Why Liberals Are Wrong About al-Queda

Watching Juan Williams on Chris Wallace this morning I wanted to scream at the television.  Not something I do.  Don’t get me wrong, as libs go, Juan is bearable.  But listening to him prattling on about how the problem isn’t terrorism, per se, it’s anti-American sentiment . . . .  Now, we’ve always known that libs think that al Queda and other Muslim jihadist groups are driven by their hatred of America, which in its turn is rooted in our strong-arming the world and in our (former) economic advantages (i.e. we go around the world giving all these billions in aid and stepping in when crazies try to roll over other countries–think Iran invading Kuwait in 1990.).  We know that libs think that all terrorists live in poverty, are uneducated, and are uncivilized (are barely even people, really).  Not a threat, nothing to take seriously.  And we all know that libs think it’s mere coincidence that all Muslim jihadists are . . . .well, Muslim.  But to hear someone like Juan Williams (again, I think he’s a bit more level-headed than most libs, but maybe he got an extra glass of koolaid this morning) go on about how our image in the world is what needs to change made me see red.

In the year that BO’s been bowing and scraping and erm’ing and d’ohing around the world, the terrorist threat has not subsided.  Not one iota.  If anything, he’s giving them momentum (and something to laugh at).  The “world” (and don’t libs really mean western Europe when they say that?) may have a better view of him than we do here at home, but how has that translated to an end to jihad?  Or even a wee break to bask in the BO love?  Like Juan, BO is somehow convinced that if only these radical extremists knew that he’s a good guy, they’d just . . . stop.  Uh-huh.

Now, I’m not sure what is at the root of this naive and ignorant viewpoint, but I suspect that it’s a combination of the PC culture that doesn’t want to admit that radical Muslims are the problem and the liberal’s own deep-seated, if historically rather recent, hatred of America (when’d it start?  Vietnam?).  There is no doubt in any thinking person’s mind that al Queda is a Muslim extremist group.  They are Muslims.  There, I said it.  Their’s is a religious war, a war rooted in their extreme interpretation of their religion and their religious law.  Their religion, twisted by a guy called Sayyid Qutb, tells them that they are obligated to kill anyone (including other Muslims) who does not follow their extremist views about pure Muslim states and the enforcement of Sharia law (i.e. no democracy, no socialism, no communism, no form of government that is not religious, not Sharia).  Notice that this does not pinpoint Americans, or even westerners.  This is a religious war, with the rabid extremists seeking to wipe out any and all people who are not like-minded (that this would leave few people on this planet, and about one hundred percent of them male, does not seem to have occurred to them.  Or if it has, I’m sure Sharia Law has some way around that for propagation; women, after all, aren’t really people under Sharia Law.).

So it started out as a way to take back their land, as they saw it, to make it pure Muslim, as they defined it.  Then, one day, someone had a lightbulb moment and decided that was not enough (not that the goal was achieved, mind, just that it wasn’t broad enough), so global jihad was born.  That was sometime in the 1980s or 1990s (most of this info can be found on wikipedia, so it’s not like it’s top secret stuff that libs don’t have access to).  And that’s when America began to feel it (rather than stupidly fund it as they had against the Soviets, live and learn).  After they blew up a couple of hotels (in Yemen, no less) in 1992, they turned their sights on America.  The World Trade Center was bombed in 1993, but only 6 people died, Clinton was in the White House, and it just wasn’t a big deal.  Terrorist, schmerorist.  I’ve said before and will say again that if the Clinton administration had responded more intelligently, treating it like the terror attack it was, then 9/11 may not have happened.  But he didn’t.  It did.  Luckily for us, President Bush was in the White House then, and he did take it seriously (though to be fair, I’m sure Clinton would have been forced to do so if the 1993 attack had managed to kill more people.  It’s all in the numbers, right?).

