What’s In a Name?

It’s interesting (to me, anyway) the many ways that we in the blogosphere refer to BO.  I don’t mean the name calling (though that’s just good fun), I mean the simple act of referencing him.  Obviously, people who like and support him refer to him as “President Obama” or even “Obama.”  That’s fine.  I refer to President Bush as either President Bush or Bush.  I get it.  I think BO is a disgrace to this country and to the office, so you will rarely see me refer to him as “President Obama” (I’m not sure that I ever have, actually), and I think I’d choke on “Mr. President,” even if I were only typing it.  Ugh.  It’s bad enough that he is president, rubbing it in just makes it worse somehow.

As anyone who reads my page knows, I decided on “BO” long ago, and have pretty much stuck to it (except when it serves my rhetorical purpose to go with something else).  What I like about “BO” is that it’s just disrespectful enough to convey my . . . well, utter lack of respect, and it also evokes “B. O.”, i.e. body odor, and this appeals to me because something is definitely smelly and rotten in Denmark.  I also enjoy all the “in Chief” variations: Waffler in Chief, Narcissist in Chief, Liar in Chief, Groveler in Chief, etc.  I also like the “messiah” and “dear leader” tags because they nail not only the nature of the salivating fringe media and lobotomized Stepford acolytes but also accurately evoke his own vision of himself as “savior” of this country by “transforming” it into something ugly and unrecognizable and as the totalitarian dictator he so wants to be. Good times.

I cringe just a little bit when I see his full name or initials used:  Barack Hussein Obama or BHO.  To me, and I have to plead tainted by academic indoctrination to a degree (heh, no pun), use of his middle name is intended to evoke, or in some cases perhaps unintentionally evokes, anti-Muslim sentiment.  While no one is more anti-radical, -extremist, -terrorist Muslim than I, I think it critical that we never lump every Muslim in that category.  I can certainly understand people who are afraid of Islam and the imposition of Sharia law that seems to be spreading around the world.  I was just watching a segment on Fox and Friends about the Burka Barbie.  Geez, let’s have a little Sharia law here, shall we?  First, we’ll dismantle all steps women have made to achieve equality in medical care–no more mammograms or pap smears for you!, then we’ll suffer your presence only if you hide yourself in shame.  Nice.  And we all know that in the upper echelons of our government, we have a czar who supports enforcing aspects of Sharia law in this country.

There is cause for concern, for hyper-awareness of what is happening.  Absolutely.  But a knee jerk reaction simply plays into the hands of the left:  we become foaming at the mouth fundamentalist extremists rather than concerned patriots who want to uphold and maintain our Constitution (which has NO room for Sharia law at all.  In any form.).  The way that I think we combat this is by dropping all the PC garbage and calling it what it is.  Rejecting aspects of “other” cultures that openly flout our own.  How on earth is it okay for us to lose our identity in the name of allowing others to keep theirs?  On our soil?  Our worldview and theirs are radically dissimilar and cannot co-exist.  We are, right now, allowing political correctness to strip us of OUR culture, society, laws, and freedom.  What is more idiotic than handing over your identity in your own land?  Western countries are falling over themselves to do this.  I also believe, however, that learning from history is important, and WWII Japanese-American interment camps are all the history I need to tell me that painting all Muslims with the same broad brush is a bad move.  That said, “Hussein” is his middle name; no reason people can’t use it to evoke whatever they wish (even Saddam Hussein).  I don’t assign my own “take” on its use to others; it’s just not for me.
“Barry” has become increasingly popular, and I’ve pondered switching to it.  Honestly, though, and again harkening back to that whole academic thing, even though this is just as disrespectful as “BO” (and therefore delightful to me), it does sort of smack of  . . . well, let’s just say that Anglicizing his name does nothing for anyone and that it, to me anyway, smacks of the racism that we all know is not at the root of our objections to him and his rabid desire to destroy our country. Granted, I’m sure most people don’t think of it as “Americanizing” him, but in some ways, I think it does this.  It makes him “one of us,” and he most assuredly is not.  I believe that he hates this country with every fiber of his being.  He and his disgusting wife will only manage to be proud of their country when it no longer resembles the America we all love.
Whatever we on the right call him, or why, we all have the same goal of calling him “former president” in 2012.  And that, that is sweet sweet music to my ears.


