Ramblings About Conservative Blogging

I’m currently compiling my year-end review of BO, his administration, and whatever else flits through my brain.  It’s exhausting.  This year hasn’t been one thing after another, it’s been many things, all happening simultaneously and at break-neck speed.  On any given day, there are numerous issues, loony liberal lies, and sundry craziness that arise and are almost instantly eclipsed by the next calamity.  Maybe that’s the game plan, keep throwing outrageousness at us, lobbing curve ball after curve ball, in the hopes of keeping us confused and off-balance (gee, I’ve heard that somewhere before, now where was it?).  To a degree, it’s working if it is a plan.  And if it’s not, God help us all.

Anyway, that’s my excuse for not having a “real” post today.  The process of going back over the past year is making me aware (more fully aware) of just what a mess we are in.  And it has me wondering how on earth we are going to set things right (and yes, I mean that in both senses of the word).  We’re all out here, blogging our little hearts out (well, some of you more than others, like moi of late, *blush*), but what’s the point?  I mean, yes, it keeps the fire going, and yes, we are siphoning strength, wisdom, support, and not a few giggles from each other, but what good is it if we can’t reach people who are easing off the Koolaid and are only half-waiting for the doorbell to ring, signaling the arrival of their very own unicorn and pot of gold?  (I just got this image from an episode of Married With Children in which Al was standing with his nose pressed against the door, squinting out the eye hole and waiting for the pizza Peg claimed she ordered.  Heh.)  Is preaching to the choir really going to help us save our republic?

Please don’t get me wrong, I need a place to vent, a place to find like-minded people, and a place to learn what is going on across America in response.  I need to know I’m not alone out here, tilting at windmills.  I guess we all need that.  Maybe that’s why we do it?  I know that there are several bloggers I feel a certain bond with, and I know that is one thing that keeps me going.  As is my anger and resolve, of course.  I don’t know.  I just wish that people could see what we see so clearly.  What the heck is wrong with people that they think this  . . . this thing is a good president?   (John Carpenter’s The Thing is actually a good analogy for the entire radical progressive take-over of the democratic party:  they look and sound like normal dems, but they are alien to our ways, our Constitution, and a danger to our existence.  That’s why they hide as one of us; they know they’d be culled from the herd if they let their true “thing-ness” see the light of day.)  Anyway, I just don’t get it.  But then, I take heart because I strongly suspect that if the election had been held again this year, he’d have been trounced by anyone with an (R) after their name.  So maybe we’re doing some good, after all?


21 thoughts on “Ramblings About Conservative Blogging

  1. Ms. Fuzzy. I'm SO with you on this. There has not been ONE day this whole year where I felt I could take it easy and things were calm. The Alinsky model does work, but luckily, Americans are built of tough stuff. And we will NOT give up while we have breath in our bodies.

    I have been having SO much fun on Twitter. It is really easy to build a HUGE following there, and you can tweet out links to your blog posts and build new readership. And you can joust with libs, too, if that is something you enjoy. So if you feel isolated and like you are not touching enough people with your words of wisdom, there is an answer.


  2. Once again, you verbalize what I've been thinking lately.

    No, posting on the web maybe will get one young liberal to open their eyes.

    More to the point is the constant barrage of stupidity and ludicrousness from the current administration. Is it planned? It might be this time. I commented somewhere recently that if I were to pick apart obama's administration, it would be much more than a full time job and I was not going to live my life like that.

    Maybe there is some value to the outside world in posting. I know there is in my world. It is a place to spew, offer insights, and -for me- record a journal of the era in which the United States began it's quick slide into hell, starting mainly with the elimination of health care.

    That's why I call my blog a Dairy. In hindsight of course Mon Amie.

  3. @ Opus, I know just what you mean. I've had this “warning, danger” feeling in my gut all year, and I just can't feel easy and safe anymore. What a difference a year makes. For whatever faults President Bush may have had, I always felt safe with him at the helm. And I always felt secure knowing that he was a patriot and a man of honor and principle.

    I really can't get into the Twitter thing. It's so much to do to keep up with my own blog and the various and sundry conservative groups I've joined and try to read all the posts I want to read each day . . . ugh, I don't know how you do it! Also, I don't know if you've noticed this ;), but I tend to be a bit verbose. That Twitter word limit kills me! LOL

    @ Kid, oooh, thanks Kid. Keeping up with all the craziness and dangerous crap that is going on in this administration would indeed be a full-time job. I try, and I think a lot of others try, but don't you miss those days of yore when we had some faith that our news media was doing that? You know, what they are supposed to be doing, acting as watchdogs for the people not propaganda machines for the poser in chief.