There were other attacks before 9/11, of course, the U. S. S. Cole we all remember well, and the embassy bombings, but they all happened . . . well, away.  So until 9/11, the American people didn’t really know much about al Queda, about jihad, or about Islam really.  And then we did.  What happened after that, though, is where things started to go wrong in this country’s approach to and response to terrorism, to the jihad that had begun in the Muslim world against other Muslims and that had “gone global.”  President Bush became the bad guy, his policies the target of vitriol, and eventually, in many libs’ minds, he, personally, was responsible not only for 9/11 but also for the jihad being waged against us (and the rest of the non-radical-Muslim world, including, remember, other Muslims who don’t follow that extremist ideology).  But that’s just wrong.   It’s not historically accurate, and it’s not ideologically accurate.

Blaming Bush, and by extension America, is an infantile response.  It says, this is beyond my cultural and / or ideological comprehension–it does not fit my limited (anti-American) worldview; therefore, it does not compute.  It’s funny how the libs are saying it’s anti-American when that’s actually a better descriptive for them.  Rather than accepting the reality that we are under siege by religious fanatics who hate us not because we are American but because we are not Muslims who share their exact view about governing one Muslim world under Sharia law.  That’s the problem they have with us.  I’ve said before and will doubtless say again, that denying that this is about and only about religion is like saying that the Crusades were not about spreading Christianity.  Or what?  We think only Christians wage holy wars?  Have we really become that poisoned by political correctness?  (Bashing religion is supposed to be un-PC, but we all know that does not apply to Christianity.)

According to Juan Williams and millions of other liberals, the problem is that anti-American sentiment is driving people to jihad.  Why, then, did the Fort Hood terrorist not simply kill himself?  He’s an American.  Why did he shout “Allah Akbar” and not “I hate America” or some such nonsense?  Why are Korans always found in these terrorist hideouts (well, if you can call an apartment rented by five, young, single Arab men a “hideout”)?  Why do the “terror manuals” all go on and on about how great these martyrs will be in the eyes of Allah?  How they are doing the work of Allah?  How they are warriors of Allah?  Seems a silly thing to include in a book that should be documenting all the horrors and problems with America, to reinforce hatred of America, right?  They hate America, all right, but the only way we can “fix” that is to become a Muslim nation, to become Muslim extremists ourselves, that follows strictly Sharia law.  That is their goal.  And it’s non-negotiable.


27 thoughts on “Why Liberals Are Wrong About al-Queda

  1. Great Post!!
    Libs, can't handle the truth. Its beyond their capacity to comprehend. They only things they understand are lies and distorting the truth. Many live in this peaceful utopian dream world of books which consists of fantasies instead of REALITY. Those types of theories and philosophies don't work in the REAL WORLD, the one in which we live in today.

  2. Hi Fuzzy! This is a great and well thought out post. I watched Fox this am too, and saw Juan completely miss the point. These people just don't get it. What do we care if the “world” likes us more because obummer is sucking up to them? They are laughing at us….we are perceived as WEAK. Closing down the embassies in Yemen gives the terrorists what they want!
    It's all very maddening, and I fear we are only seeing the beginning of worse jihad against America.

    On A lighter Note, Thanks for your lovely comments and cute Pic over my way for my special day. That was very sweet of you!

  3. @ WHT, lmao!

    @ Teresa, thanks. And I so heard Jack Nicholson when I read that first sentence. It's true. They can't. They invent things, and when that doesn't work they go for ad hominem attacks. Silly rabbits. Delusional rabbits.

    @ Bunni, thanks! Yes, wasn't he sort of absurd? And did you see the way Bill Kristol (LOVE him) was looking at him? hehe. And yes, unfortunately, I agree, we are going to see worse here in America from the jihadists. And we need to watch Iran, too, they're going to nuke up, and that ultimatum/deadline to BO won't be an empty nothing (like BO's ultimatums/deadlines always are).

    You are a fantastic person and great blogger friend, I'm so pleased to know you. I hope you have the very best birthday ever!! 🙂

  4. Very nice post. I think there's another uncomfortable truth out there concerning the liberals' interpretation of these events: To them, Islamic terrorism is somewhat frightening. What's REALLY frightening to them is the prospect of conservatives consolidating political power around the perception of being tough on terrorism. Liberals want to wish terrorism away because they don't want to see Republicans capitalize on it, politically.

