It’s Criminal or It’s War, It’s Not Both, Stupid

December 7th, Pearl Harbor.  The sleeping giant awakened and with a terrible resolve.  America enters World War II.  This seems like a good day to look at our current president and consider what he might do if the Japanese (I swear I heard a liberal say that it was the Germans!  They reeally need to open a history book sometime and stop reading crap by Mao and Marx.) bombed an American military installation.

First of all, he’d feel pressure from the American public to do something.  Whatever else is going on, even liberals tend to get offended and upset when we are attacked on our own soil (as long as they can’t deny that’s what it is, anyway, as they do with Fort Hood).  The entire nation, with the exception of two or so radical libs and a handful of crazy conspiracy theorists, wanted the people responsible for 9/11 hunted down and killed.  We rallied around President Bush, our people, and our country.  So BO would feel pressure to respond in some meaningful way that didn’t entail months of “meetings” and “deliberation.”  We’d enter a war.  I don’t doubt that.  BO goes as the wind blows as much as he can while still holding on to his radical ideology that America rejects (that’s why he has to hide it, right?).

Would he declare it a day that shall live in infamy?  Um, not so much.  Obviously, he would stutter, stammer, and blather, something bad happened, and we are deeply grieved, but we must accept responsibility for the bombing of our military installation.  If it weren’t there, he’d wager, it couldn’t be bombed.  We have a short-term goal of using our mighty military to do what the American people want and go after the people who did this, but we also have a median-range goal of eliminating our military entirely, thus not providing any targets for people who would bomb military installations.  We, as a nation, he would say, are humbled, and he’d bow (deeply) in the general direction of Japan.  And then he’d send some troops to kill them all.  Then he’d feel really bad about it.

Contradictory?  Nope.  That’s BO-think.  The war on terror is a civilian matter for criminal courts, that’s why we send our military into Afghanistan (and probably Pakistan, but we’re keeping that on the DL because they’re our allies.  You know, sort of, just as much as every other nation on earth.  Like the UK and some African nation.  Just as equal to us and just as special.  Huggs everyone!).  Yep, our military is in these foreign countries to stop, disband, and cripple (or whatever BO’s stupid catchphrase is) al Queda . . . because al Queda is a criminal organization.

Don’t you remember how we sent Special Ops after Capone and Billy the Kid?  Okay, bad example, all screwed up historically-speaking.  But we did send our Special Ops after Whitey Bulger, and when that didn’t work (nothing against our Special Ops, of course, but that Whitey is like Waldo . .  . and bin Laden . . . so hard to find), we sent in some drones to float over Boston and spy on him.  Oh, wait.  Another anachronism, my bad.  We didn’t have drones then, so we sent U2 bombers to bomb Bulger out of his Beacon Hill mansion.  Oh wait, U2s are spy planes.  So we sent in several platoons of marines, some tanks, and dropped napalm on Boston to ferret out that pesky Whitey Bulger.  Yep, that’s how we deal with criminals and crime organizations in this country.  We call out the troops and declare war (well, sort of declare it, not officially via Congress or anything).  And then when the military, trained in war, captures a criminal in the war zone, er, no, not war zone, some place that the military is and is being attacked, bombed, brutalized, and killed, but that’s not war, remember.  So when the military, not trained as civilian cops in, say, NYC, captures one of these criminals, they . . . um, read them their rights because they committed a crime.  On their own soil.  The NYPD often goes to foreign lands and arrests people for breaking American laws in other countries.  It’s quite the norm.  Didn’t you know that?

And liberals call this thoughtful and deliberative and intellectual.  Seriously, they do.  It’s an exercise in the ridiculous, and BO is the clown in chief, making crazy, counterintuitive, conflicting, and (did I say crazy?) pronouncements and lying through his teeth to everyone in sight.  Libs don’t mind this until they discover they were among the lied to, note the outrage on the left from Michael Moore and CodePink about their “anti-war” candidate upping the stakes in that civilian criminal investigation going on in Afghanistan.  They feel all betrayed and cheated.  Hmph.  Join the club.


11 thoughts on “It’s Criminal or It’s War, It’s Not Both, Stupid

  1. He would never send the troops in to “kill them all”. That would require courage. Besides it was just a man made disaster anyway not a real attack by a whole country. Nothing would happen in a short time as they would need public opinion polls just like Clinton did aka Bosnia. War zones can not exist anymore but should be called “geographic local of man made disturbances”. Also they need to send everyone in that general regional vicinity VISA cards so they won't feel bad. And while they are at it they'll send some to the people whose feelings we hurt because we have a military at all. If we didn't have a military then everyone would have loved us and they could have kicked our proverbial butts with out having to resort to “man made disturbance”.

    Also i think Elliot Ness might be considered special ops for his time.

  2. Hahaha, great read. Fuzzy in her finest. You know, if BO ever tried to get all “we deserve to have been attacked” or DIDN'T send troops after a Pearl Harbor kind of event, he'd be removed from the White House. And if there wasn't a legal basis for one, Congress would vote IN a legal basis for one, even if it took a new amendment, and he'd be removed from the White House. And if that DIDN'T happen, every single one of the bastards who allowed him to stay would be gone in the next election. At least…I think so.

  3. When the cat's away the mice will play. As soon as BO leaves the country his hold on power tends to crumble. Admiral Mullen's address brought up the specter of failure. Gates and Kerry warned BO to be careful of civilian casualties. Who is in charge here really?

  4. @ Heyman, didn't Clinton move on Bosnia to divert attention from his affair with Monica? Or was that Kosovo? Disgusting liberals. And LOL, I had thought that about Ness, but then I figured he was just a fed, right? With the Department of Homeland Prohibition or whatever it was called, not really in the military. I'm still curious how Congress intends to sell war bonds when we don't have a declared war going on. Good times.

    @ Candelabra, thanks! And been missing you, will make it over to wherever you're posting these days . . . why not cross-post on your own page? But what a wonderful thought . . . BO removed from the White House. *wistful sigh*

    @ Kid, lmao! Love it!

    @ WMUR, heh

    @ Velcro, cliche or not, it's true. As is, we'll all have to learn Arabic and study the Koran and get some prayer mats and foot baths. Good times.

    @ Scott, with Reid and Pelosi drunk on power and Herr Emanuel holding down the fort, I think BO's safe. Everyone senses weakness in this man, and everyone on the left believes they can bully him into anything. Sad thing is, they can. He's disgusting in every conceivable way.

  5. Hi Slamdunk and welcome! Yes, difficult to swallow, but not really unexpected–BO has said all along he intended to do this. The left just thought he was telling his usual lies and chose not to believe it. I'm still waiting for the fun to begin when he starts forcing Korean-style K-12 education here. Lefties don't take education seriously unless it involves indoctrination and gay penguins. Wait for the fireworks on that one.

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