"We Have Awakened a Sleeping Giant"

In that groggy kind of late on Thanksgiving Day way, I was watching a Greta rerun last night about the Town Halls last summer.  She had on that representative (should use scare quotes on that, but I’ll get to that in a sec) Sheila Jackson Lee, you know the one, she was babbling on her cell phone and flapping her hands at the people in the room (she defended the flapping as “engagement” with her constituents, go figure) while one of her constituents was asking a question about healthcare.  Anyway, the fact that Lee didn’t listen to a word that her constituent said (or Greta, when interviewed) is very indicative of exactly what is so very wrong with our members of Congress, both houses, both parties.  They honestly think that they know best and seem to be under the mistaken impression that their job is to do whatever they want, regardless of what we, the people, want.

Maybe there’s something I don’t understand about representative forms of government?  Are they really supposed to be our parents?  Our bosses?  Are they really supposed to ignore everything we say, brush it off as uninformed or ignorant?  Is that how it works?  Why bother with Congress at all then?  Might as well just have a dictator and be done with it.  That’s what we have now, under the ruse of representation.  No taxation without representation, remember?

Anyway, here’s Lee blah blah blahing over Greta, note how she sees her job as being to “convince” her constituents to support the government option (“a robust public option is just what she [the cancer survivor] needs,” states Lee from on high):

Oh, really?  Well, guess what, we don’t want it.  We know what it is, we understand it better than most members of Congress do (as many of us have actually read the legislation, or much of it).  We don’t want it.  We do not need to be “convinced,” we know damn well it’s the last thing we need.  We are not confused on this issue.  We are not being stubborn or partisan.  We do not want the government taking over our healthcare system.  Period.  Your job, Lee, is to represent the people who elected you, not what you think they “need” and certainly not to fly in the face of what the American people have said, have been saying, loudly and clearly, that they do not want.

All this talk about how BO has to pass healthcare, his presidency depends on it, the democratic party depends on it, is all just so much political blather.  Passing this is the death knell for this presidency and this Congress (and likely for the democratic party).  “Waking up the sleeping giant” is the phrase that a lot of conservatives and moderates are using to describe the grassroots uprising that is taking place across America.  Keep in mind where that came from, Dems, because it might be significant.

In World War II, we did everything we could to stay out of that war.  We didn’t want in.  We didn’t go bursting forth to monger war.  Nope.  We sort of hung out.  All neutral and disinterested, kicking our feet in the sand, hands in pockets, whistling a soothing tune.  And then, Japan, erroneously sensing weakness in our neutrality, decided to air bomb a little place called Pearl Harbor.  Oops.  Rather than quivering in fear, America burst into action, jumped into the war, and started mopping up.  We were mad as hell, and we weren’t going to take it.  Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto famously stated, “We have awakened a sleeping giant and have instilled in him a terrible resolve.”  And that they did.  We were not going to lose that war, that was not an option.

Conservatives and moderates (and I believe many liberals who are not ideologues, but who believed that dems were doing the right thing for the right reasons) sat back for decades while the fabric of American society has been pulled and shredded here and there.  We sort of didn’t like what was happening, but we didn’t want to make a fuss.  After all, maybe there is something to political correctness, maybe we should be more open and tolerant.  Maybe it’s okay that we can’t mention God, say “Merry Christmas,” say that we don’t think our kids should be given ribbons for losing or kudos for failing, or suggest that entitlement programs don’t work.  We keep hearing how we’re stupid, racist, backwards, fundamentalist weirdos.  Gee, maybe we should just . . . you know, go along.

And we did.  All  neutral and disinterested, kicking the sand with our feet, hands in pockets, whistling a soothing tune.  And then BO and his administration, mistaking our neutrality for weakness, bombed our country, attacked us both personally and ideologically, declared war on our way of life, our people, and our Constitution.  Oops.  Rather than quivering in fear, silenced by political correctness and Alinsky methods, America burst into action.  We are mad as hell, and we aren’t going to take it.  The sleeping giant has indeed been awakened, and his resolve is indeed terrible.  Credit Yammamoto for seeing it; BO doesn’t.  His administration doesn’t.  But they will.  And they will, in retrospect, look back at the day they launched their attack on America as the Pearl Harbor that it was.  We are not going to lose this war, that is not an option.

24 thoughts on “"We Have Awakened a Sleeping Giant"

  1. You should have used the scary quotes. Wasn't she the representative that praised Cuba and Castro. They love their dictators over there on that side of Congress and they have one in place today.

  2. @ Bill, hehe, somehow I thought I'd draw more attention to it by not using them and pointing out that I should. I have a strange mind 😉 And no, that was yet another wonderful representative of our constitutional republic (Diane Watson). Lee is associated with yet another winner, Che, but only because some plant in her Town Hall was singing his praises.

    These people are all the same and completely insane. Why don't they all just go live in the land of their dreams, be it Cuba, Venezuela, Honduras, Iran, China, or wherever? There are plenty of tyrants they can go drool over . . . in poverty, slavery, and shame.

