Charity Begins at Home

When the news was covered with H1N1 vaccine shortages across the country, and Sebelius announced that she intended to send 10% of America’s H1N1 vaccine to developing countries, I was shocked.  And angry.  Granted, she eventually backed down and agreed to vaccinate at-risk Americans first (big of her), and of course, that became the subject of attack.  “America first”?!  Who do they think they are.  Well, we think we’re the ones with the vaccine, and we think, excuse us, that our children, pregnant women, and people with weakened immune systems should get the vaccine before we start sending it around the world.  Aren’t we evil.  And selfish.  And greedy.  And isn’t that just what is wrong with America.  Yeah, okay, but to my mind, her (and of course BO’s) first impulse is exactly what is wrong with this administration.

The idea that we should donate our resources before we’ve covered our own needs is simply absurd.  There’s a reason adults are told to put their oxygen masks on themselves before they assist their children.  A parent’s, or really any adult’s, first impulse is to help and protect children, those who cannot yet do for themselves.  But the fact is that if the adult’s lack of oxygen means that they lose consciousness, then both the adult and the child will be harmed, possibly die.  There is no question of “who deserves it more” or of who is “better,” it’s simply common sense.  This is not, of course, to say that developing nations are children or even child-like, but they do and long have looked to the United States for aid.  And we are happy to provide it.  But to do so at our own expense helps no one.  Indeed, it weakens us and makes us less able to provide aid.  D’oh!

And this has broader implications, of course, for all the bile that is spewed America’s way, the bottom line is that we provide a great deal of aid to foreign nations.  Gladly.  What I don’t understand is why it’s never enough.  The world somehow feels that we “owe” them, and that’s just ridiculous.  It’s the same thing as the libs getting their panties in a twist that people on Wall Street make so much money (people in Hollywood and other “liberal” industries are exempt from this lots of money makes you greedy and evil personified policy); they think, somehow, that they deserve it more.  They didn’t work for it, didn’t earn, didn’t do a thing to contribute to the success, but they somehow imagine that because it exists and it’s not in their pocket that they are being “cheated.”  It’s really insane.  And it really makes me. mad.  What I have is mine, period.  If I want to give it to others, thenI will do so.  That is charity.  If you demand it as your right, that’s absurdity.  If I’m walking down the street, and I see someone in a shiny new Jaguar, I don’t think to myself, that’s nice, I think I’d like to have it.  No, wait, I have a right to it . . because, um, uh, I don’t make enough money to buy my own . . . or, ooooh! I’m a human being and so are you, so I’m just as worthy as you are.  I want your car.  Gimmeeeeee!!!!! (of course, it’s more like sell your beautiful car, buy me a rickety old bicycle . . . just because, and then send half the remaining money to DC and get yourself a nice used car.)

Anyway, until we’ve destroyed our economy, hobbled our ability to make the innovations in science, technology, and medicine that have helped us become a world leader (well, for now, BO’s working his disgusting traitorous arse off to change that), the people around the world will have their hand out, demanding more.  And more.  And more.  Our economy is a disaster, our unemployment rate is sky high, our currency is barely worth the paper it’s printed on, and we’re piling up massive amounts of debt as we engage in increasingly increasing deficit spending (BO has already heard from China that he needs to reduce the deficit, and apparently, he’s heard it again because now he’s proposing to put some TARP money to the deficit.  Only some, though. He’s listening to China a little . . . because he has to.  China he’ll hear, but it’s obvious he’s not going to listen to the American people).

BO’s plans to reduce American wealth by spreading it around the world is only going to ensure that we aren’t there, that we cannot be there, when people around the world need our aid and support.  It’s really nothing more than a global version of what he’s trying to do here in America:  take from the rich and give to the poor.  As good as that sounds in theory, the fact is that dragging people down does not pull others up.  It simply impoverishes everyone.  Glenn Beck the other night gave an example that resonates:  if you have two sons, and one is successful and the other isn’t, and you take from the successful son and give to the unsuccessful son, you eventually kill ambition and motivation.  In both.  The one making the money gets less of his own earnings and therefore a lower standard of living, and the one who does nothing won’t get enough to able to live well.  Furthermore, the one who is working his butt off to get ahead will look around and wonder why the hell he’s doing it, and the one who is getting handed everything will sit on his butt because he knows there is no need to do anything.  Way to encourage ambition, way to motivate, way to reward the do nothings and penalize the do everythings.

We’ve got a large homeless population right here in America, we have HIV/AIDs patients right here at home who can’t afford their medicine, and we have millions of people who have no job and no prospects of a job.  1 in 50 children in America are homeless (and that was back in March, imagine what it must be by now), and veterans make up just 12.7% of the general population but are 23% of America’s homeless population (the Boston Globe says up to 25%This should not be.

Let’s do something for our own people, that will make us stronger and more able to help others.  BO would do well to remember that “charity begins at home.”  It doesn’t have to end at home, and it never has for America–we give freely (many say too freely) and often (many say too often)–heck, we borrow money to turn around and give it to someone else whose need is greater.  But there is a limit.  There has to be.  If we fail, we cannot help, support, or protect others.  It’s really just that simple.


11 thoughts on “Charity Begins at Home

  1. This has been a long time frustration for me. Our government should not be giving foreign aid. More often than not the money is misappropriated by the governments of these nations. If the American people want to help provide foreign aid to other nations they can do it(much more effectively)through the private sector. Even more insane is that many countries we give aid to are also buying our debt.

