Rant on Liberal Intolerance and Divisiveness

I had dinner this weekend with one of my favorite liberal friends, and I guess I finally “came out” as a conservative over that dinner.  I think our friendship will survive.  But some of the discussion was so “typical” of the wrong-headedness of liberal thinking that it’s been nagging at me, and now, as we see the ramifications of “net neutrality,” this open war on conservative expression, I feel a rant coming on.

First, let me say that my friend is a great person, I believe that she, like so many who are liberals (not whacked out progressives or closeted communists), really has a good heart and the best intentions.  But like so many liberals, she can’t see the hypocrisy of most liberal views and the real purpose of such views.  For example, we were talking about the way that liberals are eliminating God and now the American flag from our country, from its classrooms, its public spaces, and even from the lockers of firefighters who put their lives on the line to save their fellow countrymen and women.  She came back with the standard liberal response about “protecting” people from God and the flag, that people might be offended.  I’m sorry, but I am seriously getting to the point that I feel if you are offended by the flag of this country, the best thing you can do is get the heck out.

I feel the same way about the people who don’t want America to be capitalist or a democracy or who dismiss the Constitution of this land as “dated” or “irrelevant”:  get out.  That is what America IS.  It’s not perfect, but it’s our system, our law of the land, and if you don’t like it, get the *bleep* out.  The Constitution is non-negotiable.  Nowhere in there is the right for anyone, anyone at all, to come along and decide they want to socialize anything, overturn our constitutional republic, silence dissent, or restructure our government.  This is America.  If you don’t like it, get the hell out.  All the people who hate America, hate capitalism, apologize and are ashamed of this country, need to go somewhere else.  There are plenty of places on earth that are not America, not capitalist, that hate and want to destroy us.  Go there.   Please. 

I am sick to friggin’ death of the whining about the evils of hegemony by people who are simultaneously  forcing us into their narrow little worldview, by people who are forcing their hatred and intolerance on us at every turn.  I’m not particularly religious, but this kind of thing makes me want to post Bible verses all over my lawn and graffiti some Gospel on the walls of subways.  I’ve refused for years to say “Happy Holidays” and insist on saying “Merry Christmas,” but now I’m to the point that I want to wear hats, tee-shirts, necklaces, and even shoes that express my love of God, my love of country.  I’m tired of hearing that we need to be “open” to all viewpoints while mine is silenced.

So my friend, after I went off on a tequila-induced rant similar to the above, sort of sighed in that condescending way that liberals do (luckily I was a liberal for a good long while and have long-since mastered the condescension and the emanation of intellectual superiority that marks most liberal attacks, so I’m not only on the right side in this, but have the perfect ammunition to combat their drivel from my own self-inflated perch.  It’s really confusing to them, actually, so I have the added bonus of being immensely amused all the while.).  She pointed out the horrific, to her mind, and small-minded Justice of the Peace who refused to marry a mixed-race couple.  This, she implied, is the way that those “tea-bagging redneck” conservatives all think, so they need to be forced to tow the line.  Obviously, this is not only intolerant and close-minded, but the exact attacks that no longer work.  Sure, that guy should have done his job and married whomever came in and could legally marry.  He didn’t.  Someone else did.  Crisis over.

Are there people out there who believe that interracial marriage is immoral or wrong?  Yes.  Are there people out there who are racists (really racists, not just people who don’t agree with radical maniac BO)?  Yes.  But you know what?  This is friggin’ America still, and if they want to be small-minded racists, that’s their right.  Can they do violence against people because of their racist craziness?  No.  And that is as it should be, but if some random nobody in South Carolina (or wherever) wants to blast his racist ignorance before the whole nation, that’s his right.  I definitely don’t agree with him, but I will (to borrow a cliche) defend his right to say it.

This is where liberals are so so so wrong.  They think that being “open-minded” and “tolerant” means stamping out, silencing, and shaming anyone who does not think as they do.  So I say to my friend, so what?  Some guy’s a racist creep . . . and?  Well, she kind of stared.  She started a couple of sentences, and she stopped.  And she stared at me.  And she got it.  Wow, he’s expressing his view, isn’t he?  He has that right.  We can make the view socially unacceptable, but we can’t eliminate it.  We can’t “thought police” it out of existence.  The more you force someone into submission, the harder they’re going to fight back.  That’s historical fact.  That’s human nature, at least that’s American nature. 

