And We’re Not Profiling, Why?

How many more people have to die needlessly in the name of political correctness?  Seriously.  I’ve asked this before, will doubtless ask it again, but how. many. innocent. people do we really need to sacrifice on the altar of white guilt and to the gods at the NAACP and the ACLU?  How many?   Apparently the nearly 3,000 lost on 9/11 weren’t enough, the thousands of soldiers since then weren’t enough, the 13 unarmed soldiers at Fort Hood are not enough.  When will there be “enough” innocent blood spilled that we can finally start investigating Muslims (particularly Muslim men) who are open about their terrorist sympathies and who sing the praises of Muslim terrorists?

Yesterday’s tragedy is, to me, yet another “sign” that this society has gone off the rails when it comes to catering to the whims of the left.  This shooter, this guy who somehow managed to survive his blood thirsty and unforgivable rampage at Fort Hood, was a Muslim and he was very vocal about his position on our role in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan:  we are “the aggressor,” Muslim terrorists who kill U. S. soldiers are heroes for standing up for their cause–just as an American soldier is considered to be when he throws himself on a grenade to save his unit, and he claimed to be “from” Jordan even though he was born in the U.S. (the link is to CNN, and of course they don’t actually “get” that reference, so you’ll have to watch the video to hear the interpreter explain how the shooter claimed to be “from” Jordan.  The article, being from CNN after all, twists that to say “his parents are believed to be from Jordan.”  Obviously a huge difference there, no?  And one that makes my exact point, actually.).  He was happy when a U. S. soldier was killed in a recruitment center in Little Rock because “this is what Muslims should do, we should stand up to the aggressor.”

I’m sorry, but what about this man doesn’t scream “I’m a Muslim sympathetic to terrorists and advocating violence against the U. S. military”?  We may never know for sure why this man wasn’t kicked out of the military on his creepy extremist arse, but we do know that there were a lot of signs that this man was unstable and capable of committing the acts of violence he applauded in other Muslim extremists.  Why was there no investigation into this man?  Why was he allowed to wander around Fort Hood (and before that Washington D. C. where he was stationed to work at Walter Reed) celebrating American deaths in the war on terror and calling us “the aggressor.”  Any Muslim, frankly, who talks like this should be investigated by the DHS.  And hard.  And fast.  Last week, even.  You know why?  Because Muslims have declared war on the U. S.  They have done so openly and in both word and deed.  We know who wants to do us harm.  There is no lack of clarity, no gee, well, maybe it’s not just Muslim extremists, maybe it’s little old ladies clutching their rosaries as they wait to board planes.

But who is stopped, searched, and sometimes even questioned at airports?  You got it, little old ladies from middle America who are clutching their rosaries (I’ve personally witnessed this) or sporting tee-shirts that say, “My granddaughter went to Disney World and all I got was this lousy tee-shirt” (I’ve also witnessed this, except it was a white elderly couple, both wearing said tee-shirt).  Who gets ushered through with great and benevolent fanfare?  Yep.  Muslim men (yep, I’ve witnessed this, too; well, sans fanfare).  Sometimes with one-way tickets they bought in cash.  But hey, at least we aren’t “profiling” people. Aren’t we grand?

Why the hell aren’t we profiling people?  We waste time, money, and valuable resources with “random” checks rather than looking closely at people who, like yesterday’s mass murderer, practically scream “I’m about to shoot a bunch of people in the name of Allah and jihad.”  How does this make sense?  In what screwed up way does this even come close to a definition of decent homeland security?  If a detective knows that the suspect in a crime is a white, middle-aged male why on earth would they stop, question, or otherwise pursue anyone who is not a white, middle-aged male?  That makes zero sense.  Right? 

The left, though, they say that profiling is wrong.  That it is racist (gee, isn’t everything they don’t like?).  That it may lead to violence against the innocent.  Well, guess what, lefty loons, NOT profiling is dangerous.  And it absolutely, one hundred percent leads to violence against the innocent.  We know that beyond a shadow of a doubt.  Furthermore, the danger of vigilante “justice” and to Muslim-Americans who do not pose a threat to our security from random Americans would be far minimized if they felt that the authorities were actually doing their job and not bowing to political pressure.  If Bubba (or whomever the left are so fearful of) felt that the police or DHS (etc.) were actually investigating suspicious Muslim men in this country, he’d be far less likely to commit violence against the nearest swarthy-skinned person–such attacks are rare, but they do happen.  And that is based not only in fear but in the sense that if they don’t do something no one else will.  As is, everyone knows that you can be living right next door to a terrorist and the chances of him being caught before he does great harm are slim to none.  Ooooh, we can’t possibly watch that house full of five young Muslim males with shady income sources and who are taking flying lessons at the local dust-cropping airstrip.  That would be wrong.  Instead, we’re going to focus on Tea Party goers and Americans who oppose big government, those are the real threat to national security (funny how it’s okay to profile white patriots who pay their taxes, huh?).