  2. Another great post Fuzzy.

    Trestin is right on. If we needed more evidence that government is inefficient and wasteful with money we could simply look at foreign aid spending. I'm betting it has bought more ammo (probably used to prop up corrupt governments – Afganistan comes to mind) than food. Throwing money at problems doesn't solve them – more likely the problem will only fester or grow.

    We can NOT give from deficit. We can only give from excess. That is where true generosity is, not taking food from one to give to another.

  3. VERY well said! Fuz…very well said!

    Just another reason I am thankful for estrogen….without it who knows….grrrrr, the stupidity absolutely sets my hairs standing on end….seriously!

    Ok, I never like to talk about the things I do for people….but I will make one confession….if and when I see a Veteran struggling, ..I can't help it…I hand them whatever cash I have,ten or twenty whatever….

    I would do it more but I don't visit large inner cities much….so my chance of meeting them here in the country is slim to none.

    If I….being merely the upper middle class which isn't much anymore, seriously it isn't…..can do this, why the heck can't our wonderful benevolent government and Hollywood idiots do it too? If stars like Whoopity Do Right Goldberg can spew nonsense, why can't they put all of their money where their mouth is? They can't because the would rather tell everyone else how to live…..

    I am writing a quick rant off to Sebelius….insanity I tell you….insanity

    I better stop…it will ruin a perfectly good cup of tea…..

  4. @ Trestin, are they really? Ugh, why should I be surprised. Next thing you know, we'll be vulture funded. Oh the joy.

    @ Mo, thanks so much! 🙂 I caught some coverage of the way that our aid to the Caribbean after the hurricane never reached the people or helped rebuild. The government sucked it up and it disappeared. Sound familiar?

    @ CUB, thanks! 🙂 I do the same thing, so I know what you mean. They gave so much, and I feel that it's the least I can do. I'm really growing angrier and angrier about the hypocrisy and idiocy on the left. I guess Oprah does some stuff to help people, but if people like Michael Moore would shut the hell up and put his money where his mouth is, he could afford to buy a whole town full of houses for our homeless veterans. If I had the money, I would.

  5. @ CUB, AND I wouldn't tell anyone, either. AND I wouldn't force anyone else to do the same thing, either through moral martyrdom or through politics. That's just wrong. There's nothing on this earth stopping people from giving to charity, but they don't seem to bother and then scream because their millionaire peers are making the same amount of money they are. It's like a horrible upside down world where people scramble to the top, taking advantage of every opportunity this great country offers and then want to kick everyone else off the ladder.

  6. The redistribution of wealth schemes are just starting with this administration. It amazes me the same administration who says they won't ration healthcare is rationing healthcare. Sending vaccines to GITMO and third-world countries while Americans are not getting any is choosing who gets healthcare and who doesn't. They are rationing–300 doses for GITMO, another 10% there. Who doesn't get what is paid for by American taxpayers–Americans. That's rationing. It's going to happen in this crazy healthcare scheme.

  7. Charity. Isn't that when you give to people from your money? Sadly, we have no extra money. We are a debtor nation. Juiced up on credit cards. And we will spend more credit on foreign nations. Great. :=(

  8. @ BB, I hadn't thought of it that way, but you're absolutely right. We have vaccines, but are only going to give them to the most vulnerable and then ship some off to other countries, leaving our own people unvaccinated. Lovely. It's funny you mention this, too, because I was just rewatching that clip of BO telling Jane Strum that he didn't think her mother should have the surgery (a pacemaker put in at age 100) and should just take a pain pill.

    He's one twisted pup. People don't matter to him, the price does. Let's see is a 100 year old human being “worth” a pace maker? Nope. Here's a fifty-nine cent pill, off you go. And what recourse is there if it's the federal government telling you that you can't get medical care that you and your doctor think you need?

    @ Opus, too true. Maybe BO thinks the world will bail us out because we're “too big to fail.” Yeah, right.

  9. Recently a friends son died of H1N1 flu complications. On a Sunday he told his mother that he wasn't going to church because he felt like he was getting a cold. Monday she decided to take him to the emergency room but by the time she got there he couldn't get out of the car. They admitted him right away with pneumonia in one lung. By Tuesday he had both lungs and was having breathing trouble and low kidney performance. He was placed on a ventilator early Wednesday and was on dialysis that night. He was put in a drug sleep close to a coma. Friday they decided he had several infections including the blood. He died on the tenth day having never recovered consciousness.

    How will the homeless ever deal with it?

  10. In town for 1 day before heading out again and wanted to check up on you Fuzzi =) Great post as usual. I agree that we need to take care of our own before we we hand out everything we have to the rest of the world. In taking care of our own however, we're all better off providing people with the tools they need to take care of themselves.

  11. @ Heyman, I'm so sorry to hear about your friend's loss. That's so tragic. And it should not happen. Not here. Where are the people screaming that BO is evil personified for not getting vaccines out, as they did in 2004 when President Bush was in the White House? Grrr.

    @ Chicklette, lol, thanks 🙂 That's exactly right and the basis for Reagan's wonderful social and economic policies. We do no one any favors with constant hand-outs. I do, though, support some entitlements like social security and unemployment, but there need to be some serious limits. Especially up here in New England where people on welfare live better and have more than I do! I don't have a giant screen tv and a brand new car, but they do. Hmph! We need to help people get education and training, not simply hand them money for nothing at all. Teach a man to fish . . .

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