Fuzzy Shorts: "Justice," Healthcare, Terrorism, and Stuff

America Models Her Great Justice System to the World:  The President and Attorney General Try and Sentence You Before You’ve Even Talked to a Lawyer (Let Alone Seen a Courtroom).  

Let’s see, the supposed point of idiot Holder’s decision to hold KSM’s trial in New York is to “show the world what a just and effective system of law we have.”  BO and idiot Holder have both declared this . . . and they have both gone on to publicly state not only that KSM is guilty but that he will certainly be put to death for his crimes.  Huh?  Isn’t one of the fundamental principles of our legal system that you are innocent until proven guilty?  Can’t any lawyer, one who got his degree online or from Pete’s Bait and Law Degree Shop, point to the president of the United States judging and sentencing his (or her) client and say, oh I don’t know . . .  that there is no way to provide a fair trial or find an impartial jury?

What the hell is going on?  This is obviously not about justice.  If the president and idiot Holder believe that KSM is guilty and should die, then why open the door to the possibility that he won’t.  Leaving aside the human issues and the security issues (others have discussed these well and at length), isn’t the basic premise faulty?  We’re going to prove how fair and just we are by railroading this guy to a guilty verdict and the death penalty?

A Liberal Acknowledges “Healthcare Reform” is a Government Takeover

I was watching Fox earlier, and Bret Baier (I think he’s adorable, there’s something so good and sweet about him) was interviewing some random liberal who stated, very clearly, that the goal is “universal healthcare” and a “nationalized” system.  I tried to find the vid on YouTube, to no avail.  But this is the first time that I’ve heard a liberal refer to THIS “reform” as what it is.  Usually, it’s those of us on the right, looking at it, seeing what it is, and calling it what it is and then being told we are liars, “spreading untruths,” and “fishy.”  While it was nice to hear someone in Congress and a democrat say that, I would really have liked Bret to go for it.  He didn’t follow up on it at all.  I’m thinking this may be, in part, because we all KNOW what it is and what the intent is, so when we hear it said, we just nod and agree (as Bret did).  But the “news” here was the open admission on the left that this bill is not about healthcare reform except as it relates to handing over the entire medical system to the government.  Anyway, I’m sure that anyone on the left who heard it would just dismiss it, as they do when all the evidence is laid out for them.

With BO in the WH, Terrorists Can’t Hate Us, They Must Be Insane

Libbies are intent on their bizarre insistence that the Fort Hood terrorist is mentally ill.  Obviously, he must be to do what he did, right?  It’s not about ideology or religion (twisted version thereof, not non-radical Muslim; I do not believe and won’t perpetuate the idiocy that all Muslims are terrorists).  Yeah, right.  So holding a strong ideological and religious viewpoint that leads you to murder, in cold blood, 14 people and wound over 30 others is a mental illness?  Then I guess that Timothy McVeigh was mentally ill, and so were all those freak abortion bombers in the 80’s?  Heck, the whole Crusades were just a case of mass mental illness, right?  Oh, but, wait . . . the only ideology and religion that is, effectively, a form of insanity is Islam.  Sorry, but what can possibly be more insulting, less intelligent, and more dangerous than that stance?  Seriously?  Aw, bin Ladin, at first we thought we were to blame for your hatred and murder of us, but now that we have the Messiah in the Oval Office, and you still insist that we must all die . . . well, gee, sorry, we see now that it’s not us, it’s you.  You’re insane and deserve our pity.  Uh huh.

China Can Save Our Republic

Well, well, well, who’d have thunk it?  China is putting pressure on BO (and America) to stop deficit spending and to work on the economy and jobs.  BO has to listen to China because they own us (almost), so he’s now talking about tax cuts and an honest attempt to fix the economy and unemployment problem (read: second “job stimulus” unlikely).  Wow.  Now all of a sudden he’s changing his tune because “people may lose confidence” in the American economy at “some point.”  Now, these people he’s talking about are NOT the American people, he could give a rat’s arse what we want, but are instead the Chinese and other foreign lenders.  If these people lose confidence (they already have, or he wouldn’t be forced to change his approach to the deficit and our massive debt--he spent more in one month than President Bush did in an entire year!), he can kiss his expensive entitlement and “social justice” programs good-bye.