    @ BB, I've missed President Bush so much this year and in so many ways that it's really not funny. It's as a much a commentary on BO as it is on Bush, perhaps, but the truth is that I don't feel like we have a president. Like most of his actual cabinet, I feel like the Oval Office is empty. No one there. Who's making decisions? Who's there when something happens? Where is our leader? Instead, when he does finally make appearances, usually too little too late, I just feel so embarrassed and ashamed of him and think he'd do well to say nothing at all. He's a complete incompetent. Amateur hour was fun to watch when it was the Gong Show, when it's my country's leader, it's just sad.

  4. I realize I'm a day late (yesterday was my birthday!) and a dollar short here, but I do want to comment.

    I see 3 good things that come out of conservative blogging:

    1) Each blogger adds another couple of watts to the brightness of the light. Even the MSM, albeit rarely, has mentioned the explosion of the blogging right. As for influencing those on the fence, they are the ones who are seeking more answers, else they wouldn't be on the fence. As I recall, both you and Coffee Milk Conservative were both much more left-leaning in the past – what caused the change?

    2) It does let me know that I'm not alone, and we can have these kinds of discussions that (I hope) are encouraging.

    3) Information and planning. We can't trust the MSM, and as much as I do trust FOXNews, leaning ONLY them isn't good either. Not that they can cover everything anyway. But I've learned so much from you and others that I have concluded that I must do more this year (My post “Merry Christmas…”).

  5. You're never late and always welcome, Velcro dear. 🙂 Yes, Chickadee and I are both former libs, though I have always been fiscally conservative, a supporter of our defense and a strong military (military brat, so I grew up understanding the importance of our military), and suspicious of big government. 9/11 was the start of my morphing into a conservative, though I guess I always held many conservative values, and then this BO disaster set it in stone. Libs are nuts. Period. They don't have a clue and are led by the nose by a lying, unethical media. It's sad. I want no part of it.

  6. Welcome back, Trestin! Missed you 🙂 But yes, I agree, there are many benefits to our efforts; it just sometimes seems kind of fruitless. You're right, though, getting even a few fence-sitters thinking is certainly worth it! 🙂

  7. If conservative bloggers such as yourself want liberals like me to listen, there are ways to do this. Although you and other like-minded people may not take my advice, I'll be happy to tell you what I think needs to happen because this political divide isn't healthy for our country.

    Lastly, one thing I find troubling on many conservative blogs is the “Us vs. Them, liberals are bad/conservatives are good” mentality. As I said, I'm a liberal. However, I don't view conservatives the way you do liberals. Painting a political ideology with a broad brush makes no sense to me.

  8. Hi Malcolm and welcome! I know what you mean, and I think you are right. I do tend to be “us vs. them” in my posts, especially of late. You personally may not view libs = good / conservatives = bad, but I think that you'd have to admit that this is also a problem on the left?

    Political divide may not be healthy, but it's not been this prominent, this deep, or this seemingly unbridgeable in my adult lifetime. I'm not sure how we can address that, what are your thoughts?

  9. Thank you for your kind reply. Just to be clear, I feel that having a “black and white” view of politics is a problem that isn't exclusive to the right.

    I couldn't agree with you more in regards to the depth of the current political divide. Because my thoughts on how we can bridge the divide will take time to write out and it's getting late, I won't be able to answer your question until tomorrow. Until next time.

  10. Hiyas Malcolm, I'm looking forward to hearing your ideas. I really do wish that there was some way we could all come together, but I'm not so sure there is. The divide isn't “merely” political, it's ideological. The left is SO far left and demand capitulation to their (let's face it) socialist agenda. I cannot go there. I'm an American.

  11. I have mixed feelings of cynicism and optimism when it comes to bridging the political divide in this country. However, because I'm afraid of what might happen if things stay the way they are or get worse, I think it's important that we at least try to build the bridge. The fact that you (Fuzzy Slippers) are willing to listen to what I have to say gives me hope.

    One thing that needs to stop is the disrespect shown to whomever is the President of the United States. I’m all for fair, legitimate criticism, but taking below the belt potshots, criticizing for the sake of criticizing, and general nastiness does nothing but widen the divide. Also, the “tit for tat” mentality some people have (slamming whoever is the current POTUS because the previous one you supported got mistreated) is weak and childish. This won’t change overnight, but we have to start somewhere.

