How the Left Has Won

Okay, we all know by now that the healthcare bill passed the House last night.  Yes, I’m furious and scared and stunned.  But I’m not sure with whom I’m more upset:  the left for not listening to us this summer or all fall or the right for shifting focus and giving the blue dogs something to hang their hat on (well, gee, sure the government is taking over healthcare, sure it’s going to cost jobs, force every American to buy a product (or pay fines and go to jail), and well, sure we have now taken one more step  toward socialism, but look! abortion funding isn’t there.  Woo.  And Hoo.).

How and why was the discussion moved to focus on abortion?  I don’t want tax payer funding for abortion, but that is hardly the most horrible aspect of this bill.  I don’t understand why it was suddenly “about” abortion and not about the cost, the government takeover, the elimination of what makes us American in the first place?

If the right keeps pushing SOCIAL policy over American principles, this thing will SURELY pass the Senate.  That’s a given, so why why why do we keep doing that?  This is about ideology not petty and Pyrrhic victories concerning minor aspects of social policy, which frankly can be amended at any time.  This is about America.  And if we keep letting the discussion move off that point, we will lose.  Count on it.


26 thoughts on “How the Left Has Won

  1. The Left is what it is…and liberals “are what they are,” so they can't be anything other than the mindless “control freaks” they are at heart.

    I blame DUMB and DISINGENUOUS Republicans in voting to pass the Stupak Amendment with 176 Republican votes!

    That gave the entire Democratic Party (not just the Blue Dogs) a pass, and it signaled, “We're really not all that much against this monstrosity, it's just about politics as usual.”

    The GOP's OBVIOUS “best strategy” was to vote PRESENT on Stupak and let the Democrats fight among themselves….if the Blue Dogs caved, they'd lose BIG next election, surrendering all those vulnerable seats and if the Liberals caved, they'd face furor from the far-Left.

    There was absolutely NO DOWNSIDE to voting “present,” and a LOT of upside!

    Again, this is another one of those things I CAN'T accept as a “mistake,” it's actually too dumb to be an accident.

    Maybe they DO have to purge the so-called “Moderates” from the GOP.

    Although, an even scarier thought is that the Rockefeller-wing might not have been the driving force behind that….

  2. Hey JMK, I know I'm kind of wounded and lashing out, but I can't see how and why the republicans let the Stupak Amendment change the entire debate. It's so friggin' stupid . . . like you say, it's too dumb to be an accident. I'm at a loss.

  3. Sometimes I think it is better to let the pendulum swing uncontrolled. It make the error more visible. Perhaps the ramifications of this bill will be the catalyst for REAL reform.

    The only support for this bill I've heard is from democrats that are closer to the center. The opposition is universal among those labeling themselves Republicans and/or conservatives. Even the far left dislikes this bill because it doesn't offer the “public option.”

    As with most of what comes out of Washington DC, this is a feel good ploy so they can claim a victory. It is too complex to really be understood and the consequences may not be felt for years. The cost is hidden and will likely show up in the form of hikes in premiums, prices of services and employer contributions which will no doubt be passed on to the consumer or retard future raises in wages, probably even job creation.

    Our health system is broken. This bill did not fix it. It is likely the unintended consequences will be felt in our Nation's debt and economic recovery. Of course it will be a boon to Insurance profits and contributions to the elected class.

    “Vote with your dollars.” That is the only thing they understand.

  4. Don't blame me. I've said from day one, that the bill could offer free health care for everyone at the MAYO clinic complete with daily massages from petite Japanese women or burley German men, depending on your preference, and I wouldn't vote for it. Because 3 days after it went into effect the communist ammendments would start pouring in.

    Are conservatives really that stupid that they would focus on the content of the bill?

    Somehow, I think some of these 'conservative' talking points might just might originate in some parasitic liberal 'think' tank.

    Which I would find even more distressing of course.

    That someone wants the government between them and their health and bodies is beyond words to me.

    As far as abortion not being in the bill, it will be. Give it a few minutes and some slight of hand verbiage.

  5. MO, I'm with you to an extent there. I have often thought the best way to get a pile of junk cleaned up is to keep piling stuff on until it can't be ignored any more.

