Questions and Confusion about the Incident at Fort Hood

Okay, so I’m watching this coverage of the Fort Hood shooting, and I have a zillion questions.  This isn’t a typical blog post, more like a really long tweet.  I came to the story rather late, only about 20 minutes ago, and I’ve been flipping between Fox and CNN to try to find out what the heck happened.  Our military doesn’t go off on shooting sprees like this, so my initial reaction was one of utter shock, then complete and total suspicion.  There are three shooters?  Three?  Really?  Gee, think I, what does that sound like?   And they were shooting at two different locations?  Again, gee, what does that remind you of?  And now there was one shooter and two “suspects” or “accomplices” (what the hell were they doing? mopping the shooter’s brow?)

I was also struck–again, I know only what Fox and CNN are reporting–that one of the dead is a civilian policeman.  What was he doing on a U. S. Army base?  It’s been a long time since I was on any military base, but as a military brat, I’ve been on my fair share of them, and civilian cops . . . you just don’t see.  So what is that about?  Did this incident actually take place on Fort Hood?  Or in a nearby Hood facility?  Apparently, it is where soldiers are processed before going to war in Iraq and/or Afghanistan.  This I’m not clear on, but it seems strange that a civilian cop would be wandering around base or even be allowed in to respond to a 911 call on base.  Ft. Hood is more than capable of handling its own emergencies, so I’m stumped on that.  Or maybe things have changed since I was a kid.  Or something.

What was aggravating me, also, though, was the way that CNN was trying to “skew” the incident into some sort of anti-war protest.  Soldiers who don’t want to go to war don’t kill their fellow soldiers . . . they may, sadly, kill themselves, but really, a violent murderous rampage like this to avoid the violence of war?  And with TWO accomplices?  Hmph!  Why is the left so completely out of touch with our military?  They don’t get anything about honor, pride, country, or God.  They are so out of touch that it makes me want to vomit.  I’m more inclined to blame BO than I am our guys in the service (no one has hinted that any of the three people involved is a woman).  But now, of course, CNN is sputtering and floundering because the shooter’s name has come out.  And of course it’s a Muslim name.  CNN is reporting that the shooter’s name is Major Malik Nadal Hasan (39 or 40 years of age) (typed that off the banner at the bottom of the tv, so no link, sorry). 

I say “of course” not because I’m a racist freak, but because I’m an American living in post-9/11 America, and even before this killer’s name came out, I knew something was very wrong here.  Three people don’t simultaneously go off the rails and start shooting people (because they’re soldiers who are afraid to go to war, no less), and they certainly don’t do so on a parade around two different locations.   And with absolute precision.  The reports say that the gunman who was shot had two handguns.  Hand guns?  At Fort Hood?  Why didn’t he have him a nice big machine gun of some kind?  Well, he didn’t need anything fancy, apparently, because he managed to kill 11 people (it’s not clear, I guess, how many people the other two guys shot or if they did at all). Anyway, I hope I’m wrong, but it sounds more terror-related to me than anything spontaneous.  Fox isn’t reporting the dead shooter’s name yet, but I’m not a reporter, and I, not being a reporter, have no qualms about typing what CNN is saying. If his name is really George Washington or John Smith, my suspicions stand.  I hope to God that I am wrong, though, because to think that terrorists are in our military . . . chilling.  Before the name came out, CNN was reporting on gangs on Fort Hood, too, so maybe . . . . but geez, is the military so damned desperate or PC’d to death that they’re accepting Cripps and Bloods into the ranks of our nation’s fine military?  Or is it terror-related?  Or some sort of weird three-way psychotic snap that made three men run around shooting their fellow soldiers because they didn’t want to go to war and shoot people (or be shot at).

At the end of the day, though, 11 of our soldiers are dead (12 if you count the shooter, and I do not), and my thoughts and prayers and deep gratitude are with them and with their families.


11 thoughts on “Questions and Confusion about the Incident at Fort Hood

  1. i heard about it from one of my contacts on facebook and looked on yahoo news where i read the ap story. they seemed to be saying that at the time they were reporting they didn't know if the shooter, hasan, had converted while in the military. i think there was also something about him being a psychiatric doctor. i, too, wondered whether it was a terrorist act. very frightening.

