BO Myths Busted and America Rising

It’s 2010, and it’s starting. This past week has seen the busting of quite a few libby loon myths, and it’s . . . well, it’s kind of nice.

The BO as “Grassroots Champion” and his Technology-savvy Campaign

I began to wonder what happened to the BO magic before the NJ election, but when Corzine lost, after repeated BO visits and pep rallies, I was seriously puzzled.  Where were the BO followers, the vast online and community networks that had seemed to propel him from no one freshman senator to viable presidential candidate to president?  Where’d they go?  We know that the BO campaign apparatus was still in place (Organizing for America, remember them and their fun “flag the fishy” campaign against Americans who oppose Obamacare?).  But losing NJ made no sense.  VA, maybe.  NY23, sure.  But NJ?  Hmmmm.

Well, according to an outstanding article by Micah Sifry, “Obama as grassroots champion was more myth than reality.”  No one who watched BO’s Chicago thug-style political machinations or the way that he treated the Clintons (particularly Hillary) will be surprised to learn that BO’s entire “grassroots champion” image was, if not  a lie, then a misrepresentation.  Who can forget the bashing of Senator McCain for being out of touch, so hopelessly ancient that he didn’t know how to compose and send a simple email?  And then, who can forget BO telling his audience in China that he doesn’t use Twitter?  Those millions of followers who thought that BO was tweeting sweet nothings in their ears, were half right.  They were sweet nothings.

It can’t be disputed, though, that the online aspect worked for BO, that his feigned technological savvy paid off.  So what happened?  After the election, the online arm of the BO campaign tried to stay connected to its large following, but people weren’t interested anymore.  Their guy had won, time to get back to life.  It didn’t help that one by one BO’s lofty promises fell to the wayside or got postponed time and again.  It didn’t help that the very people who put him where he is were subsequently ignored, shunned, shut out in favor of currying more public favor with the real movers and shakers in Washington (remember those lobbyists he claimed to hate? those backroom deals he blasted?).  John Q. Public was used up and kicked to the curb, and he’s none too happy about it.    

But at the end of the day, we on the right learned a lot from him, even if we only learned from what he wanted us to believe.  For example, Scott Brown’s bid for the U. S. Senate in Massachusetts has gained incredible momentum.  Real momentum.  Citizens like you and me are tweeting our little hearts out, blogging, and yes, making a difference.  Polls show the race tightening, dems are scratching their heads, the DNC trotted out Vicki Kennedy to make an appeal for Croakley.  Vicki can’t stand her, in no small part, because Croakley started campaigning for Ted Kennedy’s seat after his brain cancer diagnosis–isn’t she swell?, and Vicki wasn’t going to endorse her if she could avoid it. In fact, she had thrown her Kennedy weight behind another candidate in the primary.  Didn’t do any good then, and it won’t now.  Brown is now receiving national attention that suggests he has a chance in Massachusetts (and not just from Fox News).  Thanks BO, we couldn’t have done it without you! 

BO Will Make the World Love Us

Or not.  After groveling, scraping, apologizing, and bashing America, the world loves us not at all.  And worse, has zero respect for us.  Iran?  Busily burrowing underground to finish up their nuclear weapon program, while publicly thumbing their noses at the U. S.’s flaccid response and multiple requests to stop by this date.  No, that date.  Wait, this later date.  Uh huh.  BO’s a boon to murderous dictators, they love him to pieces because he’s weak as water and they can walk all over him.  BO doesn’t seem to understand that being “liked” is not as important as being respected, particularly when it comes to foreign affairs.

But it’s not just our enemies that BO has succeeded in alienating.  President Bush spoke daily with the UK PM while he was in office; BO can’t be bothered (kind of like he couldn’t be bothered to talk to his hand-picked general in Afghanistan more than once in 70 days).  In fact, BO’s administration told the UK that “there is nothing special about you.  You’re just the same as the other 190 countries in the world.”  BO refused to give visiting PM Brown a state dinner, and he’s avoided as much interaction with the UK as possible, and sent not so subtle messages that he’s not interested in the UK–sending the bust of Winston Churchill that was in the Oval Office back to the UK may not seem significant, but come on! 