  3. “Why don't they all just go live in the land of their dreams, be it Cuba, Venezuela, Honduras, Iran, China, or wherever? There are plenty of tyrants they can go drool over…in poverty, slavery, and shame.”

    because they want to be the tyrants.

  4. It seems obvious to me now, that they have realized that they can do whatever they want openly and the morons will continue to vote them back in again and again and again.

    I'm not going to cite examples. There are too many, and we all know many of them anyway.

    They basically campaign and say “Whatever you want I'll give it to you”, Then when they're elected, they say, Man you people are dumb, I'm not doing any of that shit. I fooled you again. Isn't it hilarious.”

    2 years or 4 or 6 years and they do it again. And the morons vote them in again.

    How anyone can be a democrat and have any self respect is beyond me. I can only assume living without self respect is their natural state.

  5. Heyas, Kid, well, both parties' candidates make crazy promises there's no way they can keep. Sadly, this is the “way it is” right now, and we have to be responsible for finding out what is going on and determining what can be done and what can't. No one with half a brain, for instance, thought that BO would be able to close Gitmo right away. President Bush wanted to close it very much, but was unable to do so–for the same reasons that BO can't do it. Except President Bush cared enough about this country and its people not to want to move dangerous terrorists onto our land, into our prisons. BO has no qualms about that.

    The thing that bugs me about liberals, the one in the WH in particular is that he pretended to be something else entirely. He didn't make empty promises, not much he said was concrete, after all and what he did say was either impossible (see above re: Gitmo) or stupid (gee, think I'll meet with some murderous, lying dirtbags with no preconditions), no, the thing that gets to me is that he lied about WHO he is, and that, to me, is totally unforgivable. I loathe him with all that I am because he's a fake, a phony, a liar, an imposter. Vile, loathsome. I can forgive crazy arse ideas and ideologies (I was very fond of Ted Kennedy, for instance, because he was a man of principles–even if I didn't agree with them, I could admire and respect him for holding true to them), but I cannot forgive someone who is so truly deceitful . . . diabolical, really. BO turns my stomach like few others.

  6. Fuzzy, yea, I give you that all politicians make promises they don't intend to keep. In some cases they have to because of the nature of the election process and the morons within. Those being the voters who pay no attention then think they can listen to a few debates and candidates commercials and make a rational decision.

    But to the Democrats I add their constant aid and comfort to the enemy from at least 2006 – 2008, with their daily trashing of GW Bush, and their daily proclamations of how 'this war is lost'. Murtha proclaiming the guilt of the Haditha Marines before he knew jack about the situation and never has even considered apologizing. All the Marines have since had charges dropped. Many more like stories.

    They will trash America, the military, and their Mother for that matter for a few pieces of silver. They disgust me as much as BO does.

    Yes, BO is racist, anti-American, doesn't know American history, let alone appreciate any of it if he did. I absolutely believe he didn't know how many states there are when he said he'd been to 57 and had one or two more to go to.

    His lying, incompetence and arrogance all exceed each other to a point I have never seen before.

    What disgusts me even more than that are the voters who think this piece of garbage should even be allowed in the White House. It's beyond words.

    I listened to him talk for a couple minutes and pegged him as a worthless flim-flam man 2 years before the election. We've come to know much worse.
    How anyone took him seriously is beyond me. I watched that train wreck coming in slow motion for two years. It's not like I'm some kind of genius.

    What the hell is wrong with people.

  7. Good points, Kid. I've never understood why people flocked to him as they did. He was full of empty rhetoric from the beginning, and when he did say something (like that he wanted a single-payer healthcare system or that he thought it was best for everyone to spread the wealth around), people either shrugged with indifference or jumped on Joe the Plumber (like he was the problem with that little exchange). It boggled the mind. Watching it all unfold was truly amazing, I was often shocked to hear people tell me, point blank, that they had no idea what “change” he meant or what they were concretely “hoping” for. At first I was mostly put off by his complete and utter lack of experience (which we see every single day), then as people kept guzzling the Kool-Aid, I couldn't figure it out (the giant Kool-Aid pitcher never crashed through my door, thank God). But yeah, he did say he was good with Afghanistan, he did say–if not in so many words–that he's a socialist scumbag. We knew about Reverend Wright and Bill Ayers (if not the rest of the traitorous horde until he was in the WH). We knew that Rev. Wright preached hatred for America, we knew that his wife hates America, so it really wasn't a big leap to work out that he hates it, too (especially when he refused to wear an American flag lapel pin–it's not like we told him to wear a crucifix upside down, though that he'd probably do in a second). The media were in the tank for him, too, so they hid a lot of things, downplayed others, and the masses just went along like zombies. That started out being an indictment of the media, but the people are just as culpable.

    I'm no genius, either, Kid, but I saw much of what he is long ago, too. I didn't know he'd be THIS much of a disgrace, but I knew he was bad news. On the bright side, a LOT of people who voted for him are seriously regretting it now. And more will as this travesty of a presidency unfolds.

  8. Fuzzy, well, that completes the analysis 🙂

    Wasn't that wild that they came out with Joe the Plumber doesn't have his license yet so let's just ignore that the asshole wants to take all our money and give it to worthless bastirds.

