A Fetus is a Disease, But Breast Cancer . . . Not So Much

Women’s health is certainly getting a lot of attention these days, dragged out like a relic of the seventies and put on display by the left.  I am absolutely appalled by the blazing hypocrisy and rampant dishonesty going on here.  First, and let me type this very slowly:  a. fetus. is. not. a. disease.  What is difficult to understand about that?   A pregnancy is not cancer, it’s not terminal, in fact, it’s not a disease of any kind. Why do liberals insist on treating pregnancy as a “punishment” and an illness?  I suppose for the same reason they treat individual freedom and personal liberty like a pox on their ability to control every aspect of our lives.

Again, we are being railroaded and BS’d out of any debate, and I’m frankly getting pretty upset with republicans these days, too.  Why do they just sit there and let the left tell these vicious, malicious lies?  Not only is not wanting the government to take over healthcare the same thing as supporting slavery and denying women the right to vote, but opposing the taxpayer having to pay for abortions is akin to rolling back the calendar and opposing any progress made in “women’s health.”  Denying tax-payer funded elective (this would not affect cases of rape or incest) abortion does not cut into women’s “choice.”  It does not reverse Roe v. Wade.  It does not do one thing that is not currently done because women on Medicaid cannot get their abortions paid for by the tax payer.  And they should not.  What they can get is prenatal care.  Prenatal care is about “women’s health.”  No one is denying women that.  The fact is that abortion is legal in this country, and any woman who gets pregnant can have an abortion.  Period.  The only thing is that you should not have to pay for it, and as you are among the few left who even pay taxes, that’s important.  And if you do want to pay for elective abortions, then donate some cash to Planned Parenthood.  Geez, it’s probably even tax deductible (if so, we are paying in a round about way).

You know what really attacks women’s health?  Government studies that say that even though mamography saves the lives of women in their forties, women in their forties should not have them.  And doctors should not teach women how to do self breast exams.  That is a clear cost-cutting, rationing of women’s health care; that is the government telling doctors how to practice medicine and what to say to their patients in the privacy of the doctor’s office (well, there’s a big push to adopt the UK’s classroom cams here, so we’ll probably end up with cameras in the examining room, too, with the government whispering in your doctor’s ear that he should say this and needs to hurry up, time and money’s a’wastin’.  I’m not making this up, I saw a vid of some government guy in England telling a teacher to “pause longer” after asking a question, this while the class is going on, no less.  How well could you do your job with the government watching your every move and whispering in your ear about what you are doing wrong?).  We can currently get mammograms paid for by our insurance, but if this government take-over happens, you can bet your last dollar that we won’t get them paid for by them.  Where was the outrage and the comparison to slavery and/or denying women the right to vote then?  Oh?  Nowhere.  And you know why, bad timing, they say, that study shouldn’t have been released when it was or the way it was.  It needed to be better explained.

Prenatal care would certainly be covered for women under the government-controlled option (they’d be saving tons of money denying mamograms and pap smears to women, after all), so this hysteria about not wanting public money to go to pay for elective abortions is just that, hysteria.  It has zero to do with women’s health.  Do people not understand that anything and everything the government does is funded by us?  That includes their million dollar congressional budgets, spiffy airports in the middle of nowhere, and once they take over healthcare, every aspect of that.  The government makes no money, it has no way to generate cash, and because it is not even the slightest bit accountable, it is willing to spend money that it didn’t earn and that it doesn’t have to pay back like it’s an unlimited fountain of cash.  That’s why it’s significant that they keep shrinking the tax paying pool, effectively shutting off the supply of money to that fountain.  Why would they keep spending, while at the same time shrinking their means of taking in money?  That’s another post for another day, I suppose.

I’m furious about this whole abortion thing, seriously.  Why aren’t republican senators and pro-life democrat senators standing up and calling this exactly what it is?  Why are they letting this be about “choice” and “women’s health” when it is not.  I do not have a choice as to whether I want my tax dollars going to fund someone’s elective abortion (i.e. abortions as birth control).  I do not have a choice of which insurance plan I want.  Yes, this government takeover means that no one outside of Washington and the uber-rich will retain their private insurance.  That is fact.  The goal is to drive the evil insurance companies out of business and let the government run everything to do with health–including saying who gets what care, who goes to what doctor, who gets what treatment, and everything related to healthcare, including your income and bank accounts, what you eat, drink, and drive, and how you “treat” the body that the government now owns a stake in, like GM and the banks.  If they’re paying for it, we KNOW, they will regulate it to within an inch of . . . your life.  Decisions will be made based on what we know from the events of the past month:  a fetus is a disease, a matter of women’s health, and breast cancer may kill a lot of women in their forties (just not enough), but not screening saves money.