  5. Hi Conrad! 🙂 If that's true, then . . . I have no words. What can possibly be more dangerous, more diabolical, more irresponsible than recognizing the threat but ignoring it to score political points? Horrifying thought, but then, we are talking about the progs here, so anything's possible.

  6. Interesting that the liberals are blaming Terrorism on a hatred for the US because of our actions. Last I heard, there were a few other countries out there being targeted as well (Russia, India, Pakistan, Iraq, and England to name just a few)

  7. Exactly, WMUR! I was going to mention particularly the London and Spain bombings, but it took me off on another rambling tangent (and there are enough of them here! heh). But yes, their complete denial that attacks occur anywhere but here or that if they do, they're still about America makes zero sense. Then again, nothing they say about terrorism makes much sense if you think about it.

  8. I still can't believe that some Americans are so flipping stupid as to support an a guy like Obama. But then again we still have bloggers like Truthie101 and his ilk..
    I guess that some still like Truthie101 and his pathetic blog, that great and humorous and filth ridden blog about the current state of the US administration that he loves so much..

    Some people may not like George Bush – but you would have to be completely STUPID to buy into to Obama.
    Seems like he is allowing his opinion to crowd out the truth. When an American president can write “typical white person” and a article writer such as yourself complain when “racist” is used against you, a hurt liberal whose parents did not raise you for this, then “race” is the dominant meme. The overarching comment. The ham-handed pejorative. Better to give up the unfounded notion of race, and dream with Dr. King of that color-blind society. In my version of the dream, people stop using the notion of race as a way of measuring individuals.

    Until then, everyone who likes to use the concept can call someone else “racist,” and in doing so probably prove their own “racism” as well. Funny how the worm turns, isn’t it!

    Typical leftists – they can't tolerate dissent or opposing views so they have to attack them. Obamacare stinks to high heaven and I don't care if it is being promoted by a blue-eyed busty blonde female President. The American people don't want this crap sandwich but the corrupt Congress and President want to ram it down people's throats while they and their liberal allies are exempt. The Revolution is coming folks, if this government thinks that people are going to cheerfully lie down and accept indentured servitude, they're smoking crack.

    The Demogoguic party has no other recourse. And will mimic the MSM and blow it all out of proportion. Case of the pot calling the kettle black. Affirmative Action RACIST

    Sotomayor the ‘wise Latina’ RACIST

    The Obamanation in GATESGATE RACIST

    Rev Wright RACIST

    Prof Gates RACIST

    96% of Blacks vote Obambi RACIST

    Oprah RACIST

    I rest my case.

  9. Heyas, Mal, well, I've read some fine rants in my time, but this is right up there! Never heard of Truthies, but doesn't sound like it's of interest to me. When I do read lib blogs, I try to stick to those that are well-written and/or attempt some form of intellectual thought. “crap sandwich” hehe, that made me smile. Anyway, yes, there are serious problems with racism in this country, and it does seem that they are linked not to conservatives but to liberals.

  10. Slick Willy had his finger in the air and now Barack Himself Obama has his up his butt because he loves himself so much. He simply cannot understand why his muslim brother would want to attack us while he is at the helm. He sees no evil except from those racist Americans who oppose his policies.

  11. What kind of slip was that, do you suppose? I meant – blowing themselves UP all over the world. Oh well, I always wanted to be the comic relief and God knows I'm laughing out loud myself right now.

  12. Mal, Truth101 is a big liar. Stay away from that one.

    Fuzzy, I tweeted this post. I LOVE that button. THANKS so much for helping me to get the button for my blog. Every reader on Twitter should hit that button while passing through. Easy as PIE.

    This is a wonderful post, btw. I used to want to believe in moderate muslims. But I don't anymore. They are made irrelevant by their silence and tacit approval of Jihadism and Sharia Law.