23 thoughts on “What’s In a Name?

  1. Thank you very much for the link. I go back and forth with what I call the President. Sometimes I call him BO, dear leader, or narcissist-in-chief. I am not anti-Muslim either. Although, I do think that Jihadists have spread farther and wider than some would admit. I believe that jihadists are perverting the Muslim religion to promote their violence. In college, I just learned that Muslims are not anti-technology but against the secularism that the West is forcing on them. That's kind of weird since I agree with them on this point. I believe that secularism is being forced on us right here in the U.S.

  2. @ DD2, thanks! I've already added your blog, looks like good stuff 🙂

    @ CC, thanks muchly 🙂

    @ Prof, I'll have to check out your blog sometime! Sounds like my kind of place.

    @ Teresa, you're so welcome! Agreed. We are indeed having secularism shoved down our throat. The difference, though, is that we aren't trying to shove anything down the throat of the Middle East. If they don't want to be westernized, they don't have to be. But they brought their fight and their bizarre “law” to our land, and that is unacceptable.

    @ Chris, thanks! 🙂 And naw, no reason to hold back. We still have free speech around here, and I intend to exercise it. heh

    @ Opus, too right!

    @ WHT, thanks! and lol 🙂

  3. @Teresa: I agree! Our cultures biggest export is our entertainment industry, which is filled with filth. While I do not approve of Jihad, I can understand why they do it.

    @Fuzzy I like what Michael Savage calls him: Lord Giggles Master of the Universe. I like to call him the Emperor.

  4. @Trestin:If we or they didn't buy the filth, it wouldn't sell. I have oft wondered how accountable we can hold Hollywood or rather hold accountable the buyers who make their sales possible? I am in no way making excuse for it, just saying, free market principle…if it were allowed…would speak volumes…

    @fuzzbuzzter-A really good writing on this subject. It clearly outlines this conundrum we face. This is why the pickle we are in…is such a pickle. Shaky territory. Something needs to be done, but how much? Something needs to be said but how much? I wish there were easier answers….and perhaps there are. Any solutions would require radical changes on the parts of all citizens.

    It seems obvious we all know what “aren't” the answers…extreme measures, cruel and inhumane grouping and guilt by association tactics will not work. However, with the chords of fear terrorism strikes….it will become increasingly difficult to “sell” a peaceful approach to the masses.

    What I fear, is that our country has not yet even seen the real ugliness of what is bubbling under the surface. When the “real” terrorism starts, it is going to be unlike anything we have seen. I do believe this is what the resident of the oval orifice wants.

    My husband and I talked last night. About this push to place the detainees in the civil courts….and the continual spewing of Holder's near blasphemous assertions that justice has “been delayed for 8 years”, to the both of us, it seems there are some extremely sinister, and LARGE undercurrents going on with this.

    Well, actually to my husband…he is the one who brought it up…and when he speaks…I listen…because if it gets his attention, then I know there is very likely something THERE. He is not one to jump to conclusions or make large connections on sketchy information.

    After talking with him last night, my heart is less peaceful….I wish I could say it weren't so. But I know based on the recent history of my ancestors…true fear will bring about irrational reactions. The 'savages' struck terror in the hearts of the pioneers….and brought about a desire to “exterminate” the population of the Lakota. Only this time, it will be terrorists wanting to exterminate the infidels.

    I pray it doesn't come to this, but I remember 9/11 like yesterday….and Oklahoma City, and Mogadishu, and the USS Cole, and so many others….God be with us.

  5. @ Trestin, you are actually touching on something that I've found pretty darned ironic about this whole crazy situation. The terrorists, however abominable they are, actually have principles and values . . . something that the liberals do not have. So while the libs fall over themselves to accommodate the jihadists, they just don't get that they, to jihadists, are exactly what is wrong with the west. Godless, craven, greedy, deceitful, abusive (using power to abuse and oppress is abuse, even if you claim it's for someone's own good). They do hate our freedom, but it's what has happened, how loathesome the left is making this society. It makes me ill to hear BO, ACORN poster-boy, point to Afghanistan about corruption. Imagine! I have my own suspicions about the real scope of voter fraud that took place last year (not that I think he won strictly by fraud, but it didn't hurt). And look at the corruption and greed oozing around Capitol Hill as we speak. Anyway, I have often wondered how much of the terrorists' hatred of us is rooted in progressive and radical liberal actions over the past fifty, maybe one hundred, years.