    I'll admit I don't know what's in the bill because I don't care. If it doesn't have a public option in it, it will.

  6. Hi Mo and welcome! I'm not really sure where you stand from this comment, but I assure you that I and every other conservative that I know (or know of) wants health insurance reform (buying across state lines, changing some bottom numbers for Medicaid, tort reform to minimize defensive testing, and we agree that ins. companies should not be allowed to drop people when they need insurance or for pre-existing conditions. These changes would do far more to help our health care system than the trillion dollar albatross that Pelosi and BO are ramming through). We are resoundingly opposed to government-run healthcare. And that's what this bill is. You can't “vote with your dollars” when there is only one option, and that's the ultimate goal here. You also have no recourse if there IS medical malpractice nor if there is denial of care or services.

    We are agreed that this bill does not fix the problems. But the House bill absolutely did have the government option in it. The Senate's (so far) does not.

  7. Heyas, Kid, I'm with you, there is no power on earth that would make me sign over our healthcare system to the federal government. No matter how pretty they packaged it.

    Letting the government run healthcare is the biggest mistake that can possibly be made. How on earth do you resolve anything with an entity that has the power to fine and imprison you? You don't.

  8. Me, too, Chick. I've heard both Ann Coulter and Newt Gingrich say that if it DOES pass all the way through and get signed by the Buffoon in Chief that we can get it repealed. I sincerely hope so. Otherwise, we are seriously screwed and barreling down a path that will lead to nothing good for anyone (except those in power, of course).

  9. “I can't see how and why the republicans let the Stupak Amendment change the entire debate. It's so friggin' stupid . . . like you say, it's too dumb to be an accident. I'm at a loss.” (FuzzySlippers)
    The only explanation I can come up with is that the “political class” (of BOTH Parties) has become so insulated and alienated from the productive class that they are no more “in-touch” or connected to the people than a foreign ruling body.

    What else explains the passage of such a monstrosity which all polls show is opposed by about 60% of the American people….and will be by more, once the real details leak out, except a giant “Go F^#k yourselves” by the likes of Pelosi and Co.???
    “Sometimes I think it is better to let the pendulum swing uncontrolled. It make the error more visible. Perhaps the ramifications of this bill will be the catalyst for REAL reform.” (Mo)

    I have thought the same…..but the argument against that goes, the MORE people the government can make dependent upon them for “free stuff,” the greater the momentum for even more socialist, big-government policies.

    I've said before that I'd rather not see the GOP take back Congress in 2010, as I expect all this to get even worse and there's nothing short-term or stop-gap that can be done about it, so why should the GOP be in any rush to share in the coming blame tsunami?

    What I'm MOST concerned about is the direction of the GOP elites, who seem focused on “Moderation” the scenic path to soft-socialism, rather on returning to the Supply Side policies that have delivered over a quarter century of prosperity, after nearly 15 years of double digit, Keynesian-generated Misery Indexes.

    If the Moderate/Rockefeller-wing Republicans are going to control the direction of that Party in 2010 and 2012, they won't deserve to do any better than they did in 2008, though they will, by default….and that would be disastrous for Conservatism.

  10. Thanks Fuzzy, great blog and following you have here.

    My stand is in favor of removing government interference from our lives, including our health care. These government incursions never seem to solve any real problems and create new ones. I'm OK with makeing the playing field level, but no more only helping the “too big to fail” types.

    I think GMK is right on this one.

  11. Fuzzy. Salute.

    JMK. The GOP didn't do anything that I agreed with Domestically, the entire 8 years including the first 6 as majority. I was glad to see us officially recognize the enemy, but it seems that 'was all' we did. And not to convey an incorrect reference of triviality for that. If that's all that could happen those 8 years, the history books will show that that was Enough. So be it. I'll accept it was well.

    TSA is a disaster. Medicare part D is a disaster. Nothing else happened domestically.

    Compared to other administrations that accomplishment alone was worth 50 jimmy carters. Maybe a thousand. 50 thousand.