Of course, if our slobbering media had done its job prior to his election, we may have known a bit more about BO and his animosity towards the UK.  Remember when everyone was bashing President Bush for going to war with Iraq for his dad, to sort of finish up what Bush 41 didn’t?  Oh, how the left howled at the mere thought of this (there is no proof, of course).  And now we learn, better late than never, that BO has a very personal, very nasty grudge against the UK, a grudge that could well be hindering our national security, our long and important relationship with the UK, and even BO’s attempt to make the world see him as a peaceful, kind, benevolent leader. Apparently, BO’s Kenyan father was once arrested and possibly tortured by the Brits, so now “The facts are, Obama hates the Brits,” said one person close to the administration. “Something to do with his grandfather in Kenya. A colonial hangover. And there is nothing you can do about it” (source)  So there! Don’t bother reaching out a hand to BO, UK, his fist is clenched, and it’s going to stay that way.

Gitmo is the Problem! Close that and voila! No more terrorists.

Or not.  While BO is busily spinning the lie that Gitmo is the reason that terrorists are recruited, the Gitmo detainees themselves are filing motions to stay in Gitmo rather than be moved to Gillmo.  They love it in Cuba under the Geneva Conventions and don’t want to be treated like dangerous criminals in U. S. prisons where they will be under near-24-hour lockdown and have their toys taken away.  I wonder if closing Gitmo will spawn more terrorists?  Naw, we all know, even if Helen Thomas doesn’t, that this is a religious war, not an anti-American war.  Personally, I think Thomas does know but was clever in forcing the BO administration to finally call it what it is: religiously motivated.

A New Era in Politics: Transparency 

Hmph! Not that we ever believed this, but plenty of people across America did, and the recent bipartisan call for BO to live up to his “I’ll air all healthcare debates on C-SPAN” promise has busted that myth once and for all.  Even democratic leaders are bemoaning the lack of transparency . . . “not just to the public but at times to the members.”  As usual, this administration intended to ignore the outcry, but when C-SPAN itself sent a letter requesting access, well, that was that.  BO couldn’t ignore it.  Heh.  BO’s “hold them accountable” crap has come home to roost, and now apparently, he’s agreed to air the final committee discussions on C-SPAN . . . for a whole hour.  Wow, don’t you feel like you have a clear view of the debates now?

Of course, other myths are being busted, left, right, and center:  Global Warming (or Climate Change or whatever the hell they’re calling this massive hoax these days), that the Tea Party movement doesn’t matter, that the Tea Party movement is “whites only,” that government spending will fix the economy, that liberals are the warm-hearted charitable Americans (while conservatives are greedy and self-involved), and that there are more liberals in America than conservatives (we’re center right, people, get a clue).  All myths.  All busted.

And now . . . now America is rising.

America Rising vid: h/t Opus at MAinfo.


9 thoughts on “BO Myths Busted and America Rising

  1. Incredible summation of exactly what the heck happened. And as only you can do, superbly worded 🙂 The part about the UK particularly pisses me off… These are our staunchest allies for crying out loud. Obama needs to be completely isolated so that he can't cause more trouble. Mark my words, you heard it here first: after 4 years of this, the people in this country will just about all hate Obama. He's an amazing force for conservatism, in a way. For a long time, many people didn't understand what conservatism is. Now we have a chance to show them what it is the exact opposite of: Barrack Um-Um-Um Obama.

  2. Excellent summary. But we have to be so vigilant about all the evil surrounding us. Having said that, I believe it will be a very exciting year. Here, in my area, there are so many events daily, I can't keep up. These brave patriots are out there in the snow and cold. God Bless them.

  3. I have some concerns about whether or not the National Republican Party has enough on the ball to win a sufficient number of elections this year. Their competency scores are not very high on how to fight dirty democrats politics. If you are going to do battle with them you have to do it at their level and not from the high road. I seriously doubt that many of the party leaders have ever read Alinsky's book. Do they even understand how the dems have used it in the same way Stalin or MAo may have. Certainly BO and all his associates know it very well and could write an intro for it easily.
    The next problem seems to be that the conservatives we hear about now are shunning the Republican party. So come election time are we to see independents and not a formal party and guess who is still thye lead party in booth houses of Congress. Can you imagine a majority of Congress being independents and what happens to the positions of Majority leader or minority whip???? Who represents us then? Anarchy of politicians?? Will the Nance and the western moron continue her and his reign of political terror tactics??
    It's gonna be interesting.

