Terrorism? Well, Just Deal With It, K?

Okay, seconds ago I saw Janet Napolitano on Fox and Friends (guess the BO goon squad has decided to call a cease fire in the war on Fox), and I’m astounded.  Seriously.  Did anyone see it?  She just said that terror is a part of the world in which we live (the words were, I believe, “it’s the world we live in now”) and that we just need to suck it up and deal (okay, she said “be resilient”).  Are you freaking kidding me?!

How did we go from President Bush who was determined to take action, not only to keep us safe (and he did) but to stop al Quada once and for all to this namby pamby well, let’s just ignore it and maybe it’ll go away craziness?  Honestly, this is about accepting terror as a way of life, and being defensive when we can but sort of knowing that we’re under constant attack, but hey, no problem, we’ll be resilient.  Um.  No thank you.  I think we can be resilient as we hunt them down and stop them, shut off their money, intercept every and anything and put a stop to it all.  For good.  Does this administration really imagine, in its wildest dreams, that just rolling over and saying uncle is the way to deal with terror?  Reacting when we’re hit?  Isn’t that how the Taliban got to be so big, so damned dangerous?  People just hoped it would go away, and then when it didn’t, they just dealt with it, were resilient.

No thank you.  I’m an American, by God, and I’ll be damned if I’ll accept this as our policy.  Terror is not the world I live in, terrorized is not how I live my life nor what I want for my countrymen and women and children.  That is ten kinds of unacceptable, and I am thoroughly incensed right now. I may be over-reacting, but do you really think so?  What has BO done to suggest that he’s going to be strong on terror or on . . . anything except his assault on patriotic Americans, conservatives, and FOX News?

The best thing of all, though, was in the next segment when Napolitano argued against “amnesty by inaction” (i.e. not pushing to get some brand new voters to save their butts next year and in 2012).  So inaction is okay when it comes to terror, but boy, look out when it comes to amnesty for illegals or socialized medicine.

But it certainly helps explain why BO and that jackazz Holder are insisting on treating terrorists like common criminals.  They want to pretend that it’s not what it is so they don’t have to deal with it.  Instead, we have to apparently deal with the fact that we are going to bury our heads in the sand and hope that Osama bin Laden and his ilk “get over it” when we don’t fight back or take any offensive measure at all.  That worked out so well after the first attack on the World Trade Center in ’93, don’t you think?  I’ve always wondered why no one blamed Bill Clinton for 9/11.  Had he treated that like the terrorist attack it was, we would have had the apparatus in place to stop 9/11 before it happened as we’ve stopped countless attacks since then.

But now, there is only BO to blame when (certainly not if) the next big terrorist attack happens.  But, hey, no problem, we’ll just arrest them and give them better accommodations than they have in the desert or in the caves they cower in and then we’ll lock them up with three squares a day, all the visitors they can handle, access to all sorts of communications, and a whole host of disaffected criminals to coerce into joining their jihad.  We’ll sit back, wait, and react.  And the world will still hate us.  And the terrorists will still recruit.  And we’ll just . . .  deal.

16 thoughts on “Terrorism? Well, Just Deal With It, K?

  1. As always this woman is brilliant. She is right I know that the two things I hate most about a backyard BBQ is insects and suicide bombers. Who hasn't been cut off in traffic or had a relative beheaded. It's just one of those things you can do nothing about, boys will be boys.

    Can we trade her to Cuba for Castro? I think he would do a better job.

  2. Bwahaha, Trestin! That so made me laugh “insects and suicide bombers.” Thanks! 🙂 But yeah, you're so right, don't you just hate when your plane is delayed because it was flown into a building? Or when you've found just the right veggie at the market and the darned stand blows up? So rude, really. But what can you do? Just deal, I guess.

  3. Liberals are such irrational human beings. I think they think that they live within books in which contains some kind of fantasy land where they envision a utopia in the world. Their reality is so warped that they can't grasp the concept called reality.

    Yesterday I got into a discussion with two people on facebook(one an old friend, supposedly) who don't think that 9/11 was a terrorist attack. Also, they think because these terrorists are human beings they deserve to be tryed in NYC. OMG, I could scream! Well, these people need to stop with their philosophical theories, and get their heads out of their a$$es and face reality. How can booksmart people be so stupid?

    Thanks for letting me get off some steam.

  4. This thing reminds me of how organized crime works. Al Capone in Chicago of all places, gee, got away with murder until somebody stood up and got tough. It was a messy fight for the G-men just like it was for Bush and our military. Was Capone a terrorist? In some ways he was. But the al Quada boys are all terrorists and should not go to civil court. I am concerned that a liberal judge could throw the case out before it even starts. Will the al Quada boys use the opportunity to make a circus out of court or continue to plead guilty to get the death sentence for his god.

  5. You are not overreacting, that is just the way I roll….

    It is 10 kinds of unacceptable…who in their right mind throws safety and security under the bus in order to appease CRAZY radicals?

    I say armor up folks, it is going to be a rough ride ahead….we need to be prepared for almost anything….

    If we thought 9/11 was unacceptable, I do think something worse might happen now that we have a shoe inspecting boy in the office.

    I am wondering if this is part of the process of evolution…where we revert back to spineless creatures, since we don't seem to use them…..

    have a cup o tea….and let it steam…..grrrr, I am steeped

  6. @ BB, I'm not surprised, I'm just aggravated. I feel like everything is going wrong at break-neck pace and there's not one thing I can do about it. It's so frustrating, you know?