  2. I saw it on Drudge when I woke up this morning. I've checked a few different sources and am getting conflicting reports. Some say the shooter acted alone and the other two have been released. Some say the shooter is still alive. It will take some time to figure all this out.

    As far as blaming anybody on the left or right I say no. Just as we can not be held responsible for the actions of extremists like Timothy McVeigh, the left can not be held responsible for some of it's extremist. Some people are just nuts. We should not have to temper our opinions out of fear that some maniac will use it as an excuse.

  3. Hi Kerry, it turns out that he was a life-long Muslim and quite “into” it. There are several reports from friends and acquaintances that he was happy when our soldiers were killed by Muslim extremists and that he was sympathetic to their “cause.” There is no excuse, none, for his actions and frankly, no excuse, none, for his being allowed to act on his frequent radical statements against the U. S.

    Hi Trestin, well, current word is that he acted alone. I don't hold the left accountable for extremists, but I absolutely hold them accountable for tying the hands of law enforcement when it comes to identifying and following up on Muslim extremist threats to our country's security. This guy was loud and vocal about his Muslim extremist sympathies and that he wasn't investigated and/or locked up is a burden the left and the PC brigade hold. The blood of those thirteen people is on their hands as much as on his, in my opinion.

  4. Oh, and Trestin, if this guy had been deployed to Iraq, what are the actual odds that he would have been in a combat sitch? He is (yes, he lived) an Army shrink, would he really have been in combat?

  5. There is not much combat going on in Iraq. Him being a Psychiatrist Major would have had an almost 0% chance of combat. It is disturbing that they would send an extremist sympathizer to Iraq. The military is sometimes crippled by brain dead bureaucrats.

  6. Thanks again, Kid! You rock!

    Trestin, I didn't think that the Army was starting to put shrinks on the front lines to engage in actual combat. But to hear the lefties whine and carry on, you'd think he was about to be handed a gun and told to go shoot his brother. They just don't get it. They think that every single member of the military is a “soldier” (regardless of the branch in which they serve or the capacity in which they serve). It's annoying as hell. I admire and am eternally grateful for every member of our military regardless of how they serve, but to mash everyone into a trench and hand them a machine gun is just ridiculous. They are so clueless. Hopefully, this incident will wake us ALL up, including the military, to the dangers of caving into PC pressure. There is nothing but more dead bodies in our future if we do not.

  7. What is more irritating about the pc garbage? The fact that, and I did not know this until my husband told me, that ALL military bases on our soil have the most strict and stringent gun control….which means NO person other than MP or whoever is contracted for base security is carrying a weapon.

    My first reaction was “HUH? are you kidding?” I suppose being the civilian I just had assumptions being on base would be one of the most safe places…but NO, since law abiding citizens and military members are NOT even allowed to carry a weapon.

    I am going to go do some research on this, but it is quite disturbing. My husband said when our service members are deployed it is different, but as far as stateside, things get really locked down and strict.

    See, this is what fear of weapons gets us…and just wait, when the fluff settles, the idiotic laim stream media will be spinning this into a need for more weapons control.

    Well, they can shove it. This incident has given me more incentive to get my license to carry concealed…and I will be carrying….

    Thank GOD for civilian police officer Kimberly Munley!

    I am praying for all of our families down there…

  8. Hey CBU, well, I did sort of know that our troops cannot be armed on bases unless they are MP's. This is usually something that I am better than fine with; I love our military intensely and am prouder than anything of them, but they are a bunch of hotheads sometimes, you know? šŸ˜‰ Fights are a daily occurrence on bases, particularly when you get a bunch of testosterone drunk in the NCO / Officers' club or whatever . . . It's probably not a great idea to have these guys armed to the teeth. On the other hand, there is no doubt in my mind that that coward freak would never have gone on his shooting rampage if he knew that our guys were armed. It's a tough call . . . maybe ban arms in base bars? But then the cowardly extremist freaks would simply target those.

    I think we just need to weed out the terrorists from our military. A firing squad would work nicely.

    And yes, I'm so proud of Kimberly Munley! She's a true hero. šŸ˜€

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