    Joe the plumber could obviously have been an ex-con for all I care. The mindset that thinks attacking Joe was either righteous or made sense in addressing BO's naked reply is the kind of mind that I find scary.

    Pure Mob mentality, All panic, no thought, like one of those old Twilight Zone episodes where an entire neighborhood freaks out and kills one of their innocent neighbors because they think he's a Martian or something. Very scary. There is no rational way to address thoughtless panic.

    I'm going to get fed up someday and figure a way to start making money off these idiots. Oh wait, I might turn into Al Gore. Scratch that.

  9. PS – I believe there are a whole lot that are regretting voting for it. Just how many are willing to vote for a non-democrat is the question, tho I remain optimistic.

    Personally, *I* wouldn't vote for a democrat under any circumstance. Surely, there are plenty like that on the other side.

  10. lol, Kid, yep, analysis complete 🙂 That whole attack Joe the Plumber thing was straight out of Alinsky. BO blundered, so the fringe media (at that time still “mainstream”) rushed to demonize, isolate, and attack poor old Joe. Stranger still, people across the country (and around the world) jumped on him, too. Like he was anyone. Nope. They knew that BO screwed up major league bad, so they had to send in the smoke screens and attacks on some poor guy who just showed up at a rally and happened to have a sec to ask a question. It's not like he was even rude (not that it would have mattered to me, what BO said was FAR more important than who prompted him to speak so off the cuff–i.e. honestly, for a change). They did the same thing to Sarah Palin, too. BO was seriously, and I mean SERIOUSLY, thrown by her nomination, by her speech at the RNC, and he turned into the stammering, awkward, babbling fool that we've seen time and again since the election. He attacked the VP nominee on the opposing ticket, should have been left to Biden (though he's just as, if not more, incompetent than BO, so maybe he felt he had no choice). But very undignified to stoop to that level and to show so clearly how ruffled and confused he gets . . . and how easily. I still maintain that Sarah Palin can mop the floor with him in any debate.

    I've voted for dems before, and I may again . . . though DAMN SURE not in 2010 or 2012. I'm voting republican right down the line even if they run Joe the Plumber. I'm DONE with this batch of dems for all time. I'd very much like to see a viable republican presidential candidate emerge. And soon. Yesterday, even.

  11. You are absolutely correct that the sleeping giants have awoken. Prior to Barry getting elected, I voted Republican regularly but kept my voice to myself. Now that the great orator is trying to dismantle our country, I have joined the many who are actively speaking out about his many flaws. Not only have I cranked up my postings on the blog, I have joined the local GOP and have started donating money that I would have previously not given.

    This man must and his liberal cronies must be stopped. I will be doing my part, will you?

  12. I have my concerns as to whether a sleeping giant has awakened or not. We may actually be seeing the last remnants of a fitful slumber of a moronic comatose imbecile. I am not convinced there is enough of a society left that wants to think for itself. Most have given up believing that there is nothing can be done. Heavily promoted by the attitude of our elected officials,moronic hollywood celebs and the self anointed educators of the “I'm smart and you're stupid” school of drone thinking. (I'm glad not all are in that group, some are like you 🙂 .) I fear that the strengthening of a third party movement along with the typical in fighting of the GOP will ensure reelection of the status quo. A mandate by the people I'm sure will be the claim. I don't know Fuzzy, I'm worried. I hear friends talk about moving to New Zealand or Australia if that happens. I worry more for my grand kids.

  13. *sigh* I'm worried, too, Heyman. Greatly so. I'm concerned about the third party talk, too, we know all too well how that works and what it means (in this case the vote will split between the conservative and the I'm more conservative than you, so there, “parties” . . . BO wins. This Congress stays in power. America is doomed. Literally.). But people don't listen, and they don't learn. I'm still hopeful that someone somewhere will get some sense and stop all the third party talk until we can do what must be done as soon as possible (this will be, I believe, our last chance to save our country). Yes, I'm very very worried. For our country, our kids, our grandkids . . . us.

  14. I find myself making the comparison between Pearl Harbor and 9/11. We were attacked because we were off guard in both circumstances. And, partially because warning signs were ignored prior to both tragedies happening. I believing that the sleeping giant has been awakened. No more can people trust or depend on their government to listen to them. So, now as citizens fed up with not being listened to by our reps like Sheila Jackson Lee, we say that we are mad as hell and are not going to take it anymore. Our representatives in congress must listen to us instead of acting ignorant and merely brushing their consitituents off becuase they think that they know best for us. Well, they don't. The citizens know what's best and we know what we need, and that we don't want government controlling every aspect of our lives. We especially don't need Obamacare.

  15. Heyas Teresa! 🙂 These people make me sick. It's not new or only the dems who ignore the people, but it's reached an all-time high and is totally unacceptable. I've never been a fan of term limits for Congress, but I've begun rethinking that of late. These career politicians simply don't have any motivation to do their actual job . . . represent the people. Instead, they care only about themselves, their party, and their lobbyists.

  16. The pols in Washington are so damn arrogant. You're absolutely right that conservatives have been reawakened and we are ticked off. Nothing will make me happier than election night 2010 when a number of these arrogant SOB's get pink-slipped.

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