This, That, the Other Thing, and the First Amendment

So I was watching the election coverage the other night on both Fox and CNN, and I literally burst out laughing when Anderson Cooper asked incredulously why President Bush can no longer be blamed for the economy and gigantic unemployment numbers (this was before unemployment shot up to a staggering 10.2%, remember).  He was sincerely flabbergasted at the suggestion that BO has any responsibility at all.  It’s so typical, isn’t it, of the fringe media’s complete lack of understanding of. . . anything.


From what I can gather from that election’s results (a lot of Republican wins all over the place, most notably in New Jersey and Virginia), people are interested in jobs, the economy, taxes, and the massive spending that this WH is engaged in (with no end in sight, by the way).  People don’t care about or want healthcare “reform” (ask someone who supports ObamaCare if they, personally, want to or intend to sign up for the government “option”; the answer will be no.  That’s for other people.  Hmph.  Read the bill, it’s for every single American (who isn’t a member of Congress, that is).  It’s the path to single-payer (i.e. socialized medicine) that BO envisioned taking “a decade, or 15, or 20 years” to establish.).

I also take from this that BO has lost a lot of political capital in the past year.  He made what? five trips to NJ and six appearances, and “his” candidate still lost.  Granted, the guy was a loser who’d taxed and spent his state into near-bankruptcy (and although the left just won’t admit it, he made a mint working for the dreaded . . . dum dum duh . . . banking industry on Wall Street–at Goldman Sachs, actually.  But that’s okay.  They’re the biggest hypocrites on this planet), but BO’s magic couldn’t hide that or daze his zombie followers into the voting booth.  Too bad, so sad.

And keep in mind that taxing and spending is the BO and progressive mantra.  They are already shooting the deficit to the moon, Alice, and they are not taking into account that only 60ish percent of us still even pay taxes.  But let’s keep that government growing, to hell with the consequences (i.e. we run out of people to tax because they’ve all lost what little they were bringing home and sunk into economic despair . . . and collecting government checks to keep a roof over their heads and food on their tables.).  Remember, all this taxing, all this spending directly impacts the life of every single American, and it won’t be long before there are more people sucking off the system than contributing to it.  This is not good.  Any idiot should be able to work that out; it’s not that complex. 


Another thing that struck me watching that coverage is how friggin’ HUGE the CNN talking heads are.  Why on earth do they do such close-up shots?  Why why why do they push in on those people?  Maybe the psychological impact is supposed to be that they are right here in our living rooms, but I find it rather invasive.  You know, like they’re in my personal space somehow.  Okay, okay, that’s not very insightful or “meaty,” but it’s been bugging me.

The Other Thing

Also bugging me is the fact that BO didn’t bother to go to Germany for the 20th anniversary of the Berlin Wall coming down.  That was a monumental moment, and he didn’t think it worthy of his presence (but he can pimp Chicago in Copenhagen?).  President Reagan deserves the Nobel Prize for that one, and it’s certainly one of the better things that we’ve helped make happen in this world.  Ooooh, that‘s the problem.  BO can bow and scrape around the world, but he can’t possibly stand proud for this country and celebrate any good we’ve done.  He sickens me to my core.   Of course, libs again miss the bus on this one–some idiot was on Fox the other night saying that the right doesn’t like BO to travel.  Talk about boiling something down until it has no meaning.  We don’t like it when he travels the world to bash our country, and we don’t like it when he flies off to Copenhagen to do a sales pitch.  He should be doing things that presidents do . . . you know, like going to Berlin and celebrating our accomplishments.

The First Amendment

I was watching CNN again last night (this is not becoming a habit, I promise, but I was flipping through the channels), and they had a story on about Muslim extremists in America, I was transfixed.  CNN covering the hate of extremist Muslims, could I be seeing this right?  Was I in some strange new world where CNN actually made sense and didn’t skew everything into some weird leftist worldview?  Nope.  This segment could have been written by BO’s team, his “diversity” czar in particular.  Here’s a lovely clip:

The subtext here is pretty clear.  If you attack BO, you’re on CNN’s sh . . . crap list.  Okay, I may be getting paranoid with all the moves this administration is making to take over our economy and our media, but doesn’t this sound like a step toward “amending” the First Amendment?  Sort of putting out there that extremist speech should be banned in the United States?  (and guess who makes up the most-hated by the left “extremists” in this country?  Me.  And you.  And every other conservative or moderate who doesn’t sing the Mmmm mmm mmm song each night before bed.)

I loathe what these extremists are saying, what they advocate, who they are, but this, to me, is a case of “I may not like what you say, but I will defend to my death your right to say it.”  Hopefully, it won’t come to that, but this is so out of CNN’s usual approach to Muslim extremists that it’s got to be heading somewhere sinister.  They’re usually singing songs of love and compassion and empathy for this type of nutjob group, so . . . well, you have to wonder.  Especially when Cooper and his correspondent keep mentioning limiting free speech throughout the piece.  Hmmmm . . . .