And so we take this Justice of the Peace example to the next level.  If BO gets his way and socializes our healthcare system, we all know that abortions will be covered.  They just will.  Will doctors be forced to perform abortions if they have moral and ethical objections?  My friend said they should be.  I strongly disagree.  I remind her that I’m personally pro-choice, but I also remind her that for people who are pro-life, they hold the true and firm belief that abortion is murder.  They believe this in their hearts, minds, and souls.  See?  This is where liberal intolerance is at its best.  So what if someone believes something, if liberals have decided it’s wrong or “stupid” or in some other way not acceptable, they have zero tolerance (witness the push to eliminate God from our society).  They completely disregard someone’s beliefs and worldview if it’s not in line with their own.  Sorry, what does “tolerance” mean again?  So I asked my friend, should the government force someone to commit murder?  Well, noooooo, she sort of agrees.  But it’s not murder.  It’s not murder to YOU, I point out.  But it is to pro-lifers.  Would you take a gun and shoot someone because the government told you it was the thing to do.  Of course not!  Well, then . . . . .

The bottom line is that liberals have zero regard for anyone’s viewpoint, they do not respect people as human beings.  Their war on conservative thought is not evidence of their greatness, their superiority, it is evidence of their smallness, their fear of divergent viewpoints, their inability to accept or allow anyone free speech, freedom of assembly . . . freedom, period.  It’s about iron-fisted control of all ideas, speech, and viewpoints. They can tell you they care about people’s rights, but how can you believe them when their methodology is to trample on people’s rights, to subvert free thought and free speech?  How can you believe they are tolerant when their only aim is to stamp out all diversity of thought and expression?  How can you believe they seek unity when their methodology is divisive, when it establishes and reinforces racism, sexism, and every other “ism” in the name of “correcting and protecting”?  What the hell is wrong with people, who are otherwise (I still believe) intelligent human beings, who think that silencing, shaming, and attacking are the means to  . . . anything positive?


11 thoughts on “Rant on Liberal Intolerance and Divisiveness

  1. The call themselves tolerant, but they are intolerant of other people's views to the point of fascism. And ignorant. I met a guy on the street and showed him my blog header (9/12 march on DC). He asked if that was a picture of a GAY RIGHTS RALLY! I think somebody has been watching too much MSNBC!!!!

  2. Opus, you are right about their ignorance, and that, too, is a shame. They insulate themselves to the point that they have no understanding or empathy for anyone. BO and his people are doing this to their own detriment. Unlike conservatives, liberals refuse to consider or educate themselves about opposing viewpoints. We, however, do read what they are writing, listen to what they are saying. I am completely INtolerant of their intolerance, and I will not continue to be classed as a second-rate citizen because I am expressing a viewpoint that is not theirs. That's the antithesis of freedom. And they know it, that's why they cloak their fascist (and I agree they are fascists in this regard) in freedom. They purport to be the very thing they are not in order to stamp out opposition. It's disgusting, disingenuous, and divisive.

  3. I sympathize. I've almost entirely written out friendship with liberals. I have the odd friend who is still a simpleton, but I don't seek out their company anymore. They suck, they are dumb, and I've moved on.
    The thing about liberals is that they also attribute lies and stereotypes to consrevatives. They say we're all racists and that we want to make their kids pray to baby Jesus in schools or that we want to outlaw dancing. Total stupidity. We'd never outlaw dancing! (hehe). Anyway, you get my point…or rather…I get your point.
    I too used to be a dad-bern liberal. Then a bunch of Jihadis attacked us and I've been buying ammo ever since. I'm THIS CLOSE to following the NASCAR circuit…

  4. Hey Candle, well, I'm feeling less ranty now, so it's good that I got that off my chest. As to turning away from your liberal friends, don't do that 😦 We were once lost and confused, too, remember? We bought all that crap and saw the light, they can too! It is your mission to show your liberal friends that what they've long-believed is all a lie, a means of control grounded in hate. That's exactly what the democratic party has become, so it shouldn't be hard to explain it to them. 😛 And lol on the NASCAR thing, I'm so with you. I almost stopped flipping channels on wrestling the other night . . .

