Thatcher’s Stance Against Socialism Resonates for Us Today

C-SPAN ran the first televised session of the British House of Commons last night, and I was rather intrigued to watch it.  This is circa 1989, and it’s quite interesting to hear her make the same arguments against socialism in Britain then that we are making in America today.  As we sink further and further into astounding deficits and massive national debt, as our government prints money like crazy, forcing inflation, and as our government sucks up massive amounts of the private sector, her words resonate for us today.

Thatcher’s point about isolation being leadership and winning your argument is another that is rather timely.  While BO grovels around the world, scraping at the feet of communists and murderous dictators, currying favor (well, trying to, anyway), we have no leadership and are not acting as leaders.  BO is falling over himself to give away our sovereignty, make us less than we are a country and as a people, to, as Thatcher quotes (this one’s circa 1990), “talk without shame of being one of the less prosperous countries . . . . .”  BO is ashamed that America was ever prosperous, ever powerful, and he is moving to ensure that we are brought to our knees. 

Another vid I ran across while searching for what I watched last night is an accurate statement of what our socialist government wants:  the poor to be poorer as long as the rich become less rich.

Hear, hear.


34 thoughts on “Thatcher’s Stance Against Socialism Resonates for Us Today

  1. Thatcher ROCKS! I love the last one where she describes socialism as making the rich less rich, even if that makes the poor poorer. It is all about envy and class warfare. Ugly!

  2. I love her. And what is happening here is absolutely class warfare, and it's just as idiotic here and now as it was there and then. Another of my favorite Thatcher quotes is that the trouble with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money. Truth. And we're well on our way to that here, with 40% of Americans not paying taxes and that to top 50% in the next few years! Except I've seen enough of BO to understand that he's not interesting in socialism, he's interesting in overloading our system, toppling our economy, and starting over with a “green” economy focused on “social justice.” And you know what I think of that. 🙂

  3. The modern socialist doesn't give a hoot about the welfare of the poor, they only want their votes. The modern day socialist is an elitist who knows under a socialist system he will be in that new privilaged group of government administrators.

  4. Very true, Ron, but I'm wondering when any socialist in government gave a hoot about the welfare of the poor. Wracking my brains, can't think of one instance where socialism has been applied by government with the welfare of anyone but themselves and the amassing of power and wealth (for themselves, of course.). But then, I'm a cynic, maybe some socialist government somewhere cared.

  5. I found these clips eerily familiar…She had it right…nationalization of the private sector, less productivity, socialism. We're seeing this progressing today. I really can't afford to become 'more poor'!

    What a rowdy bunch the English are…remember what hell Joe Wilson took for saying 'you lie'? and to add insult to injury he was correct…

    Hopefully the peeps will peek out from under their respective rocks and smell the winds of change that will surely effect EVERYONE..the smoke is building…we must pay attention.

    Enjoyed the video and post!!!

  6. Fuzzy, I am having so much fun with the tweet button. Did you know if you click on the number itself, the TweetMeme site will show you who tweeted your link, even if they didn't @ you on Twitter? Amazing!

  7. Hi Fuzzy! These are great video's “The iron Lady” had the right idea, oh that people had listened. Now they have psycho gordo, like TM said, look how England has changed. I hope they can bring it back.
    I also pray that America doesn't go down the same terrible road.

  8. @ SG, I can't afford to be more poor, either, but that's what's going to happen if we don't put a screeching halt to this progressive craziness. And I know, aren't the Brits great? I love that controlled mayhem thing they have going on in their House of Commons. 🙂

    @ Kid, thanks for the link! (how did you get it to BE a link in these comments? I'd love to be able to do that). Also, shoot me an email, please.

    @ Opus, you are such a cutie! I'm loving the tweet button thingy, too, and how cool that we can see who's retweeting us! Yay! I wish everyone had it now. 🙂

    @ Trestin, We've fallen, too. Thatcher and Reagan had it right on so many fronts, and here we are, handing over our sovereignty, rushing to give away our wealth, security, opportunity, future. It's beyond sad and scary. (welcome back, too!)

    @ Bunni, We'll get our footing back this year, no worries. This country may lunge a bit too far right to over-correct, but better that than this destructive path we're on!

  9. Few politicans, those on the right and those on the left care about the people. They only care about the voter and the next election. Occasionally that rare bird comes along, but he is quickly turned out by the force of the special interest and powerful voting blocks who cannot tolerate a honest man. This is the system we have and for the immediate future we are stuck with it.

  10. @ Ron, sad but true 😦 But once we avert further damage to our country, we can work on that. I don't think that anyone's going to rest until there is a sense that Congress is representing us and not themselves. This refusal by the left to pay the slightest heed to the fact that the people do not want healthcare is sinister and one must wonder why they don't care, what they know that we don't.

