Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

*Groan*  It’s been one heck of a newsy few days, huh?  The ClimateGate “scandal” finally broke–though you’d never know it if you’re watching the fringe media.  It’s not like we didn’t all know it was all invented, fudged, and that people’s jobs and lives were threatened if they told the truth about the fact that man-made global warming is well, man-made.  The whole myth, that is.  We did know it, but it’s nice to have some proof finally.  Of course BO is jetting off to Copenhagen (again) to sign away our sovereignty to the new world order global government.  Hmph!  Guess he forgot that he hasn’t the authority to do that.  Or maybe he thinks he does?  Heck, maybe we have a whole new Constitution that we don’t know about yet.  Stranger things have happened. 

And then there’s Tiger’s run in with that fire hydrant.  And that tree.  And his wife.  And a whole string of mistresses, apparently.  Ugh.  So sordid.  So sad, too, for his family.

Oooh, and speaking of liars, who’s doing the big lying on that White House party crashing thing?  Very interesting stuff there.  Oh, not the stupid, insipid loser-couple (good grief, did you see them sniveling about how their lives are ruined?  Ridiculous.).  But the stuff we’ve learned about how the White House is “run” these days.   All I can say is that if you’re a foreign leader, stay the hell away from there.  We cannot guarantee your safety.  Sorry about that, but you know, that’s how it goes when you have the chosen one in the Oval Office.  He don’t need no stinking security.  Apparently he thinks he’s invincible.  Funny how those libs always seem to think that.  You know, right before they’re assassinated.  Not that BO will be (I pray, fervently, that he won’t be), but you know, if that weirdo barbie chick wanted to ram a butter knife into his temple, she could have.  Of course the Secret Service would have taken her out with one shot.

Oh, no, wait, they probably wouldn’t have.  They would have gently led her away from the bleeding corpse of the commander in chief to explain to her that she has the right to remain silent and did she need a drink of water, she looks a little parched.  Then she’d have been oh so carefully escorted to wherever they take poor, misunderstood victims who accidentally (I’m sure!) create a man-made disaster all over the state dinner. That’s okay, hun, I’m sure someone made fun of you.  (You know, like everyone.)  Or maybe you were made to feel that you didn’t belong.  (Like, you know, you didn’t.)  Whatever, though, we completely understand and will see to it that you are treated like royalty.  We don’t mind violence at all . . . when it’s actually violence (we just don’t put up with that non-violent protesting nonsense, that stuff’s just scary). 

Let’s not forget our Liar in Chief, too.  Some speech, huh?  I dreaded it for two days because I can’t stand the sight of that man any longer, and the sound of his voice makes me want to snort Ajax (do they even make that anymore?).  Anyway, not a fan of that speech-like thing he gave last night.  On the bright side, he didn’t seem to be campaigning (you know, much), but he didn’t seem presidential, either.  I seriously wonder if he’s ever going to grow into that role?  Well, hypothetically I wonder.  It was also nice that he acknowledged that there are lunatic freaks who want to kill us all.  Well, you know, sort of he said that.  It was good, too, that he said he wanted to support our troops and give General McCrystal what he wanted.  Back in August.  Well, you know, he sort of said that.  Right after he got all defensive and creepy stating that he wasn’t dithering.  So there, Mr. Vice President Cheney.  Nah-nah-nah.  Right before he said yo, al Queda, hunker down, dudes, we’ll be out of there before we can even get everyone there in the first place.  Wink, wink.

Laden with lies, that speech.  He practically choked when trying to explain that dangerous Muslim extremists want to wipe us off the face of the earth (he doesn’t believe it and/or is totally sympathetic and wants to help them), and he was trying so hard not to be President Bush that he totally missed all the right beats that he should have been setting in explaining to the nation that he’s upping the stakes in a war.  Instead, he wandered around, lying outright about a deadline (not sure if he was lying to his base or what, but that was a total lie–McCain had that right, you can’t say that you’re pulling out on X day dependent on the situation; you’re either leaving on that day or it’s based on the situation on the ground.  You can’t have it both ways.) and babbling about how he was “so serious” and “so thoughtful” about it all, it was such a big decision.  One he couldn’t possibly make in fewer than two years (how long he’s been planning what to do in Afghanistan, right?), let alone in fewer than three months.  Because we all know that President Bush just went off with no information and no fore-thought. 

Does BO really think that anyone with a brain believes that?  Nope, he doesn’t.  That’s why he stood there and trumpeted his (photo-op) visits to the troops, to Dover, etc.  Like that matters to anyone.  We all know he hates America and that he hates our military more than he hates America, if that’s possible.  Funny how President Bush never had to gloat about his many many many visits to wounded troops, hours spent with the grieving families of lost heroes, or private visits to Dover, to Walter Reed, to Fort Hood.  Much less hold them up as “proof” that he cares.  He did.  And we all knew it.  There is no fine line between truth and lies, between reality and a photo op, between a Commander in Chief and an incompetent poser.

6 thoughts on “Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

  1. Ajax??? Ha! ugh. nasty. Promise to call somebody before you do that, ok Fuzz? Yeah, what a week. From what I hear (I didn't watch it) he got a skeptical reception from the crowd. Nothing like confidence in your CIC!

  2. hehe, Velcro, I was so tired when I wrote this (felt compelled since I'd not written anything in a few days) that I couldn't think of anything abrasive and distasteful but Ajax. But naw, no worries, I don't do anything that self-destructive. I almost didn't watch it, either, actually. I may not watch him again, though. It's just always the same waffling crap, and nothing he ever says is what he actually does anyway, so what's the point?

    And yeah, I did see a couple of the cadets looking a bit snoozey. But I also heard that they'd been sitting there in those wool uniforms for four hours before BO arrived. Poor kids. Probably tired and hot (and yeah, none too thrilled to have to listen to that limp, insipid speech by the I want to please everyone all the time except when they don't agree with me then I want to whine and lash out like a seventh grader leader of the free world.).

  3. Trestin, I was thinking of you and wishing we had a real CIC. And I'm so worried that with the dems controlling Congress that we won't get the money needed to support the effort. Apparently, they think that defunding the war will stop it. It makes me want to cry. Hang in there, we'll get them out next year 😀

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