Mid-Terms or Bust

A couple of days ago, the White House offered up Feinberg to you, and you, and you, and you, and you, but NOT you!  Na-na-na.  How childish is that?  Of course, it’s not only childish, but arrogant, as well.  And worse still, it’s a clear attack on freedom of the press in this country.  Fortunately, the WH press pool who were among the chosen declined the generous offer unless their pool-partner Fox News was included.  The White House buckled, and allowed two minute interviews with each news outlet’s reporter; this was instead of the originally scheduled five minutes.  Take that, you newsies who refuse to bow to our might!

The pettiness, the bullying, the out and out abuse of power of the administration knows no bounds.  Apparently, Herr Emanuel’s edict that the other news orgs not follow Fox News didn’t have the right effect on the fringe media.  When he said, last Sunday, that Fox was not to be respected or included or “followed” by the other media outlets, he meant it.  But something went wrong.  And now the BO administration looks foolish.  More foolish than before.  But we haven’t heard the last of this “war on Fox,” I’m quite certain.  They’ll just find other ways to send a more clear message to the errant news orgs who dared defy them.

One Ticked Chick just wrote an excellent piece on BO’s similarity to Nixon, and I think she’s nailed it.  What BO is doing is very Nixonion, very paranoid, very damaging to this country, and it doesn’t start or stop with the media.  Everyone must see now that he’s “turned on” the insurance companies, the U. S. Chamber of Commerce, and slapped a silence order on Humana that this president is not driven by anything other than petty politics.  And not simply the politics of yore that he swore to undo; this is uglier than anything we’ve seen in . . . well, ever.

This is a man with no loyalties, no moral compass, no sense of right and wrong.  We all talk amongst ourselves about the long line of people and organizations that have been tossed under the BO bus, and it is kind of funny.  It’s also something that everyone should be thinking about.  Hard.  He’s tossed everyone under the bus so far, except his wife and a few close advisers:  Reverend Wright, Bill Ayers, Louis Farrakhan, his own grandmother, his aunt (the illegal immigrant one living in Boston slums), his Muslim relatives, Blago, Israel, Poland, the Afghan people, our military, ACORN, Governor Patterson, transparency, bipartisanship, unity, the CIA, health insurance companies, Rezco, the Constitution, Americans who don’t support his policies, Van Jones, free speech, Black Panthers, the U. S. Chamber of Commerce, and on and on.  Who and what is next?  What statement will place the next BO victim squarely in his cross-hairs?  In the road in front of that bus?  What “pressure” will make him turn on, or as he so thugishly likes to say “call out,” the next organization, the next business, the next person, you?  Everyone should be very worried that they may be the next ones to step a foot wrong, to utter the wrong phrase at the wrong place and/or time.  Everyone should be fearful of the repercussions of not falling in line with this egomaniacal nutjob.  Welcome to the new era of hopeandchange!  Welcome to an America where saying what you think, challenging the powers that be will land you on the White House’s enemies list, straight in the path of the BO bus.

So far, on that list, are not only those companies and organizations in the news now, but also all conservative Americans.  Let’s not forget that back in April (it seems so long ago, doesn’t it?), the BO administration sent out warnings to police across the nation to keep an eye out for “right wing extremism” that includes not only hate groups but also (and I quote) “groups that reject federal authority in favor of state or local authority.” You know, those pesky people who insist on adhering to the Constitution of the United States of America.  Remember that nifty little document that grants limited power to the federal government and all remaining power to the states and to the people?  Well, this administration is not going to stand for that nonsense.  This same warning to police across our nation also singled out as “right wing radicals” who needed to be “watched” those people who (and again I quote) “are dedicated to a single issue, such as opposition to abortion or illegal immigration.”  Coming from the single-issue gurus, this is pretty meaningful.  They know what grassroots organizing (community organizing?) can do, the wonders it can perform, and they want to stop any and all attempts to stop this administration’s move to eliminate our rights, overturn our Constitution, destroy our economy (or, not really “destroy” it, simply “dismantle it brick by brick”–so much nicer, huh?), and establish something in its place that is far removed from anything resembling America.

The same people who were screaming “fascist” at President Bush are now handing over their rights to a man who, I believe with all my heart, is determined to destroy this nation and all it stands for.  Fascism cannot occur when the people and the states hold the power, only when the government has control, but somehow, this little factoid is completely missed, and they are lining up to strip people of their rights to dissent, to assemble peaceably, to choose anything on their own.  They are handing over to the government their personal sovereignty, their money, their freedoms, their very souls.  And they are happy to do it. 