    But to the point, I don't believe the red team will take us anywhere. The cancer patient (DC) is beyond repair. We need a new party. An Elliot Ness party of untouchables who will spurn the sameO sameO and for starters, tell the whackjobs from Iran and Lybia that they are no longer welcome in the United States, so don't bother writing any more blubbering, incomprehensible speeches for future UN appearances.

  12. Hi JMK, well, as I've posted, I'm concerned about an over correction to the far right. I don't think either extreme is a good one; I really don't. What I do believe in and wholeheartedly is our constitutional republic. It's set up to guard against extremism (on both sides, I believe), and that's a good thing. I think, too, that there are some mods in republican party who are actually liberals; that's not moderate. That's liberal. And they need to go next year, too. But those who are ideologically conservative but willing to work across the aisle (not cave in and hand over this country to the radical leftie loons) should be commended. Again, the focus on social policy by EITHER side at this very important time in history is, to my mind, a loser for conservatives and a big big winner for liberals. (um, did I just say the same thing ten ways? Sorry! I think I mostly agree with you, but I caution against a mod-purge of the republican party until we can get back enough votes to stop the radical liberal madness.)

    Thanks, Mo, and yes, I have to agree, the people who come here are the best of the conservative blogoshpere (even those who are mods ;)). I urge you to check out their blogs, too. Lots of good stuff, great perspectives.

    Hi Kid, well, we might, but my concern about a third party is the same as it always is but more heightened now that we are in a state of emergency. Peeling off votes for the third party usually (always) leads to one of the two parties winning. Are we willing, at this point in time, to take that risk? I'm not sure that I am.

    Yo, Dave, I hear you.

  13. Fuzzy, Well, no. I mean we can't even expect any kind of majority of voters to do so intelligently.

    Sorry for another downer. Experience is the only teacher now, and to get through this we gotta go through this.

    Unfortunately, we're going to pick up a lot of socialism along the way. At the wrong time.

  14. Kid, we've already got too much “spreading the wealth around” in this country; that's why only 40% of Americans pay income tax. Adding more entitlements or expanding the ones we have without checking and balancing will simply tip the scales all the more. And look at how much this government has taken over in the last 10 months (banks, GM, student loans); the federal government now controls almost half of this nation's (formerly privately owned and run) wealth. If this healthcare monstrosity goes through, it will be over half. We would not be able to claim that we are capitalists then. We would also have limited our liberties to a stunning degree, handing over not only more power but the clear path to strict and minute government control over every aspect of our lives. That is not acceptable. We're way past worrying about which party is “good” and which is “bad”; we need to stop this now and worry about minor things like who is conservative “enough” later on. You know, when we are back to being AMERICA again.

  15. Fuzzy. Too many don't see a problem. At least we can see what is coming. Things will get worse before they get better.

    Imagine being blind right now.

    Profit from it and help who you can. That's my plan.

  16. This is how my Congressman responded to an email I wrote him:
    “I was recently catching up on my correspondence and realized I had not yet responded to your message. Thank you for contacting me about the Federal Reserve Transparency Act (HR 1207). I appreciate hearing from you and apologize for the delay in my response.

    As you may know, HR 1207 would repeal the restrictions on Federal Reserve audits and require the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to conduct an audit of the Federal Reserve immediately and make its findings available to Congress. HR 1207 has been referred to the House Committee on Financial Services where it awaits further review.

    I do not support HR 1207 and will not be signing on as a cosponsor to this legislation. I would like to take this opportunity to explain my position to you.

    The Federal Reserve is already subject to independent audits. The GAO has audited the Federal Reserve over 100 times since it was created in 1913. The Federal Reserve has also been audited dozens of times by independent accounting firms.

    The GAO is not allowed to audit the Federal Reserve's decisions on monetary policy or its transactions with foreign governments and central banks for very good reason. Opening up the Federal Reserve's day-to-day decisions on monetary policy exposes our monetary policy to politics. The Federal Reserve is an independent agency for a reason. If the financial markets think that the Fed's actions are politicized, investors will lose confidence in the Federal Reserve and our markets will decline.