    Also, as a WOMAN, I am terrified of Sharia Law.

  13. @ Ron, that's a good one, hehe. And yes, I do tend to think that BO can't understand why now that this “not a Christian nation” is led by a closet Muslim (we don't know how radical, though, to be fair) the terrorists are sending us candy and flowers instead of Nigerians with bombs in their panties. He's an idiot. Or something more sinister. Remains to be seen.

    @ Janie, omg, I am rolling over here. That is hilarious. I did, though, sort of insert the missing words when I first read it, so I didn't see the typo until you pointed it out. Glad you did, made my day to have a good laugh! I need to check out that link, too, thanks for sharing it.

    @ Opus, thank so much and you are so welcome! We all need this. Jessica over at Conservative Mama has a post today that I would have tweeted in a second (even looked for the button) as did Teresa (hint hint, Girl!).

    And Muslim groups do come out and make statements condemning the jihadist actions; we just don't hear much about it because if they aired that, the fringe media would have to acknowledge that the problem is religious not anti-American. Oh, the tangled webs . . . .

    Yep, we women have MUCH to fear about Sharia law (and let's not forget that at least one of BO's traitorous horde wants to start imposing some Sharia law here in America. Now.).

  14. Exactly.

    Islam's goal is to convert or remove all non-muslims. Has nothing to do with America. And they're not stupid. They are attacking on any and all fronts, most disturbingly by integrating into society and politics.

    PC Dis-arms America and the free world
    Anti-Racial profiling Dis-arms America and the free world.
    They've been at this and we've been ignoring them since 1970 through 9-10-2001.

    Of course the reason libs so easily believe it is because of Bush and America is because they never knew anything about the problem to that point and as usual, assumed it just started yesterday.

    Bunni, I think it's great we close the embassy in Yeman. I wish it were permanent. Let's close them all in these radical state permanently and get this thing going. Let's declare this war, and purge our country of groups like CAIR.

    It's not up to America to include Muslims. It's up to Muslims to conform to American society. If they don't like it pick another country or go back to the hellhole they came from.

  15. @ Jersey Girl, thanks for stopping by and welcome!

    @ Rotti, thanks for the link, I'll check out her site. 🙂

    @ Kid, they certainly are not stupid, nor are they ill-educated or poor. I'm so sick of hearing how they are so much less than us, and we so better. It's just not true. And it's friggin' RACIST, right? Ugh. Anyway, I'm so over PC crap that it's not even funny, not to the point of being racist or evil (I'm neither), but I'm just over it. It's whittling away at our freedoms while protecting our enemies. It's bassackward and dangerous and must be stopped. Kind of like BO and the entire dem machine. LOL, yay! So happy it's finally 2010 and looking forward to 2012!

  16. Dear Fuzzy,

    Now that your post has me really fuzzed up; I gotta get ready for work! But I do have all day now to ponder how best to diss on the PC (Pretty Crappy) BS.

    I my humble opinion, Janie should change her name to The Owl, that was one hoot of a missed word post.

    Bestest Regards,



    I am a pretty nice fella once you learn to ignore me.

  17. Dear Fuzzy,

    Thank you for the welcome back.

    It was a long weekend, so I took up dissing (or did that start with a p) as a hobby and constructed a couple of blog rooms to do what I do best, which ain't much.

    So if life don't have the ole colon twisted in a knot, come on by and sit a spell.

    Love your unfuzzy work,



    You cartoonify quite well.

  18. Hiyas Jaded, I'll definitely come over and check out your page (I have a feeling that my colon is doomed to perpetual twisted-ness until 2012 when we can remove this buffoon from the WH, so I'll just have to deal until then! :)). Of course you are welcome here any time. And thanks for the compliments, these are always most welcome, too. 🙂

  19. Anti-American sentiment is driving people to jihad? What a ridiculous statement. The radical islamacists are commiting jihad against fellow muslims because they belong to the wrong sect or they're not fundamentalist enough. Juan should really know better.

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