  4. @ Candelabra, thanks! 🙂 Yes, honestly, that part ticks me off the most, too. He's such a hypocrite (I'll reach out my open hand, if you'll unclench your fist, yeah, right), and he's doing all he can to destroy our relationship with our staunchest, longest-lasting ally. The guy's a boob. Hopefully, the Brits will forgive us for this horrible thing we've inflicted on them and the world, and we can rebuild when we put a REAL president in the WH in 2012.

    @ Rotti, it's certainly going to be an interesting year. No doubt about that. And I don't think that any patriot will mind braving the cold for our country. I don't. I've said and meant that if a freak nor'easter hits here on the 19th, I'm walking to the polls to vote for Brown.

    @ Heyman, yep, it's a mess. But I think that it's a matter, right now, of country first. Our first priority has to be stopping the freaks in Washington by voting them out of office, that means (as you've clearly outlined) that we stick with the GOP. We can worry about party after we've put our country on safer footing. That's my two cents, anyway.

    As to the Alinsky angle, I think it's catching on, everyone is talking about it, and there's some amount of Alinsky in the C-SPAN thing, hold him to his own rules, promises. Oops! LOL

  5. Wonderful summary of this screwed up administration. There has been so many broken promises by this administration that its hard to count. This administration is the most corrupt ever! And, about as transparent as a brick wall. You can tell BO hates America, the way he wants it to be just another socialist country in the world. PLus, he wants to remake America and change it from the way our Founding Fathers intended it to be. He shows disdain for our allies and embraces our adversaries. BO is such low-life scum.

  6. You certainly touched all the bases. I was unaware that the GITMO detainees wanted to stay there rather than being moved to the US. They must have heard about American prisons, and dread the treatment they might get at the hands of some american prisoners, ha! I could see them becomes some big guys “bitch”. I doubt however, this is what BO has in mind!

  7. All I can do is sit here and 'sputter'… from the beginning we have supported and come to the aid of countless countries…we have NOTHING to apologize for except the electing of this president.

    You have a marvelous descriptive writing style…my pens are jealous!!

  8. Great post! Two quick thoughts though:
    1. I can understand while Obama is not close with Britain as Bush was. Would you really want to deal with Gordon Brown every day?
    2. I think Helen Thomas really does not know. I think most liberals do not know, they really believed that terrorists hated America because of Bush. Now that Obama has been in office almost a year that reason is no longer a possibility and they are baffled.

    While the Bush administration made a lot of mistakes, the general of standing up to evil was correct. A beer summit with Osama is not going to work.

  9. @ Teresa, lol “about as transparent as a brick wall”! Too true. And yes, he certainly does intend, hope, to re-make America. But that's not going to happen. 🙂

    @ Ron, heh, I doubt that's what BO has in mind, either. In fact, I'm quite sure that even if moved to the U. S. the terrorists will be treated like royalty.

    @ SG, thanks so much! The media, OUR media, has done a great job making America the villain of the world. And of course, “the world” gobbles that up. When all you do is highlight the negatives, “spin” the positives into negatives, is it any wonder? We're a great nation, and we've done far far more good than harm in the world. That damn America, meddling again, strong-arming and war-mongering, but what happens when genocide is occurring around the world? When nations' citizens fight for their freedoms? When other nations need aid? Call America, she'll fix it. Rather, we would have before this bozo took the WH. Now, we just sit back and watch, like the rest of the world. No thanks, I'd rather regain our strength and leadership, and yes, our might and money. We can't help anyone if we're just as poor, just as downtrodden, as the people who need and ask for (well, demand) our help.

    @ Trestin, thanks! 🙂 LOL on the Gordon Brown thing, but the UK could have a rock star for a PM, and BO would still hate them. It's personal and ideological. He sees them as just as evil as he sees America. And as his own people admit, there's nothing that's going to change that.

    I agree, I think Helen Thomas really knows, too. I hope she keeps pushing it. It's great that this admin finally admitted it's a religious war, but wouldn't it be nice if they also admitted that it's global, not about America at all. Funny how everyone seems to forget that al Queda is bombing in the UK, Spain, Russia, throughout the Middle East and Africa. But all that is somehow about America? Yeah, okay. I hate America, so I'm going to blow up some trains in Spain, an airport in Scotland, and bits of London?

    And agreed on your analysis of Bush. He was right about taking a stand, and he wasn't alone–we've almost always done so, even when we had democrats in the WH.

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