    The Federal Reserve and Congress have recently taken steps to increase the transparency of the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve has begun publishing their balance sheet on their website, This report gives information about the Federal Reserve's balance sheet and lending programs and provides considerable new information about the number of borrowers at their various facilities, and the collateral pledged. Congress also passed the Helping Families Save Their Homes Act (HR 1106) in March to allow the GAO to audit some of the Federal Reserve's emergency actions, such as their guarantees of Citigroup and Bank of America.

    I believe the Federal Reserve should continue to be subject to public scrutiny. The Federal Reserve does not always make the right decisions. Both Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan have admitted that the Federal Reserve has made mistakes in the past. Congress is learning from these mistakes and I am working with my colleagues to fix them through reforming the regulation of our financial markets to prevent a crisis from reoccurring. As the 111th Congress progresses I will be sure to keep your thoughts in mind.

    Thank you again for taking the time to contact me. Although we disagree on this issue I am sure there are many more issues on which we agree. Please do not hesitate to contact me in the future about this or other issues of concern for you.


    Rick Larsen
    United States Representative
    Washington State, 2nd District”

  17. Mo,
    Wow, your congressman is clueless, more likely bought off. The Federal Reserve has done more damage to our nation than any terrorist group could ever dream of.

    Al was well until they amended the bill and stripped it of it's teeth. It basically does nothing now.

  18. Thanks for posting that, Mo! It's very enlightening. I always get a kick out of it when dems (the “transparency” party) oppose transparency.

    Trestin, thanks for the info. I'll have to look into this some more then.

  19. “How and why was the discussion moved to focus on abortion? I don't want tax payer funding for abortion, but that is hardly the most horrible aspect of this bill. I don't understand why it was suddenly “about” abortion and not about the cost, the government takeover, the elimination of what makes us American in the first place?”

    There are several reasons, most of them add up to one word “sheeple”.

    My thoughts center around the spokeswoman for Botox…Nancy…oh wait, she is the speaker of the house….I confuse her careers.

    She used a great tactic called bait and switch….probably one of the oldest sales tactics known to consumers….but they keep getting duped.

    Here is why it worked so well too….consider the fact abortion is probably the most HOT dividing issue this country has had for the past 36 years. It has consistently been the ONE thing which will draw a straight dividing line among the ranks….

    This was used much the way as a salesman selling a bad product would do. The “poor consumers” who were edgy and tired and didn't want to be there in the first place, began to think the product wasn't so bad after all; especially when it is made to look like the liberals are willing to budge just a little, even if it pains them to do so. This provided just enough euphoric sense of “getting the deal of the century”, little else mattered after that.

    The reason the bigger, ugly, & more dangerous monster did not register on the consumer's radars is simple, arrogance. The “consumers” in this country literally believe what we have is unshakable. There is little entertainment in their heads about the notion of horrible outcomes being possible here; to think along these lines equals “alarmist” “paranoid” “delusional”….we can thank our great history books and spineless media for that.

  20. Just a little FYI for any who might stop by….since congressman Larsen is pretty much clueless….here is the information you can use to clue him in…
    His town of residence is Everett in the state of Washington

    To contact him:
    Rick Larsen
    Washington-2nd, Democrat
    108 Cannon HOB
    Washington, DC 20515-4702

    dial (202) 225-2605

    He is assigned to the Armed Services, Budget, & Transportation and Infrastructure committees.

    I am working on some small issues here about trying to get information out to those who DO NOT have internet access….I would be delighted to hear any ideas! We have work to do, phone calls to make, letters to write, and people to network with.

    I seriously want to see the grassroots movement turn into a pampas grassroots effort….pampas grass spreads like crazy, it is big, it is bold, it is hard to kill, and you CAN NOT WALK ON IT…plus the blades cut you if you aren't careful.

  21. Heyas CBU 🙂 Yeah, the bait and switch was at play all right, but only so they'd vote for the bill. Now the switch is pulling out the abortion amendment for the final vote.

    hehe, from astroturf to pampas grassroots. Love it! I've been pondering ways to connect with those not on the internet, too, but I've not really come up with anything useful. I never read political fliers that are sent to me via snail mail (they got right in the bin by the mailbox), so I'm not keen on that idea (which is the only one I've had, sadly).

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