LOL! Obama

I’m probably behind the learning curve on this one, but my friend Heyman, posted a link to a compelling video about political iconography and branding.  Watching it, I was stunned and appalled by the implications of some of the imagery that BO uses, particularly this image:

America’s icons and symbols–the eagle, the flag, the motto–are “fading” away, falling by the wayside, relegated to the past.  The only thing not fading, the only thing that is prominent, substantive, permanent, is the “O.”  No accident there, right?

Here’s the vid, it’s worth the time to watch:

To put it mildly, BO’s narcissism, this administration’s hubris, is a bit of a problem, no?

And what do we think of his “fundamentally transforming” our country?


21 thoughts on “LOL! Obama

  1. Fuzzy, I love this…I have noted you and The Old Fart and PJTV in my blog post this morning. Everyone needs to see this…adds a new level of understanding to this administration. Thanks!!!

  2. i've seen some of those images before, but seeing them all together with the commentary…very powerful.

    will you be posting the lol graphic on your front page?

  3. @ JF, you're most welcome 🙂 And he's not going to finish his plan, whatever that may be. We're on to him now, and it's just not possible.

    @ SG, I agree, everyone needs to see this, it's diabolical, for sure! Thanks so much for the linky love 😉

    @ Chick, yep, BO's been reading up on his German history, that's for sure. Chinese, too, for that matter.

    @ Kerry, agreed, very powerful and very disturbing.

    And omg, I tried to get it to fit in the sidebar, but it was all chopped off and impossible to read, so I ended up having to put it on the bottom part of my page. I'm going to take some time this weekend to try to get it working better in the sidebar, but I'm not great with that sort of thing, like you are 😦

  4. Thanks for that video, it is to say the least eye-opening and frightening. That last image in your post is encouraging however. Again, I enjoyed the video and your comments. Certainly gave me food for thought!

  5. Thanks Ron. I agree that the LOL! is encouraging, as narcissists can't stand to be ridiculed, it's something that is a definite plus (not to mention that it makes me feel all revolutionary and stuff, hehe).

  6. Hi Fuzzy, this is a great post and good video.
    Of course obummer is all about “branding” and marketing his image. Just like Hitler did in Germany and all the other commie's. It's very disturbing and I'm glad it's being exposed.
    I hope your weekend is good.

  7. @ Bunni, thanks! I was shocked to see all this and to understand it more fully. With all the daily crap flying at us, this was something that flew below my radar, and I'm sure many others' as well.

    @ Heyman, LOL!!!!

    @ Trestin, we do know (and there're some excellent books on the topic, one of my favorites is by Susan Bordo and is called Unbearable Weight). However, there's something a little different about selling a tub of ice cream and usurping a nation, so this, I think, is of some immediate import to us. Particularly as we watch the dems do whatever they please, ignore the polls, the people, and SEEMINGLY set themselves up to lose power. Why do that? Everyone is wondering about it, but they just keep going and going. What do they know that we don't. Yet. ????

  8. @ WHT, tell me about it. But ridicule is one thing, as the vid says, that narcissists like the clown in chief cannot withstand.

    @ CC, thanks! And I've add you, love the link exchange thing 🙂

    @ Opus, yes and yes. 😦 But we're on track to win this, Girl, so we're doing great!

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