    @ Teresa, anytime 🙂 You're always welcome here. Your friends don't think 9/11 was a terrorist attack? Are they truthers? Or what? Crazy BO types who want to shove a round terrorist into a nice, neat square box that matches their own view of the world without taking two seconds to consider someone else's? Ugh! See? Now you have me letting off steam, too, and . . . you know, it feels pretty good. 🙂

    @ Heyman, it's times like these (and when I was trying to read HR 3200) that I wish I'd studied law. I don't see how this makes any sense at all. Trying them in the shadow of their greatest victory, the shrine to their happy and best attack on us? They danced in the street with glee, how can anyone imagine they're going to give a damn about the location? They weren't arrested by the NYPD, the evidence wasn't gathered by civilian cops, nothing about it is civilian. It's just going to be a complete disaster from beginning to end. I've never in my life felt so much constant fear and dread. I carry it around with me all the time, and it's awful. What is happening to our country, Ed? I'm really worried.

    @ CUB, lol at picking up the 10 kinds of . . . I've been watching Buffy on DVD and tend to pick up that Sunnydale speak when I do. I don't bother with it at the time, or even notice until I reread it, and then it's just funny. I've been saying “post hasty” lately, too, that's straight from Buffy. Dunno why I just went off on that tangent. hehe And honestly, deep down inside, I really expect something worse than 9/11 too. Who's going to stop it? This administration doesn't even see what it is for what it is, or if they do, they are totally sympathetic to the Muslim extremists. It's really terrifying. Everything BO is doing is just so so wrong in so many ways. But yes, a nice cup of tea does sound lovely. Think I'll have one now . . .

  7. Wow, I missed that nit wit nap. and her putrid pronouncements. We just have to get used to it, HA! More proof of what a disaster obama and all his minions are. This is the same psycho who calls Patriotic Americans and Veterans terrorists….the real terrorists and jihadists, hey no problem, have a nice day. What a disgrace.

  8. “How can booksmart people be so stupid?” If you only could see what I see in my work. I'm a EAP counselor in “higher education”. Booksmart? As Ron White says, “You can have a pill for everything else, but you can't fix stupid!”

  9. @ Bunni, that's it exactly! And it is a huge disgrace. Typical, though, they see us as the enemy and the enemy as a victim.

    @ Velcro, yep, that's about it. It's the ability that liberals have to draw the most absurd conclusions from too little (usually no) evidence and then hammer at the conclusion, not the point or the evidence, endlessly.

  10. I don't think you are overreacting at ALL. What Napolitano said makes me nauseous. You have got to be kidding. THIS is the exact reason G W Bush was reelected in 2004. He was not a perfect guy, but he darned well worked his fingers to the bone keeping us safe from terror. And Bush is the reason Clinton did not get publicly blamed for 9/11. Bush is a gentleman. He never used the bully pulpit of the presidency to speak out against former presidents. Obama and his ilk are none of these things. We are in more danger now than ever.

  11. Opus, I would have voted for President Bush last year if I could. I always felt safe when he was in charge, and I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that he loved our country and would move heaven and earth to keep us safe. I believed then and believe now that he would personally put his life in peril, give his life, for our country and its people.

    And you're right, too, about President Bush being too much of a gentleman and class act to blame Clinton. God knows he could have. But he's above that sort of petty finger pointing and just got on with the job of leading this nation through a transition from wide-eyed innocence to wide-eyed understanding that we are not invincible. He really was a great leader, and I can't believe that we're stuck with this panty waste, petty, little bug of a man for a president now. It makes me want to cry.

  12. You all need to revisit Alinsky. All these things and accusations that Dems/liberals use are right from his book. That aren't based on reality but an effort to distort and mislead for political control.

  13. @heyman,
    You are right. It is right out of the book, Alinsky's Rules for Radicals. I do need to read that book to better understand how liberals really operate. Although, in some respects I feel like I understand some of their tactics and beliefs.

  14. Great site! I've added you to my blog roll.

    “But now there is only BO to blame”

    The problem here is that the left is never forced to confront the realities that it is wrong. Instead, they are always patted on the back for their good intentions. I think it will be the same here. They'll say “Oops, BO was dead wrong, but who can be mad at a man with a dream of uniting the whole world. No one else has ever been so well intentioned.”

  15. @ heyman, yes, Alinsky's Rule for Radicals are all over everything BO and his thugs do. We do know it, but I'm not sure how to and haven't found anyone with an effective means of combatting it. The problem is that there are still so many people on the left (that we'll never reach, this country and its economy can fall around their ears and they'll still swear it's either not happening or is “for the best”) and in the middle who don't see it. They just fall for tactic after tactic and jump through hoops like trained dogs. Honestly, I think we do a lot of that, too, we take bait when we shouldn't, when it's diversionary and designed to either hide the more important things they do or to keep us unbalanced and tilting at windmills (Alinksy all the way). But what do we DO about it? That's my question still.

    @ CG, thanks! I'll have to go check yours out, too. 🙂 And you make a good point, I agree that they are still duped by his blather. Honestly, it makes me sick to hear him wax on about a country's peoples' rights and how great democracy and free speech are when we know damn well that he's setting up numerous means of shutting us down. Between the attack on Fox and warning to other “news” channels not to follow Fox or pick up their stories and the internet “security” shut down move / “diversity” move on talk radio, he's gearing up to literally flip the switch on dissent. Allowing only sycophantic propaganda is the best way to keep people uninformed and to crush opposition. Ask Chavez.

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