    @ Cubbykins, thanks! You have to share with us what it is your husband sees. I honestly very much understand the anger and fear that makes people lash out at Muslims, but I think that we are better than that. We have to stop trying to make Muslims fit in our worldview and actually try to understand where they are coming from . . . both the peaceful ones who move here for freedom and opportunity (for as long as that lasts, anyway), and the jihadists who want to kill us all and destroy this nation. As I was just saying to Trestin, there's a lot of irony in all of this. Terrorists, I believe, are focussed on all that is wrong over here morally, socially, etc., but their goal is the same as the lib traitors in our government today. Terrorists want to destroy us, in part, because of how liberal (little “l”) our society has become with the libs infiltrating everything from our schools to our entertainment to our political parties and government, yet they are working toward the same goal as the libs that most clearly represent all that is wrong with this country. Boggles the mind.

  6. This was the most interesting post fuzzy! You have a real way with words, I loved this part “the nature of the salivating fringe media and lobotomized Stepford acolytes” Anyone who likes this POS BHO (what I like to call him) is brain dead. I also refer to him as obummer, obugger, bambi, bammy, and other assorted swear words. I LOATHE him to every bit of my being. He has disgraced the office of the President, so I'll never call him that.
    I like your “In Chiefs” too….teleprompter in chief is fitting, as is oBOWma.
    We could go on forever, but like Opie said, BO by any other name still stinks! Thanks for posting this. PS: I'm glad you liked my movie review. I added more clips of the good Dracula Movie by Coppola.

  7. Heyas Bunni! Thanks, and yes, I agree that BO is the huge disgrace to the office and to this country. I think he's the biggest disgrace in my lifetime, yes, worse than Carter, even! Carter, I think, was just an idiot. BO is more dangerous because he has a clear and specific agenda and is methodically carrying it out . . . despite what the people want. He's not serving this country, he's already made the presidency a dictatorship and the Congress his puppets.

    And I love your page! You're on my read every single day list (though I may not comment because I catch it in Reader :)).

  8. Fuzzy, it's been too long! In the comments section of one of your recent posts, you took Cambridge Lady to task for innocently using the term “Dubya” when referring to President Bush because you view it as anti-American. She responded by apologizing and asking you a question about all the negative names conservative bloggers use to refer to President Obama. Since you didn't really answer her, I'll give it a try.

    Why is it okay for conservative bloggers to call President Obama awful names – isn't that anti-American?

  9. LOL, Malcolm, she asked me that, too, and I answered her in that thread. Why on earth are you commenting back here? Everyone who comments before is going to get the email, so what's the diff?

  10. Sorry I didn't get around to responding sooner. I was enjoying watching the L.A. Lakers beat the Boston Celtics for the NBA championship. The reason I commented here is because this post tied in with your statements about the use of the term “Dubya” in reference to President Bush II vs. the names used to deride President Obama.

    As for the people who commented before, they know how to delete email. 🙂

  11. BO is working overtime to destroy my country and my people. He's not got one clue what it means, really MEANS, to be an American, and I have, as you know, less than zero respect for BO, if you don't want to read about it, don't come here. If you want to insult President Bush, go elsewhere, there are plenty of leftist sites still bashing him as relentlessly as they did for eight years while he was still president. Only difference now is that they're whining about conservatives and patriots “not respecting the president.” Newsflash: I don't respect him. I don't like him. And I think he's the worst thing to ever happen to this country, heck, he's hardly a president at all, and is certainly not presidential by anyone's standards. Hell, even the left is beginning to see that President Bush was more presidential any day of any week than this impostor usurper can or will ever be.

  12. Fuzzy: What's with the attitude? You say to me, “…if you don't want to read about it, don't come here. If you want to insult President Bush, go elsewhere.” I'm puzzled because I didn't come over here berating you for knocking President Obama nor was I taking any digs at President Bush. If you got a bone to pick, pick it yourself because I haven't done anything to rate that kind of response from you.

  13. Really? Gee, and here I thought that your coming to this post in which I examine ways the right knocks BO and asked me about a comment I made on another post, months later, was actually an attempt to make a point. I suppose I overestimated you again. My bad.

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