Worried about President Bush’s illegal wiretapping, they screamed blue murder for weeks about how that administration would be listening in on their calls and breaking down their doors to drag them kicking and screaming to Gitmo.  Nothing President Bush ever said or did indicated any desire to harm the people of this country; he never asked anyone to turn in their neighbors for speaking out against his administration (what BO and his band of thieves liked to call “fishy” information); he never stood in front of the nation and the world and called the citizens of this country “angry mobs,” “liars,” small-minded imbeciles who “cling to their guns and religion,” and “racists,” “Nazis,” “domestic terrorists”; he never alerted the police of this country to be on the lookout for radical lefties bent on joining forces with al Queda (though these actually DO pose a threat to this country); he never “called out” the media (even when he had every reason to do so–Dan Rather’s wonderful “story” about President Bush that featured phony documents and was run as truth . . . and cost Rather his career); and he never mocked, belittled, or disrespected the people of this nation.  In short, President Bush never gave anyone but the most crazy paranoid freaks any reason at all to imagine that their personal freedoms would be curtailed.

BO, on the other hand, has done each of these things.  And more.  He wants to shut down talk radio, control the internet, silence dissent from everyone, including Fox News, the little old lady in Des Moines who opposes abortion, veterans of our military (yes, they, too, were included in that warning issued in April), and me.  And you.  The left are, for now, helping BO achieve his goals, but once we are all silenced and his control begins to unfurl, he’ll move on to all others in this country, too.  He has shown us, clearly and often, that he has no loyalties and no honor.  He is going to steamroll over anyone and everyone who gets in his way, and the further along in his path he gets, the more likely that will include the very liberals who are now supporting him with such slobbering enthusiasm.  State-run media outlets don’t have any freedom and they don’t make any money.  State-run businesses, from banks to auto manufacturers to healthcare systems, don’t have any freedom and they don’t make any money.  At least not for the people.

BO’s team consists of people, including himself, who are on record as saying that they want to destroy America.  They may couch this in terms like “social” or “environmental justice,” “spreading the wealth around,” and “fundamental transformation,” but all you have to do is look at what he’s actually doing, the tactics he’s using to do it, and it’s pretty darned clear that he is taking not the path of the leader of the free world.  The path he is on is that of a Hitler, a Castro, a Chavez, a Mao.  If the fringe media’s rebuke of the White House’s attempt to shut out Fox was a one-off rather than evidence that they are starting to see and understand what is happening and if we don’t stop him in next year’s mid-terms, he will, I think, be unstoppable.

Look at all he’s accomplished in terms of undermining America and her citizens’ rights in only nine months; what wonders will he perform if he maintains a congressional majority and the fringe media’s fawning support for another two years?  Personally, I don’t believe that he intends to run for president in 2012, at least not as we’ve always known presidential elections.  If you look at other people who’ve taken this path, they don’t rest their fate in the will of the people, particularly when they’ve shown time and again that they have no interest in or respect for said will . . . or said people.  If you think it can’t happen here, think again.  Look at what this administration is doing, the way it is doing it.  You can only conclude that it is happening here.  And it is happening now.


6 thoughts on “Mid-Terms or Bust

  1. America has so many similarities to ancient Rome. For centuries Rome was a Republic like ours, then corruption crept in. The Senate was so corrupt, that when Czar and the Augustus took control the people embraced it. I think that is what has happened to America. We to vote in a new congress in 2010.

  2. You said a lot here, but the part about the 2012 “elections” trouble me. They used to say that Bush would never give up power – despite the fact that he never really seemed like he wanted the job THAT much. Obama though, and his stupid wife (Obimbo, as I call her), will stop at nothing to seize and keep power, I'm convinced of it. If they can get away with it then they will. If they can't, they can't – but we have to make sure that they can't. By not giving up our freedoms, and demanding more from our press.

  3. Thanks for the mention Fuzzy. We must be on the same wavelength. Just this weekend I had the fleeting thought of referring to the president as Herr President, but then I figured I'd be called a nazi. Oh wait, I have been called a nazi by the democrat party. Anyway I keep repeating this mantra, we will survive this, we will survive this, we will…..

  4. Hey Candles of Waxy Goodness, yes, I thought about that as I typed that sentence and actually came to the same conclusion that you did. I never got the impression that Bush was some kind of power hungry, egomaniacal nutjob (like BO certainly is). AND I have never doubted for a second that President Bush is a patriot (even when he went nuts with all that progressive nonsense, I gave him that much.) Have to disagree about MO, though, no bimbo there. She's intelligent in her way (even if she's socially inept and has zero fashion sense *claws scratch air*). And she's seething with hatred for this country. More so, perhaps than her celebrated hubby.

    Hey Chick, hehe. I stopped short of applying that to BO himself, but only just short of it. šŸ˜‰ And I'm with you on the “we will survive this” mantra. We will.

  5. I agree that MO is smart. I only call her Obimbo t be really, really mean. Actually, I'm sort of torn on the Obimbo thing because its sexist…but it converts so amazingly from the word “obama”… passing it up is like passing up a million dollars sitting on an unexploded mine…

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