  11. You know what's even more amazing, Kid? The way that liberals bemoan the inefficient beurocracies that we bemoan, and their solution is to establish more, bigger ones. I was watching a CNN story last night that was supposed to be pro-ObamaCare, but all it did was show how useless, mind-numbingly complex and slow both Medicaid and MediCare are. How these two programs are red-tape nightmares and don't guarantee coverage, deny claims, and cancel out other low-income programs. D'oh. OF COURSE they do, if you're on unemployment or welfare, chances are that you will make too much to qualify for Medicaid. Go figure. The solution? MORE government intervention and oversight (oversight in BOTH senses, of course). If something doesn't work, do more of it. Woohoo!!

  12. I think in sectors where the free market worked and companies were genuinely competitive then Thatcher's reforms worked well for Britain – the telecommunications industry is an obvious positive example.

    Where you swap a nationalised industry for a number of private companies whose priority is profit/return-to-shareholder rather than service to the consumer (and the state has lost the ability to regulate their activities) then I don't always see it as such a positive thing.

    One example – I would love to see the trains returned to the public sector – that way it would be possible to implement a national transportation strategy to keep the country moving when gasoline prices start to go through the roof (as many believe they inevitably will).

    I don't expect you to agree with me 😉 A lot of Brits are rather disenchanted with how some of the privatisations panned out. But we'll never really know things would be now if Thatcher hadn't come along. She was certainly a strong principled woman and I can admire her for that.

  13. Obama is finding out that these jihadis are going to range from pests when they get caught before they kill innocent Americans, up to a gigantic political problem for him when one or more of them do get lucky and end up killing a whole bunch of innocent Americans.

  14. @ CL, nice to see you here! 🙂 You're right, I don't agree with you, but hey, that's okay, right? I'm not sure about in the UK, but here in the US, anything the government runs from the Post Office to the DMV to MediCare does anything but provide customer service. Indeed, they are usually slow, uninterested, uncaring, and somewhat rude. In the private sector, however, customer service matters, and this has become even more true with the advent of myriad means of customers reviewing businesses and products online. When you have a complaint with a private company, they must deal with you or risk losing your business and thus that profit you so disdain. It's a good system. Private companies are subject to oversight by the government, so there are some regulations that are intended to keep the consumer protected, and largely, I think that's a good thing (though I do think that too much regulation is not a good thing, it's about balance). If you don't like the service or have a problem with a private company, you can take your business elsewhere. If you don't like the service at the DMV or at the Post Office, you're SOL. You can't go get a drivers' license or buy a first-class stamp somewhere else, so you wait. And wait. And deal with grumpy, nasty government employees who can never be fired. That's just two government agencies, if they ran everything, as they seem intent on doing, then not only does competition die (no one can compete with the government, they either make laws to prohibit it, as with first-class postage, or they set regulations that no private company can meet without going bankrupt, as with BO's plan for the coal companies and healthcare.), but so too does our own ability to make decisions about where we buy things, what we drive, how we live. I see this is a serious problem. So no thanks, I'll take the private sector any day of any week in any year. 🙂

    @ Mal, hiyas, I was wondering where you were! 🙂 It does seem that he's beginning to see that his intellectual and theoretical / ideological approach doesn't work in reality. It's a start. But I doubt that changes anything in any real sense. He'll make up some new names for stuff, talk crap, and carry on as usual. We know that. And al Queda knows that.

  15. I think you've really hit on something there Fuzzy – maybe that is why my perspective on this is so at odds with yours. My perception is that the public sector in the UK is more accountable to me than the private sector. It's great when, if you get poor service from a private company, you can shop around but if that private company effectively has a monopoly or their “competition” offers similar levels of service and similar pricing then the system ceases to look attractive. In healthcare the government in the UK offers a large insurance scheme, benefits from economies of scale and excellent purchasing power, and has no shareholders to pay out before me. But, reading what you have to say about the public sector in the US, I can better understand why you don't want Obamacare.

  16. @ WHT, you're such a gem! I love that about us; so encouraging and great reminders of why we want to save our republic and keep up that fighting American spirit! 🙂

    @ CL, there are laws against monopolies here, not that some companies don't find a way around that (I'm stuck with Comcast cable, for instance, ugh), but on the whole, that keeps anyone (er, except the government) from holding a lock on a service, etc. Obamacare would be a complete nightmare here. If he gets that, he'll have a lock on well over 60% of our economy (some say as much as 74%). At what point are we no longer free market capitalists if the government holds, controls, and corners that much of the private sector. Luckily, we can vote the socialists out and replace them with common sense conservatives who will undo the damage being done now. I just hope that it's not too late (the dollar is going the way of the dodo, we're about to be smacked with massive inflation, and frankly, I think we're heading to a deep depression. Ugh.). Anyway, thanks for understanding what I'm saying. 🙂

  17. Fuzzy, The way that liberals bemoan the inefficient beurocracies that we bemoan, and their solution is to establish more, bigger ones.