12 thoughts on “A Fetus is a Disease, But Breast Cancer . . . Not So Much

  1. The democrats only want more power and control over our lives. Abortion is not health care. Its killing an innocent human being. They'll cover killing but not mammograms which would prevent cancer. They must be mental. Alright, lets get all the Dems removed for being totally insane. And, the abortion amendment banning taxpayer funds going to abortion was voted down. What a disgrace.

    McCain has been getting fired up as of late. I'm kind of surprised by that.

    This Obamascare must be stopped!

  2. Page 4,008 of 27,238 of why liberalism is a mental disorder. The same people that claim abortion is necessary for a woman's health see no reason why breast cancer exams are necessary. Up is down, black is white.

  3. @ Teresa, I'm so ticked off, too! I'm not sure we can stop it, but once it's passed, we can vote people in who WILL listen to the people and who will repeal. If they don't, we'll vote new ones in. I'm done with life-time congress people, they are completely out of touch with us, and they don't give a damn.

    @ Velcro, it's all a sham. Thanks for the link. I'm trying to stay away from too much politics at the moment. This is my favorite time of year, and it's hard to be joyful when everything I see and hear ticks me off. LOL I'm still keeping up with the news, though, and will be back around the blogosphere once the hols are over.

    @ Trestin, it's insanity!

    @ Bunni, I think they are evil. There is no possible way they can think this is good for anyone except the government. There is no way they can possibly think that throwing good money after bad will make things better. They just don't think we are smart enough to figure it out!

    @ …, um, yes. But in this case, they take down our entire country in the process. I'm not willing to sit back and wait for that to happen.

    @ Heyman, what Kerry said. 😀

    @ Kerry, and yep, they've ensured there's a nice little amendment clarifying that not only will the members of Congress not be railroaded into the government option but none of their staff will be, either. Funny how no one's talking about that and what that really means.

  4. I got to this late, but I'm with you. Also, Rush was talking about a re-emerging push to get the entire world to have less children, and then he smoothly asked, “Why aren't women's groups coming out and saying keep your laws off my body?” Hypocrisy.

  5. Fuzzy Logic,
    If you want something that will really blow you away take a look a study done by Penn State University (I think) that links 1st term abortions to breast cancer. I reviewed the study along with the study data and found it to be credible (not that I'm an expert). But the study was done on a large population base and there was enough critical data collected to plot a fairly accurate data curve with a fairly low prediction spread.
    There are approximately 10 to 12 other very credible studies out there that also show a link. They have all been published but are not widely circulated because the left controls the medical journals that normally publish these types of studies. Secondly, it is widely speculated that the reason to continue with late term abortions is to limit exposure to breast cancer. The closer to full term the more the the hormonal change returns to normal the less chance for breast cancer while 1st term abortions upsets the hormone balance for suddenly going from pregency to non-pregency.

  6. It's clear government healthcare has an element of population control. Other governments and media outlets are now boldly muttering the words population control. It's only a matter of timein the states.

  7. @ Heyman, woo and hoo? 😀 Love ya, Merry Christmas 🙂

    @ Candelabra, hehe, story of my life, I'm late getting to it, and it's mine! Ugh. Anyway, yep, hypocrisy squared, if you ask me, as the lefty women are the ones most vocal about feminism (many on the right are also feminists, btw, myself among them!). But they've obviously sold out. What does women's health matter when we can oppress, repress, and control both genders equally? Well, you know, kind of equally. Women first, then on to men's health.

    @ John, hiyas and welcome! Thank you for pointing me in this direction. I'll have to take a look at this after Christmas. Off the top of my head, however, I can't see anyone successfully arguing for late-term abortions as a breast cancer preventative measure. *shudder*

    @ BB, Yes, this is definitely in the works. We're already hearing whispers of this, and BO's bestest czar of all is very excited about forced abortion as a means of population control. Well, he was . . . you know, before he wasn't (which was about the time he got to be bestest buds with the Dissimulator in Chief, the guy who's so confident in the wonders of his ideology that he hides it, back peddles, and lies about it to ensure that the American people don't see what he's doing).

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