    Because some people are intellectually lazy and choose to believe whatever they hear (or hear what they want to hear) as long as it supports their political viewpoint, a lot of misinformation and flat out lies are passed around. It usually starts in the media and then spills over into the blogosphere, but I’ve seen it work in reverse. Regardless of what one’s viewpoint is, do a little research on the stories you see and hear before you post something. Two of the best sites for verifying info are FactCheck.org and Snopes.com. Both are non-partisan with no political agenda.

    Getting rid of the “us vs. them/the opposing political party is evil” mentality is another step in closing that divide. It’s scary to imagine what might have happened to this country if today’s political/ideological divide existed during WW II. We might all be speaking German.

    Finally, political bloggers should make an effort to visit blogs/forums with viewpoints different than their own and respectfully share their opinions. This also ties in with welcoming opposing viewpoints on one’s own blog. A blog can get rather boring if everyone who comments is in lockstep with the blogger. Even if I‘m the lone liberal, I comment on conservative blogs whenever I have time. Even though you might not change someone’s point of view, they are more likely to listen if you present your opinion in a respectful way.

  12. Heyas Malcolm, been busy writing a post, so didn't get to this until now. Okay, I'll take your points para by para. First, though, I want to return the sentiment with regards to your reaching out and being open to what I have to say, as well. It really does give me hope.

    I've written a post about respecting the office of the presidency, if not the man (one day a woman, I hope!). Never in my life have I had zero respect for a president, though I came close with Carter (and he's post-presidency redeemed himself as far as I'm concerned with his diplomatic efforts and Habitats for Humanity.). Anyway, since I wrote that post, I've revisited the idea from time to time, and to be honest, the thing that stops me being able to respect BO is the lack of respect he has for me.

    I cannot respect even his office because he's made it into something that I don't recognize. He has diminished me, insulted me, condescended to me, and lied to me. He has called me a number of names and accused me of being immoral and unethical. He has also called me a vile, sexually explicit and degenerate name. He has attacked me in word, thought, and deed.

    He has shamed me in the way that he chose to represent my country, as if it's something nasty he stepped in and now has to scrape off his shoe. He is going against my wishes, knowing full well what they are, but not caring. He has taken the Constitution of my country and made it confetti.

    So no, I have no respect for him. Or let me put that another way, I respect him exactly as much as he has shown me that he respects me and my country.

    You seem to be implying that I am intellectually lazy and don't do my research or that I repeat lies or anything I hear without checking on it. Please point me to specific instances in which I have stated as fact something that is not fact. Be sure to click the links that I provide, as they will lead you to the source on which I base a statement of fact or a statistic. My interpretation of what those facts mean and my own personal opinion about and reaction to them are, I would hope, still permitted.

    I do agree that the “us vs. them” mentality is toxic. But there's not much to be done about that; the battle lines have been drawn, no? (see above re: respect)

    I do, as you can see from my blogroll, read liberal blogs, and I do comment on them. I don't mind liberal comments on my blog, but with rare exception (your being one), they are usually ad hominem attacks, most poorly written and ill-conceived.

    I don't really see in your points here a way to bridge the divide. I think that one good start would be for each side to recognize that the other has the right to their viewpoint, that holding an opinion that is different than your own does not make the person who holds it a villain. Not sure I can manage that, but maybe better people than I can.

  13. Thanks for your response. Can you elaborate on what you said in the last 3 sentences of your 3rd paragraph?

    Just to be clear, I wasn't saying you are intellectually lazy and that you don't do research on the posts you write. Regarding what I said about doing research, when I used the word “you”, it wasn't an accusation against you. My apologies for bad pronoun usage.

    I took a look at your blogroll a few days ago and noticed that you have links to liberal blogs. I was pleased to see that because it shows you are willing to listen to different points of view.

    Your suggestion that we all recognize other's right to their viewpoints ties into what I said about getting rid of the “us vs. them” mentality. By the way, I think you can manage not to view those with differing opinions as villains.

    As far as the battle line, yes it has been drawn. As to who drew the line, that's open for debate. The only thing that matters at this point is that this country tries to erase it. Surely you can use those fuzzy slippers to help erase some of that line. I'm told that those slippers are quite magical. 🙂

  14. Heh, you make me smile, Malcolm. I wasn't sure if that was general use of second person or specific, so I thought I'd cover both in one. A two-fer!

