completely shallow and have no heart.

  6. Where, oh where, has my Fuzzy Slippers gone….oh where oh where can she be?

    Which reminds me of a poem:
    Fuzzy wuzzy wuz a bear,
    Fuzzy wuzzy had no hair,
    Fuzzy wuzzy wuzn't fuzzy, was he?

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