  5. I have a number of liberal friends that are trying to “save” me. What they don't seem to understand is that I enjoy my independence and I take pride in my accomplishments, especially the things I made them with my own two hands. I don't envy those that have more than me. I enjoy living in a place where those with initiative and goals have a good chance of succeeding.

    I would hate to be forced to conform to some (lower) standard in the name of fairness or social justice. I am responsible for myself. I gladly help those in need but don't want to be forced to support those that won't at least try to pull their own weight.

  6. Hi Mo and Welcome 🙂 I know what you mean about cherishing our independence and the opportunities that our country offers. I was watching a story on CNN last night about Latinos in our country. Because it was CNN, they of course focused on how evil America is and how we purposefully work to suppress and stifle Latinos. Blah blah blah. But one thing that struck me was the mayor of wherever out in Cali saying that only in America is his story possible. He rose from poverty (and the evils of American racism and oppression, blah blah blah), worked hard, went to college, then to law school, and is now mayor of wherever (I think it was San Francisco, but am not positive). Anyway, he really seemed to be sincerely praising the U. S. for this opportunity, and he really seemed to “get” that we are the one nation in the world where one can climb the socio-economic ladder with a little hard work, focus, and effort.

    Every single thing that BO and his goons are out for will forever change that, making us like every other quasi-socialist country in the world. Entrenched class status (all poverty level, of course), the death of any opportunity that is not permitted by the government because they need X to work in Y factory/field/hospital shack, rampant social unrest that has to be “controlled” by government force, and the host of other atrocities that ALWAYS take place when this is foolishly tried.

    Ooops, sorry, Mo, I have this tendency to go off on tangents. 🙂 Again, welcome! Stick to your guns and take pride in your independence and sense of personal responsibility. That's the American spirit! (and aren't you tired of “independence” and “personal responsibility” being turned into negatives? Since when? Oh, yeah, since those things subvert government control. Hmph!)

  7. Your friend wants to “protect people from God and the flag?” That's scary. Perhaps she'd be more comfortable living in Cuba. I understand the Castro brothers share her close-minded, intolerant views and are really into abridging freedom of expression.

  8. But that's just the point, Chick, she (and most liberals) don't understand that they are close-minded, intolerant, and fundamentally opposed to free speech. It sounds insane, ludicrous even, but they really don't get it.

    Maybe a year in Cuba would do the trick. If she got permission to go there, which she wouldn't because she's an American. *rolls eyes*

  9. Illegal immagration… I sure don't understand how that is a good thing. Why is it OK to hire people with an accent for less than an American citizen would do the same work for?

    A decade or so ago, there were many “living wage” jobs in construction. A tradesman could afford to buy the houses they building. Now “undocumented” workers (or future voters…) do these jobs for less than I was getting in 1990! They aren't licensed, insured or paying taxes. I couldn't even pay myself minimum wage doing the job for what they are bidding as a law abiding tax paying citizen. For some reason the “progressives” think this is OK. I simply can't understand that thinking.

    Cesar Chavez – a Latino civil rights activist – fought illegal immagration because they undermined his efforts to get fair pay for farm workers.

    It isn't that Americans (of all races) won't do the work, it is that Americans don't want to be slaves.

    Sorry for the rant. Seems it's contageous around here. ;^)

  10. Hi Mo, the key here is less than American is LEGALLY allowed to; employers cannot hire Americans for less than minimum wage, so they hire illegals for far less, no benefits, etc. There is no such thing as a job an American wouldn't do; there is only the law that says we cannot do it for what illegals will. I'm not recommending lowering the minimum wage, but I do think that the exploitation of illegals is exactly the sort of thing that Democrats do well. They claim to want to help the very same people they harm. And they use us, tax-paying Americans, as the “excuse” to perpetuate this shoddy treatment of people who shouldn't even be here in the first place.

    And hehe, your rants are always welcome on my pages, Mo. 😀

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