I do believe that he wants to destroy our economy so he can “rebuild” it as a more “equitable” and “socially just” one (i.e. socialist first, then communist, then . . . well, the sky’s the limit, isn’t it?), but I also know that he needs money to put the infrastructure in place to ensure that there is something in the ashes to rebuild on.  Thus, the apparent bending to China’s will.  Now we just need China to point out the obvious, that overhauling our healthcare system is just about the stupidest thing you can possibly do when you’re flat broke and literally printing cash to pay the interest on the debt we have.

Take No Prisoners?

I’m pretty ticked off about what BO is doing to our national security.  He’s making us weak, and he’s making us unsafe.  And he, I think, knows it.  He’s attacking (usually by saying that it’s all Holder’s fault) the men and women who are putting their lives on the line and who are serving our country.  Going after the CIA for interrogation practices that were approved, investigated, and cleared is just one aspect of it.  The KSM civilian trial is another.  Personally, I’d be mighty surprised if we go out of our way to take prisoners from here on out.  Why would we?  So we can get investigated, lose our career and livelihood, and possibly go to prison?  For keeping us safe?  Obviously, I’m not advocating war crimes or anything like that, but what is the motivation to take and hold prisoners?  They won’t be the ones tried and prosecuted (persecuted), we will be.  Better to let them go, not see them, or whatever than open ourselves up to rebukes and reproval for doing our job.

Popularity Doesn’t Mean a Damn Thing

BO’s personal popularity is still pretty high.  Here and Abroad.  But the funny thing is that it hasn’t made any difference whatsoever in achieving alliances or actual results.  The world loves him.  And does absolutely nothing for him or America.  Hmmmm.  Gee, do we really need a weak, whiny, America-hating, subservient little leader whom the world loves but whom they have zero respect for and will never take seriously?  Not me.  Give me President Bush any day of the week.  I honestly don’t give a damn what other countries think of us, but you know what, if they’re going to hate us and resist working with us, I’d rather have a strong, principled president who has the best interests of our country at the forefront of his mind at all times.  Doormats like Carter and BO are thoroughly useless and actually detrimental to our standing not only in the world but to our ability to be prosperous, to help the less fortunate in our country, and to lead.


14 thoughts on “Fuzzy Shorts: "Justice," Healthcare, Terrorism, and Stuff

  1. How crazy is it, that Communist China is our best hope of saving capitalism? They are wondering how Obama plans on paying for health care. For the first time ever I'm glad we are in debt to China. They do not want their investment to kill themselves. But poor BO can not figure out why economic roulette is dangerous.

  2. Fuzzy, you are a woman after my own heart. I remember the days under Carter. The humiliation was complete. Obama is taking us down the same road.

    The left do not want to be bothered by facts. They might interfere with their Socialist agenda.

  3. I think you hit the nail square on the head. And the idea of a government takeover was what your British commenter could not see. We aren't starting from the same place they did. This has huge implications for the course of America.

  4. Good morning 'She of the Fuzzy Slippers',

    I was just discussing the Sheikh Hairball's new trial locale yesterday with a “libertarian” who smacks more of LIBERALARIAN…but anyway…

    I responded with …did anyone even bother to check if NY has the death penalty anyway? Plus, Obama gave a knee jerk response about being put to death to appease the people…we know he stepped in doo doo and he knows it too. I closed with expressing my thoughts this all belonged in a military tribunal….not civilian courts

    I got a backlash of garb about miranda rights, geneva convention and pretty much ignorant mish mash like not accepting any person's statement under duress or torture followed with 9/11 being an inside job…especially if any 'real thinking person did their homework'….yeah, fork over the crack bong buddy (kook said the same thing by the way…echoed my thoughts perfectly)

    So, I sought the KOOK's mighty wisdom on the matter….and did my own research…guess what? The council on foreign affairs and some others have statements about this….I take CFR with a grain of salt…KOSHER SALT…but hey…

    KOOK's response:
    “Al queda is not a legitimate government so if it was an act of war then they are unlawful combatants which mean they do not fall under the rights of the Geneva convention Nor do they fall under civilian criminal court jurisdiction.