    Sure, happy to elaborate (be careful what you wish for ;)). BO has a fun habit of attacking his critics, including the citizens he is supposed to represent. He has said that conservatives (and I, being one, count myself as one of the people he was talking about) are liars (he includes regular citizens in this, remember, he wanted American citizens to report their friends and neighbors to the White House for “fishy” comments about the healthcare take-over), are using “fear tactics” to “maintain the status quo” (this, as he's about to launch into a diatribe about how people are going to be homeless and drop dead if his HC doesn't get passed, and in direct opposition to the fact that we do offer other solutions, have said repeatedly that we think the system needs to be changed, etc.), are “clinging to our guns and religion” because apparently we are ignorant and something to be mocked and belittled, are suffering from “selective amnesia,” are “angry mobs,” and my very very favorite is when the president of the United States of America called me a “teabagger,” a word I had to look up, but which apparently involves placing male scrotum in the mouth of unsuspecting sleeping people (sounds like sexual assault to me) and is also a word used in the gay community for sucking on scrota. I'm sorry, but I find this extremely offensive coming from the leader of the free world and directed at me (yes, I take it personally, I'm one of the “extremists” he so disdains.).

    He tried to shut down Fox News, or at the very least to silence and isolate them. Luckily, even the fringe media thought that was going too far, but every word he said against Fox, he said against me, as a Fox viewer.

    In addition to the McCarthy-esque witch (fish) hunt for detractors (WHO, what leader, asks that citizens be turned into the government for voicing their opinion? It was an outrage!), he also, or rather Napolitano did, but she answers directly to him and was appointed by him so she's his responsibility, sent out a memo to the police across this nation to be on the lookout for (the phrase was “to beware of”) “right wing extremists.” Now, sure that might make sense if some white supremacist group was murdering people, but the memo defined these “right wing extremists” as not necessarily part of a hate group, but people who oppose abortion, people who oppose illegal immigration, people who served in our armed forces, people who think that the federal government should not be favored with power granted to the states (damn that 10th Amendment!). I, by this definition, am a right wing extremist. It's ridiculous, insulting, a huge waste of resources, and worst of all, it puts on a dangerous, dangerous path. You can't have people “reporting” opposition to the president, and you can't have the police watching law-abiding, tax-paying citizens who happen to be pro-life (and for the record, I'm not, but I do oppose illegal immigration and think that power should DEFINITELY not be amassed in the federal government).

  15. (continued–stupid blogger word count limit!)

    The ONE positive thing that I think he did was to reject the charges of racism that were being levied against conservative opposition by everyone from Jimmy Carter to Bill Cosby. His saying that he didn't think it was based in race and that he understood that he couldn't have been elected without the white vote (not that he got mine, of course, but that had nothing to do with race) was a positive. I'm honestly not sure if he actually believes that, though. But still, his saying it was good.

    I have blogged (A LOT) about all of this, so have links, video, etc. Not that I need it, you know all this happened unless you've been living under a rock. And I'm quite sure that you haven't been. And I'm not sure who's been whispering sweet nothings to you about my fuzzy slippers, but I can assure you there are far more magical things about me than those. hehe

  16. Thanks for laying it out for me. As much as I'd like to respond, it would be veering into off-topic territory. However, can you provide me with a video link of President Obama calling you guys “teabaggers”?

  17. Heyas Malcolm, I've just spent about 10 mins trying to find the audio (it was in a radio interview), and I wasn't successful. This happens sometimes with material that doesn't show BO in the best light, I'm afraid. If I stumble across it again, I'll be sure to download it and save it (it's frustrating how these things disappear, but I guess that's part of our new world order, as it were ;)).

  18. Was that the “radio interview” he did with Venus Flytrap? Or was it Les Nessman? Anyway, you don't have to worry about sending it to me. If anything, those of you offended by the term “tea bagger” should be upset at the protesters who carried signs that had variations of the term “tea bag” on them or who showed up at the protests with tea bags on their hats. It's their own fault they decided to use a term that also has a sexual connotation.



  19. Malcolm, as I said, it's not that lefty loons are rude and impossibly base. I expect that from them. My problem is when it's the president of the United Stated of America, my country, that uses it and other disparaging, condescending, dismissive, belittling, and outright rude terms to describe me. Slight difference between some no one blogger or whacked out loser like Garafolo and the leader of the free world, no?

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