So I say, let’s quit kow-towing to the radicals who seem to think that freedom is only applicable to those who want to do us harm and that those who wish us ill are the only ones with rights that need protecting.  I am not willing to die in the name of misplaced, indulgent, myopic ideology.  I’m just not.  And I doubt that anyone who was mowed down in that recruitment center were, either.  But they did.  And they were.

11 thoughts on “And We’re Not Profiling, Why?

  1. Oh, good rant, I have been thinking pretty much the same thing…how much more tolerance must extend? I am sick of tolerance

    I just read an article, on Newsvine (msnbc owned, so go figure)

    there was a commenter blathering on about how this was PTSD, and anyone who thought otherwise was simple, and that by the way…serial killers were mostly registered republicans….

    OH, I got hot, and ranted off a reply….

    {“WOW, talk about an uproar. I will not come swinging a political axe to grind, I don't consider myself a loyalist to any party, but I am loyal to my country

    I am amazed at some folks here or I should say a certain “folk” here seems to be spouting off like a damn expert on everything from PTSD to SERIAL killer profiles, to whether or not this Islamatard is a Rep or Dem.

    I can talk like I know something about the damn Military, I have lived Military life almost my entire walk on the earth.

    I can also say this….the chances of that sand *****r yayhoo, being upset due to PTSD are about slim to ZERO….the chances of him being pissed about “infidels”??….be a genius and do the math.

    Stop deluding yourself with that politically erect…er correct garbage you have been growing up with. Go sell dumb a$$ crazy some place else.

    Whoever you, are…your mindset is completely deluded, as if you can intellectualize every matter under the sun, looking down your nose upon the simpletons while you talk like you have some higher moral compass.

    I guarantee, this is more than just a “whoops I am sooo stressed” reaction. It was coordinated. But the press, which has under gone the process of Obamafication ever since he floated up to the surface, has a very real interest in keeping things from staining the view of the Mighty One.

    The American people are angry right now, we have a right to be, the government has run rough shod over us long enough. Enough of tolerance, I have tolerated enough from Habibs, Mahmouds, Ahmeds et al………There is no tolerance for infidels, according to Islam. So why should I tolerate their desire to kill me and my family?

    I don't give white man's a$$ about extending a loving hand to terrorists and sympathizing with them, I say rip their scalp off and stick it in a belt for a trophy.

    I have seen stressed, I have seen it up close, but I also know that, when it comes to protecting me and my family….my family comes first, I will kill first, and think later…my kids deserve that..they are innocent, and need protection….

    Enough of this limp wristed “we can be the better people” crap, that will just get our children killed, or will enable the Islamic infiltration like what is taking place in Europe….why don't you go do your homework? Open your eyes up, and stop sucking on the juice the press has been squeezing out?


    American…of the Sicangu Lakota Oyate Nation”}

    I could not help myself, this angers me terribly…what has happened to our sense of danger?

    I am with your thinking on this one!

  2. Oooh, CBU, fantastic rant and reply to the liberal loons. How can he possibly have been suffering from PTSD? He never set foot in Iraq or Afghanistan; he simply heard from real soldiers who were in the theater. Geez, I've read some pretty gruesome descriptions of war (some from fantastic writers like Tim O'Brien, some from soldiers who are not accomplished writers but who vividly describe warfare). Does that mean I have PTSD? That O'Brien is a catalyst for violence. What utter bunk. And of course, there's the fact that plenty of people who actually have PTSD don't go and shoot innocent people. This man SAID that he was a Muslim sympathetic to terrorists, that he committed an act of terrorism should be no surprise. That he did it because of “PTSD” is a joke.

    The one thing that liberals are not is intellectually or morally superior. They are deluded and incapable of logical analysis. Their rhetoric is about hate, it's based in hate and it espouses and protects hate. That is fact. They may be “sympathetic” to terrorists in the name of morality and equality, but the base of it is that they hate America, and they hate Americans (even, perhaps especially, themselves).

    You go, Girl!