11 thoughts on “This, That, the Other Thing, and the First Amendment

  1. mmm, mmm, mmm, don't sell yourself short on the THAT section of your post….

    It brought something to my attention I had not really noticed before now; which I might add, is due to the fact we have been fortunate enough to have KILLED our television nearly three years ago.

    I mean we aren't totally opposed to television, we just prefer not to give a blanket payment to a cable company who will not let us pay only for those channels we care to watch (in other words, true free market television, screw Nielsen ratings, let my dollar speak).

    So, since you pointed this out, and I happen to be away from home visiting my husband and staying in a hotel, I can watch television. I switched to CNN and took note of what you are talking about….VERY strange indeed….

    Not only must we contend with Big Brother, now we must contend with “Big Headed Brother”…yippee…

    Good job!

  2. I’m having difficulty believing that inciting people to commit violent acts is accepted free speech. I’ll have to do some research on that. These are the same disaffected lunatics that would have joined Bill Ayers and his merrymakers in the Weather Underground 40 years ago. People like this make me wonder what’s going on in their twisted minds to make them so full of hate. BTW, did you notice that people were actually taking their hate propaganda?

  3. It did kind of sound like they were bemoaning the US having freedom of speech and praising countries that didn't.

    I agree with you – I can feel my blood pressure rising as I listen to those goons, but know deep down that if we ok'd free speech to be limited on them, conservatives would be next on the chopping block. And unfortunately, I can see liberals using extremist groups like this to try and amend freedom of speech. Scary stuff.

  4. lmao, CBU, it is creepy!

    Chick, inciting violence is not covered by the First Amendment, as far as I know. However, as this segment shows, they know their rights and they stop just short of violating their First Amendment rights. It's scary stuff, but it's something that we have to take if we want OUR freedom of speech to remain in tact. As to what goes on in their twisted minds . . . I have no idea. They are clearly deranged by hate, but how someone gets like that, I have no idea. I do know that I could listen to that crap all day long and never be swayed by it, so I think that you have to have something that goes that way to say Hey, this is cool, killing Americans makes perfect sense. You know? I don't see the danger to normal people, only to, as you say, the disaffected, the type of people who flock to freaks like Jim Jones and Charles Manson.

    Hazaa, that's my point exactly. If we don't protect them and their right to free speech, you can bet we're next. In fact, I think we're the actual targets here, not these extremists. It's on CNN for God's sake, they LOVE Muslims who hate America and want us dead.

  5. Well there are limitations to our constitutional right to free speech. For example, we can't incite a riot, advocate unlawful actions, and threaten others. Those are considered criminal actions, not free speech. It sounds to me like this group is advocating unlawful actions against the country and I certainly feel threatened by what they’re saying. The report says these guys are teetering on the line of what constitutes free speech and what doesn’t. IMO, they’ve crossed that line.

  6. Chick, I think that is the point of the CNN story, to make us feel like that (and yes, I do, too), but we can't let that guide us down a path to limiting free speech still further. Remember, the libs already think we are “extremists” and “terrorists”. When Pelosi gave her pseudo-sobbing statement about how she feared violence from Tea Party and Town Hall participants, I said then, that it was a gear up to an attack on free speech . . . for our own good. This is yet another brick in the wall. And a clever one, it's exactly the sort of thing that will boil the blood of any patriotic conservative.

    I still think we need a conservative equivalent of the ACLU or NAACP who will litigate on our behalf for a change!

  7. One other thing, they're preaching outside a mosque to people who may be more receptive to that kind of rhetoric than you or me. Some people coming out of that mosque were taking their propaganda. People who have been swayed by radical Islamic rhetoric caused the devastation on 9/11, the embassy bombing in Beirut, and the attack on the USS Cole, as well as the incident at Ft. Hood. When I consider who they're preaching to, I do believe they are inciting a group of people to violence.

  8. Yes, I can see your point, Chick. And that's exactly where a group like the ACLU would be great for us. You know that THEY aren't going to pursue it, so we need our own advocate group to combat the rampant and wrong-headed liberal thinking that is destroying our country piece by piece.

  9. Ok, we can agree on that =) Mark Levin, BTW, has a legal foundation that files legal actions on behalf of conservative causes.

    Also, I just want to clarify that I'm not advocating limiting free speech. I would never do that. As a conservative, people are always trying to limit my right to free speech and censor what I want to say.

    I'm just bringing up the point that it's against the law to urge people to commit acts of violence. It appears to me that is what this group is doing.

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