Make A Difference TODAY!

I know I said I’d be offline until after Christmas, but this is mighty important.  Americans across the country can make a difference, a real difference.  Read the following post from yesterday (before today’s horror show with 60 votes accomplished by putting 49 states on the hook to pay for Nebraska’s Medicaid for eternity–taxation WITHOUT representation, sound good to you?), and contact Brown’s rep as indicated below:

The Massachusetts special election is Jan 19th. Make PHONE CALLS FOR FREEDOM. Help get Scott Brown (R) elected to the U.S. Senate.

This election is so important to give the Republican Senate 41 votes and take away the Democrat’s filibuster proof majority. And we can send a clear message to Washington that we mean what we say and we CAN affect election outcomes in 2010. And Scott’s vote could be important in the healthcare bill if the Republicans are successful in dragging out the vote.

Volunteers who are interested in making calls from home to citizens of Massachusetts on Scott Brown’s behalf, please contact Field Director Brad Hansen at: or call 509-595-4683 (This is the correct area code for his mobile phone)

Brad will set you up with a username and password. You will receive an email with your unique user name and password, as well as a link to the website where you will log in. Once you are logged in, watch the tutorial on how to use the system and then you can start making calls.

Massachusetts has not elected a Republican to the Senate in forty years. Let’s change that with the Vote Heard Round the World!


What say you?

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