Americans Torture Terrorists . . . Yeah, And?

Since reading Blackfive’s response to Allahpundit regarding the SEALs who are being charged with assault because they punched the mastermind who organized the murder, mutilation, and hanging the bodies of four Blackwater agents on a bridge, I’ve been fuming mad.   (And no, I’m not linking to Allahpundit–I read a couple of his posts a few months ago and thought he was a RINO so didn’t blogroll him and never went back.  This episode seals it for me.)  The SEALs who caught this . . . terrorist bahstid gave him a bloody lip.  So the hell what?  Seriously?  If there were any justice to be handed out, he should have been shot, set on fire, and hanged from a bridge.  You know, like he did to those American agents.  Okay, so that’s a bit much, but what’s a nice bullet to the back of the head for one so very deserving?

I’m really fed up with this administration’s attack on our military, our CIA, our safety and freedom.  Our country.  This is just another crappy azz attempt to drag the best of our country through the mud.  And for what?  What do we gain?  What is the point in pursuing every perceived or invented “abuse” (you just know that al Queda must be sending out a flurry of memos telling their adherents to walk into a wall and scream “abuse”)?  Remember the whole libbie outrage that smoke was blown in terrorists’ faces?  That was called torture.  As was being forced to listen to loud music.  Now, some murdering scum bag perpetrates truly heinous acts, and who is condemned?  That’s right, some SEALs who punched him in the face.  What the hell is gong on in this country and how can we stop it?

I’ve got really radical ideas about torturing terrorists whom we know to be high up the chain and whom we know to have knowledge of terrorist plots:  just do it.  Torture them until they tell us exactly what we need to know, and then stop.  When terrorists start recognizing our human rights, our right to . . . you know, live, then we can start recognizing theirs.  Until that day, we have every right to do whatever it takes to protect innocent civilians and our military who do so much to protect our liberty and our country and our people.  Doing less, to my mind, is shameful, disgraceful, and negligent.  If we know via reliable intelligence that a terrorist has knowledge of past or future attacks, we have to find out what that is.  If we ask nicely and they don’t respond to “pretty please with sugar on top,” then we ask . . . less nicely.  Hold the sugar.  Torture works, even BO has acknowledged that, however grudgingly.  Obviously, I’m not saying that we need to torture everyone we find without any idea about what they know or don’t know, but we don’t do that. 

Now, I do think that there is a difference between the abuse experienced by Abu Ghraib detainees who were likely to be random citizens with relatives who knew someone who knew someone and waterboarding someone like KSM whom we knew was chock full of knowledge.  One is abuse.  One is intelligence gathering.  And frankly, even with Abu Ghraib, I was more angry at the loser who let those photos get to the fringe media than I was with the men and women who were abusive.  Yes, I know.  That’s shocking.  But it’s how I felt at the time and still feel now.  They were stupid azzes to do what they did, but when held up against the heroism, bravery, self-sacrifice, and patriotism of the majority of our military . . . well, no contest.  People screwed up and they were punished.  Crap happens.  Especially in war.

And frankly, I feel that the men and women in our armed forces stand head and shoulders above those in any other, they are held to a higher standard and they are under more scrutiny on the battlefield, and for the most part, they rise to the occasion.  In A Few Good Men, Jack Nicholson, following a fabulous speech about keeping our country safe and guarding our freedoms, famously says, “You can’t handle the truth,” and you know what? We can’t. You can’t know what someone else experiences until you have walked a mile in his shoes. I think that war is indeed hell, that gray areas are grayer and less well-defined in combat situations, and I think that I will reserve judgment on our soldiers until I have been through military training, been shipped (in my late teens, early twenties) to foreign soil (for the first time perhaps), seen my buddies die gruesome deaths, known that freedom rests on my shoulders, and until I’ve been desperately frightened in a way that no civilian can grasp, psychologically strained to a near snapping point, physically exhausted, sleep deprived for days on end, emotionally battered, and constantly on edge as I wait for the next gun fire or bomb to blast me to Kingdom Come.