  3. Fuzzy, I am sorry I posted that rant in a comment on your blog, I was too worked from the earlier rant, and actually quite encouraged to come and read your post

    Besides that I had not even noticed you joined my blog yet…otherwise you could have read it there…

    I am honored that you wish to read the rantings from the likes of “moi”.

    I may have some pretty strong opinions about things, but I wholeheartedly support freedom….patriotism, love of country, love of fellow man…until of course you want to blow me up or harm my kids, then all my love of fellow man goes out the door for said person threatening my safety.

    I don't see how that makes me a crazy loon (in the eyes of the looney left) for wanting to protect my family?

    Just to let you know, my blog is just beginning, and I am keeping it basic so I can teach myself html….as I get better at the code I will be adding things like a blog roll, but not until I fully understand what I am doing…

    thanks for your comments! I will pass the message along to my husband….
    the voices of liberty can prevail, we must be vigilent

  4. Oh my goodness, that is so not what I meant. I loved your comment. And being rant-prone myself, encourage rants in others šŸ˜‰

    And I completely agree that love doesn't extend to those who hate us and wish us dead. That's just naive, ignorant, and dangerous thinking (i.e. liberal thinking).

  5. When we first went into Iraq following 9/11, I'd watch news reports and listen to Donald Rumsfeld's briefings. The reports and talking points didn't feel right, and I kept telling my husband that the government is trying to fight a politically correct war. Problem is, war is about the most politically incorrect action any government can take. If you're going to engage in war, then you'd better be in it to fight tooth and nail, and to win. Political correctness in the military leads to situations like the one at Ft. Hood yesterday, and the on-going problems in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    How many times now have we heard that red flags had been raised and someone was under surveillance by the authorities, yet we end up with the outcome we had at Ft. Hood yesterday? It's time to get serious about the dangers we as a nation face from radical Islamists, and political correctness be damned.

  6. I “love me some profiling”. Profile the hell out of folks, and send all the complaints TO ME. So what? “Dear lord, you just got inconvenienced because you fit a profile, what ever shall we do?”
    I drove to work today and I pulled into a parking spot, and a guy pulled in immediately after, on my right – and promptly HIT the car on HIS right. I got out of the car, memorized his license plate, and waited to see if he was going to start going through the motions of doing his duty. I PROFILED him because he was a motorist who hit an unattended car in a parking lot, and I made the prejudiced assumption that he might try to “hit and run”. By the way, this guy was whiter than a leprechaun (little known fact, leprechauns are pasty white pixies, not green – they wear green clothing though).

  7. This Malik guy MORE than fit a profile, he waxed poetic about suicide bombings in internet postings. Got investigated by the FBI, but NOPE. Nothing was done.

    THEN we DISARM all of our soldiers, because they're SO DAMNED SAFE on American soil (not). This shows you what disarming the good guys does. The bad guys hide guns on their person anyway, so the good guys can't fight back. And on a MILITARY base! Shameful! All those guys should have been armed to the teeth then let this jihadi a$$hole try his little mayhem. He'd come down with lead poisoning quicker than you can say Jiminey Cricket!

  8. Opus…. I'm not one to second guess military procedures on base. They do need to re-evaluate what they wanna do about guns on base though, just because clearly it would have helped if more folks had been armed. However….bases can be very stressful, wives at home, tempers flaring, harassment, you name it. Kinda like high-school…with guns. Now, keep in mind that I have been known to “open carry”, I'm a big defender and promoter of it, but I think a base might be different (I fully admit I could be wrong).

  9. PC and Profiling are Communist Subversion techniques. Part of an agenda that's been going on quite a while. Part of the demoralization process in America. Moral as in Morals and Morale.

    No PTSD -he has never been deployed.

    Another Mass Murder in a Gun Free Zone.

    Another case of (like Virginia Tech) SWAT members with body armour hiding behind trees and vehicles while people are being shot. And people want 'gun control'?

    Excuse my brevity.

  10. Exactly, Chick! We need to stop cringing in our boots every time someone points a finger and screams “racist” or “fascist” or “God-lover” (well, I made that one up, but you get my drift). If we don't stand up now, we may never again be able to.

    LOL, Candle.

    Opus, that this man was permitted to “treat” troops after complaints that he was arguing with them about the wars is troubling enough. That he was running around espousing anti-American AND pro-terrorist rhetoric is unforgivable.

    Kid, you are so right. It is definitely a concerted effort to push a political agenda by means of claims of moral superiority. It's bogus times ten.

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