    Exactly.. We have some Vegan Communist (liberal) friends that we dine with every couple months. Last time we were out, he was trying to sell me on obamacare. I said “They bankrupted medicare, social security and everything else they've managed, why would you want to give them more power and money.”
    He looked confused for a minute, but didn't change his mind and gave me the idea that he and they are against private carriers because the CEOs are making big money – and bankrupting private citizens of course as they get treatments. He had said earlier that one of them was making 12.5 mil. I said I thought that was great. His jaw literally dropped. I asked him how much money he thought Pelosi pulled down every year. She flies a 757 to San Fran twice a week, to say nothing of all the money she steals and legislates for her families interests.

    The libs just don't get it. I call him a commie because it is clear he hates to see people making millions a year and wants government in fact to take over everything. He's a union guy as well.

    I tried to tell him that rewards are what advances in the products and services around us come from. They don't get it.

    He thought it was great doctors in France do house calls. I asked him how much health care can come out of a little black bag. Sigh..

    There has been a long steady demonization of private industry by the government. They do it for a reason.

  18. @ Kid, that's it exactly. When you point out the flaws in the logic, they look confused and dig in their heels. It's so frustrating, isn't it? You point out why what they say/support is illogical and unworkable, and they see it, but still support it. Bizarre.

    @ JMK, you are most welcome, my friend!

  19. @Kid – If I had to decide who I could trust to provide good service and good value for money in the UK I would place small private companies (especially family businesses) first, the public sector second, and large private corporations last. This is not because the government has demonised private industry here …. quite the opposite actually …. with Thatcher just starting the process of selling off British assets or liabilities (depending upon your point of view!!!).

    As I said to Fuzzy though, I can (now) begin to understand why you in the USA see things totally differently. Our only contact with the public sector in the US was with the DMV (and they were pretty pleasant and efficient in OR I have to say) but many of our friends were very frustrated with public sector workers and systems.

  20. CL. You left out large Public companies. How do you feel about those? Companies who anyone can invest in and hopefully at least keep their nest egg a hair above inflation. TO me, this is the main purpose of the stock markets as a whole.

    But I agree with you. Small business. Family businesses. Small business employs 70 to 90% of Americans depending on where you get your number.
    Large businesses do not grow their employee base. Look at IBM in 1970 and in 2009, and you'll see about the same kinds of numbers.

    Oddly, this is the sector that obama wants to attack. Small businesses making over 250k a year. You don't need to be much of a small business to make over 250k a year.

    And when your taxes go up, are 'you' more or less likely to hire or add to employee benefits/wages ?

    This is a good example to explain our main dissatisfaction with democrats. Their ideas are parasitic to growth and health of a nation. If we didn't have an alternate party to take the wheel every 8 or 12 years, we might be under by now. In this case, we all it's only 4 years.

    But there is another interesting facet to your point, and that is American government's tactic of stealing a family's wealth in order to keep new members from joining the power group.

    They tax you. They inflate which deflates your savings, then when you die if you have anything of significant value, over a million? to leave to your family the government takes at least 50%.
    This is purely to avoid having new blood enter the power structure.


  21. “to leave to your family the government takes at least 50%.”

    Kid, this is a whole other, very fascinating issue. (Probably best just to leave the question hanging rather than hijack Fuzzy's blog with further comment).

    But ……. I read a lot from conservative bloggers about standing on your own two feet, making your own way in the world, not being dependent on others ……

    Now if you take that to its logical conclusion then no-one should be able to inherit anything. Everyone should have to struggle and prove themselves and when they succeed, feel rightly proud of what they have achieved.

    Conservatives criticise anyone who needs a hand-up from the State but taking a hand-up from your ancestors – and that money might have come from exploiting others – is just fine and shouldn't even be taxed?

    It's an interesting conflict IMO.

  22. On your last point, CL. Conservatives do not begrudge anyone a hand-up. We donate to charities often and freely (in fact I have a link in my post to an article that discusses the amount of charitable giving by conservatives vs. that by liberals). What we don't want is the government taking our money, money we earn, and doling it out as they see fit. It's not about giving or helping people, it's about who does it, who is in control. I'd rather be in control of my money and give as I see fit. What's wrong with that?

  23. CL, I don't see it as a conflict if you concede that our culture relies on power groups to lead, legislate, protect, etc. In other words, the opposite of Anarchy.

    They provide a structure for society to live in peace.
    The official name of a policeman is a peace officer.
    To stifle other persons and groups in their efforts to obtain power group status is not only against the capitalist meme, but also evolution itself. Evolution being that which the liiberals seem to worship, they constantly obstruct by stifling the strong and preserving the weak.
    It is the main reason why they must go.
    Asap 😉

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