Liberal "Solutions" (Blame the Person Footing the Bill)

I swear, sometimes I watch liberals talk or read their blogs and wonder what the hell they are thinking.  From Pelosi saying that a tax hike isn’t a tax hike if it takes you back to where you were before tax cuts (!) to Organizing America’s latest campaign that defaces the image of an American flag to make the point that conservatives are not patriotic (!!), I watch and I shake my head sadly.  When something doesn’t work out, the knee-jerk liberal response is to call it something else (you know, like “enemy combatants,” “man-made disasters,” and “competitive option“), to marginalize and disparage it (like the Town Hall attendees, the Tea Party movement, and Fox News), or to throw massive amounts of money at it (you know, like the “stimulus plan,” the bailouts, the health care system).  You have to wonder, you really really have to wonder, where all the “thoughtful” and “nuanced” thinking is going on (remember that badge of honor liberals gave themselves?).

Oh, that’s right, it’s going on in the White House as BO ponders and ponders and ponders (and ponders) whatever will he do in Afghanistan (this is odd, because he knew back in 2006 exactly what he’d do, then he knew all throughout his campaign–the one before he won the WH, and then he knew in March of this year). What do you want to bet he’ll “suddenly” have it all figured out next Wednesday?  No need to give any thought to how to solve the health care “crisis,” though.  If Americans hadn’t gotten word of what was going on, they would have passed that travesty before the summer break!  Rush, rush, rush . . . we simply have to entirely dismantle the entire healthcare system, one that accounts for 1/6 of our economy, in order to accommodate fewer than 20ish million people (out of 253.4 million).  And we have to do it NOW (even though it won’t go into effect until 2013). 

I was moodily watching Glenn Beck tonight, and one of his guests commented that by 2013 or 2014, there will be 49% of Americans who do not pay federal income tax.  Forty-nine percent!!  It’s already at an appalling, jaw-dropping 40% of Americans who do not pay income tax, but to think that in a few years nearly half of all Americans will not pay taxes makes my blood boil.  You can’t tell me that over 150 million Americans are in abject poverty and need to be subsidized by the government.  It defies all logic.  Get a friggin’ job, for God’s sake (but then, why do that when you can have all the perks of working–a pay check, vacation time–unlimited if you’re not working).  And the liberal solution?  You got it, call it something else (corporate greed, racism, free market fascism), marginalize the people who DO pay taxes (the middle classes–we all know that the uber rich have a gazillion tax loopholes or simply don’t bother to pay them at all, as is true of . . . gee, how many of BO’s liberal and progressive nominees didn’t pay their taxes and were shut out?  And of course there’s Charlie Rangel, who oversees the friggin’ tax codes and doesn’t bother to pay his own taxes.), and throw more money into entitlement programs–the government-run healthcare option being the biggest one yet.

The kicker here is that the liberals who support this bizarre and backward thinking are often among the very middle classes who are footing the bill for 40% of this country’s citizenry . . and soon to be nearly half!  And it’s us, the normal, every day American citizen–both liberal and conservative, who have to suck it up, who have to do without and scrape by, so that the nearly half the nation can not only NOT pay taxes but also receive checks and services with our money.  Whether or not this is a diabolical plot to collapse our economy so it can be “rebuilt” along “socially and environmentally just” lines, why aren’t we standing up and saying, No More!  Why isn’t every single tax payer joining the Tea Parties?  We are the ones being exploited, we are the ones who are slaving for others, we are the ones who are being treated unjustly, whose voices are being silenced but whose income is greedily snatched from our pockets by people whose interests and agenda have nothing to do with using our taxes to improve OUR lives.  Soon, half of us will be working to support the half that are not.  Is that “redistribute of wealth” and “hope and change” that you can stand behind?


13 thoughts on “Liberal "Solutions" (Blame the Person Footing the Bill)

  1. Fortunately the majority of Americans aren't liberal and they're waking up to what these liberal policies are costing them. Not just in terms of dollars, but also how it impacts quality of life and their own values. It will take a lot of work, but I believe we can turn this ship around by electing conservatives and even moderates to public office.

  2. I love this line: “the one before he won the WH…”
    Question about “wednesday solution”: not sure where you got this, but if he actually said this then I can tell you it'll be something like pulling out completely or not sending troops/support. This is because he'd be making his decision the day AFTER election day.

  3. i don't know, with the way companies keep laying off and moving jobs overseas or rehiring people at a lower wage, there won't even be a middle class in a few years.

  4. When the majority discover they can vote themselves free money, this American system will be at its end.

    Somebody said that very early on in the 1700's.

    We're there, pending a mass coming to senses event in Nov 2010.

  5. Chick, I sure hope you're right.

    Candle, that's exactly what I meant by saying Wednesday. He may (for appearances) wait until the Afghan elections, but I kind of doubt it. What really . . . um, ticked me off was the fawning press about his going to Dover and meeting the coffins of our fallen heroes. How DARE he? If he would just suck it up and send our military the support they need and do what they do best, we wouldn't have as many casualties. While he waits, our people die. That's totally unacceptable.

    Kerry, jobs are going overseas because dems have raised taxes so high for them to do business here that it's prohibitive. And yes, the middle class is shrinking, has been doing so for years. The growing number of people NOT paying taxes are actually people who were formerly middle class but have been shoved out by seriously wrong-headed nanny state BS. We can change it, it's not inevitable. But to do so, we have to make some hard choices, and I'm not sure that a lot of people are ready to take a stand. I am.

    Heyas, Kid, yes, this is one reason that both parties want to work on amnesty, so they can get themselves some more votes (McCain comes to mind). I still don't understand why so very many Latinos and black people support the dems, but maybe you're on to something?

    Hehe, Opus, yeah, I love Ann Coulter, I must admit. 😀

  6. Oh, and Chick and Opus, we better make it quick. These numbers show that there won't BE a majority of taxpayers in a few years, and as Kid says, who's going to vote themselves out of “free” money? This is it. Our last and only chance to turn things around.

  7. I read a bunch of blogs and yours is one of the most well written I have come across.
    I think past media domination allowed them to control public though more easily, but the new media is waking people up. If people knew the total tax amount (not just income tax) we all pay we would have had a 2nd revolution already.

  8. Thanks so much, Trestin. It's ironic that you say this, as I'm currently having some sort of issue with my blogger. I post my post, and it goes up all garbled, with missing words and words pushed together. It's making me nuts. Heh.

    And that's an excellent point, too, I was only talking about federal income tax, but of course, there are state and local taxes, property taxes, and a host of others. We pay seriously high taxes in this country, and the only people who see much of the benefit of that are the people collecting checks from the government (this is not to dismiss well-used tax dollars that go to education, libraries, roads, etc., but these are managed by local governments who seem to do a slightly better job with tax dollars. But only slightly.)

  9. Fuzzy. Most of the working Mexicans I've met, and it's been many since i lived in AZ for 20 years, are conservatives for the most part. They Want to work and better their lives and families.

    Some small consolation.

  10. Heyas, Kid, this is very heartening to hear. I think we saw a glimpse of conservative values in CA, too, when Prop 9 was voted down. It seems that Latino Catholics, in particular, voted against it. And I think that there are a LOT more black conservatives than one might think. But the statistics are pretty clear, the majority of both voting groups are registered dems. 😦

  11. P. S. women, too, for that matter. I think that this in part is due to the “heart” the dems claim, but the fact is that there is little more oppression in this society than that perpetrated in the name of “heart” by dems.

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