    If it was a criminal act then why did we have a military response? What rational person would think that a person captured on a battlefield should be afforded a civilian criminal trial. Since when does the united states army fulfill warrants?

    The man admitted guilt and said he wanted to be put to death. Why are we even having this discussion? Eric Holder said he guarantees a conviction. If this is a foregone conclusion why have the dog and pony show.

    To prosecute the Bush administration and get back at the CIA. Simple as that.”

    So there again, knowledge is power…and it seems we have more crack smokers out there than I originally imagined.

  5. @ Trestin, I know, stop and marvel at the irony, right?

    @ Opus, oh, we're very much on the same page, chica. 🙂

    @ Velcro, well, she was a liberal, so you can't really expect her to “get” it. But what she was saying is typical of even American lefties who bizarrely believe that this has anything at all to do with healthcare and who seem to think that this is either not a government takeover (and is just some sort of “free” healthcare for the poorest among us–but we have that already. It's called Medicaid) or that swallow whole the utter crap that BO, Pelosi, and Reid spew about how this won't affect anyone's current care or cost a dime and how we'll all get our own pot of gold and unicorn.

    As I keep saying, if the goal was to cover people who do not have health insurance there are many (and ALL are far less costly, all put together!) ways to accomplish that. As the left won't even entertain these ideas, the only conclusion to draw is that it's about obtaining total government control.

  6. @ Cubbykins, you kind of snuck in there! 🙂 Ann Coulter has written extensively about the Geneva Convention and how it cannot apply to anyone who is not a member (d'oh). Likewise, to extend the rights of American citizens to terrorists is simply ridiculous, illogical, and insulting to me and every other American. They are seeking and finding refuge in the very system and society they seek to destroy. It's a nightmare. Honestly, I wish that once the interrogation was complete this guy had had some dreadful . . . well, you know, accident.

    The dog and pony show is supposedly to “show the world” how fair and just we are . . . as you and I have said, that's insane. You can't show you're fair and just by saying, hey, come on over here, we'll try your guilty azz, and have you executed. Aren't we the model of law and order? It's a farce. There is FAR more to it than we know, but I'm betting that the folks who are saying it's about trying President Bush's administration, the CIA, and whomever else they can drag though the mud is high up on BO and idiot Holder's to do list. Seriously, have you ever seen such incompetence in your entire life? These clowns make Carter look like Einstein and Rambo rolled into one.

  7. Wow…that is a lot to digest in one post. I'm linking to you this afternoon.

    Why do the liberals complain about constitutional rights for terrorists and then make promises on the outcome as if it were a fair impartial trial. Hypocrisy.

  8. @ CG, thanks so much 🙂 It's bizarre squared to worry about a foreign terrorist's constitutional rights, particularly when said terrorist is not only a foreigner but was not caught in America and who is taking actions in a war against us. I just don't get it. Now, if the Fort Hood terrorist, as an American, had shot up a civilian clinic rather than a military one, HE should indeed have constitutional protections. He's an American citizen, perpetrating his acts and arrested on American soil. As is, though, he shot up a military clinic while in military uniform and he needs to go straight to military court. Gee, do we still have firing squads?

    @ Heyman, right-o. All he does is say one thing, mean and do another–usually the exact opposite of what he's said. He's a liar, a panderer, an absolute loser in every conceivable way. What one thing is there about him that is admirable? Just one? I can't think of a thing.

  9. Hi Fuzzy! This is a great post chock full of info! I think we can agree on everything, esp. this great quote of yours:
    “Gee, do we really need a weak, whiny, America-hating, subservient little leader whom the world loves but whom they have zero respect for and will never take seriously? Not me. Give me President Bush any day of the week.” Amen, Sister.
    I hope you have a wonderful night and great weekend.

  10. @ Bunni, aw, thanks! You have a wonderful weekend, too. 🙂

    @ SB, yes, way to show the world our wonderful and fair system. We keep you prisoner even if you are found innocent in our court system. Yay us. (and yeah, I already changed the link on my blog roll)

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