So we blow smoke in their faces, threaten them verbally, confine them in small places, play loud music, say mean things to them . . . help! help! I’m being tortured.  Reminds me of a bad Monty Python skit.  Maybe from Holy Grail.  Where is the outcry about the torture perpetrated upon our military when they are captured?  Oh, that’s right, it’s only wrong when we do it.  Sort of like saying “God.” Only white Christians cannot do that.  Radical extremist Muslims, however, can shriek their God’s name as they chop the heads off of American reporters and aid workers on television or mow down unarmed American soldiers, and that’s just peachy.  Not even close.  President Bush kept us safe from terrorist attacks for 7 years; BO couldn’t manage it for 1 year–we had a terrorist attack at Fort Hood earlier this month.  I think I’ll support Bush’s policies.  You know, the ones that actually work.


8 thoughts on “Americans Torture Terrorists . . . Yeah, And?

  1. Whoa, nice rant!

    This has gotten me so mad too! I can't believe they slice American's heads off, blow people up and shoot people, but have the audacity to complain when someone gave them a swollen lip.

    What's next? Giving them down comforters in their cells so they aren't cold? How about foot massages? Omg! If we don't, then that's torture! Who cares if they are trying to kill us? Maybe if we kill them with kindness and put a little mint on their pillow, then we can all hold hands and sing “Kumbyah” (sp)? Ugh… PC is getting out of hand.

  2. I love your rant!! You are spot on!

    First, I don't even think that the enhanced interrogation techniques really qualify as torture. Those techniques were supervised in such a fashion as to not cause any permanent damage to the terrorists. Bush kept us safe for seven years and BO is tearing this country's military apart. He is the most anti-military President ever! I am outraged at how the left treats our military. They treat our military as if they were the real enemy. Our brave men and women in the military are protecting us from harm, and yet they are treated in the worst way by the left. These terrorists deserve to be killed on the battlefield. And,if the terrorists aren't killed on the battlefield, then they deserve to be treated in whatever fashion that is necessary to keep our country safe, and no less. Obama is forcing our military to do less than what is necessary to keep our country safe. He is not worthy of the title of commander-in-chief. He is a despicable person that seems to be against the safety of America and its citizens.

  3. Thank you for saying what I am thinking. We need to speak boldly and we need to keep the pressure on these libs. Have a blessed Thanksgiving and thank you for following my blog.Keep up the great work.

  4. Fuzzy – I am so amazingly mad over this seal thing! Who cares if he has a bloody lip! I gave those and received them all through my schooling days. I don't understand the left's incessant need to elevate even the most mundane daily occurrences to end of the world status.

  5. This is all part of the current administration's plan to destroy America. This is the “battle front” where they demoralize the military and intelligence communities.

    They're simply taking over where clinton left off.

  6. I have to be honest a lot of people in the military are kind of scuzzy. I know a few Seals and have found them to be just outstanding people. They undergo far more in their training than any terrorist. They are beaten they are water boarded. I give the Seals the benefit of the doubt anytime.

    We have to stop fighting a PC war. It's like a football coach not allowing his players to tackle anyone because someone might get hurt. Yes, we should not be pulling out fingernails, and starving people, but I have no problem with what the Seals did.

  7. @ Haaza Dazzle, thanks! It felt good to get it off my chest 🙂

    @ Teresa, I don't really think of them as torture, either. Not when you think about what they do to our guys or what qualified as torture by the Japanese in WWII.

    @ Chris, yes, I figured I'd exercise my right to free speech for as long as I have it. 😉

    @ CG, me too, it's a joke. This isn't about human rights, not at all. The guy was punched, for God's sake. Big damn deal. Did you catch the video of what he did to those Blackwater agents? How people cheered in the streets as their bodies were dragged around? Disgusting.

    @ Opus, yep, me too! 🙂

    @ Kid, yep, they hate this country, and they particularly hate our military. It's sad and sickening.

    @ Trestin, yes, many people don't seem to know (or care?) that our own personnel are waterboarded (among other “tortures”) in their training. If our guys can do it, then so can miserable scum who seek to destroy us. As to a lot of people in the military being “kind of scuzzy,” that hardly stands as a good reason to railroad ANY of them, SEALs or no. “Scuzzy” doesn't stop them from taking their oath and putting their lives on the line, so I'm not really concerned about that. Political correctness is dead, the word just hasn't gotten out yet. I'm helping get the message out by not allowing it on my page or in my presence. It's a start.

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