Scott Brown is Not the One Walking in Lockstep

When I woke up this morning, I immediately checked the Scott Brown moneybomb total and was thrilled to see that it had raised $1, 303,302.50.  Woohoo!  Considering that the original goal of $500,000 was reached at around 4 p.m. yesterday and the the donations were coming not from huge organizations or special interests but from ordinary patriots across the country (nothing “ordinary” about us!), this is truly astounding.  But the fight isn’t over yet.  Last night’s debate showed Croakley at her worst–cold, sneering, and obviously unsure how the Senate works (she thinks she’d be voting on the House bill, for God’s sake), and Brown, if not at his best, certainly miles better than Croakley, he understands the war on terror, how legislative bodies work, and what needs to be done to spur job growth (the Globe, er, that’s the Boston Globe, a lefty rag owned by the NYT, to those outside MA, actually gives a decent overview of the debate).  And that dastardly, SEIU- and ACORN-supported Croakley is up to the same old tricks.  One of Brown’s supporters told me that she was chatting with a union guy outside the debate last night, he was holding a Croakley sign, and he told her that he wouldn’t be there if his union hadn’t paid him $50.00 to hold that sign.  Astroturf, anyone?

And of course, the disingenuous nasties don’t stop there.  Consider the following Croakley ad “Lockstep Republican”:

Two things here strike me as quite awful:  one, why is “lockstep” narrated over an image of Rush Limbaugh holding up his hand (ala Hitler?)?  Bizarre.  And two, the implication, no, statement, that Brown supports “denying emergency contraception to rape victims.”  That’s patently misleading and refers to an amendment Brown co-sponsored that would prevent forcing medical personnel to perform procedures (like abortions) or provide drugs (the so-called “morning after pill” to which this ad refers without saying so) despite their own religious objections.  As I’ve written before, I oppose this, too.  Forcing someone to do something that they think is morally wrong, even a sin in the eyes of their God, is reprehensible.  And it is intolerant.  Squared.

Pretending that this protection of Christian (and Muslim) doctors who cannot, in good conscience, prescribe this drug (or perform abortions), would impair a woman’s ability to get these drugs or procedures is disingenuous at best, downright dishonest at worst.  Hospitals are not staffed by one physician, this isn’t the wild west where you can’t find a doctor for a hundred miles.  This is friggin’ Massachusetts, tiny state, crammed with hospitals (we joke about Dunkin Donuts being on every corner, and right next to every DD is a hospital, clinic, or some other medical facility . . . well, pretty much).  If one physician cannot, for moral reasons, prescribe the morning after pill, then a thousand more can and will.  Even if it took said rape victim three days to find one, and it would take no more than three seconds, she’d still receive it in time (within 72 hours) to avert an unwanted pregnancy that could result from rape.  Furthermore, any woman, raped or not, can easily find doctors who will prescribe this drug.  It’s legal, after all, and readily available. 

Also, Brown is not in favor of denying prescription drug coverage to seniors, that’s patently absurd.  What he IS in favor of, here in MA, and one might imagine nationally, is allowing individuals to purchase insurance plans that suit their needs without having to pay the current fine that we all have to pay (and that will go national and be far worse if ObamaCare passes; here in Mass, you won’t be thrown in jail if you don’t pay!).   Oooh, that evil man!  He doesn’t think that people who aren’t . . . oh, men, should have to pay for erectile dysfunction coverage or that men should have to pay for in vitro coverage (personally, I don’t think that either should be covered at all, but that’s just me).  Brown’s recommendations are spot-on and that kind of thinking would be very helpful if he gets elected and we can really start the whole healthcare reform debate from scratch–not that this will happen, but his level-headedness and supermajority-breaking vote are needed in D. C. to stop other pending legislation that will bankrupt this country, and he will oppose this administration’s determination, and Croakley’s, to treat terrorists as criminals who should get “the right to remain silent,” and he will oppose showcase trials that provide a pulpit for their twisted ideology.  As he said last night, with him in the Senate we can finally begin debate on healthcare reform in this country–Croakley seems proud that with her in the Senate as the 60th, filibuster-breaking, lockstep-radical democratic vote, all debate would be shut down and that one party will decide what happens to 1/6 of our nation’s economy.  Is that what our founding fathers intended?

Patriots, please help Scott Brown win on January 19th!

Update.  Here is Scott Brown’s rebuttal to the Croakley craziness that attacks Brown rather than defending her own positions (if she had any that weren’t exactly in line with whichever wind is blowing in Washington, maybe that’s why she attacks? Dunno.).  Notice how Brown is dignified and retains his principles rather than sinking to her level.


10 thoughts on “Scott Brown is Not the One Walking in Lockstep

  1. Croakly is the one blindly following lock-step the Democrats policies. She wants a one-size fits all health care reform bill for ALL Americans across the country. A one-size fits all health care bill cannot possibly meet the needs of indivdual Americans across this country. Oh, that's right, Libs are against the individual person. Their policies are favorable for groups and for the collective. The collective mentality and policies that favor the collective will hurt individuals' rights and freedom and liberty. But, I guess that's the liberals primary purpose in passing their version of health care reform which isn't really health care reform. The Dems really only care about two things: power and control. This will be a complete structure overhaul of the health care system. I really hope that Scott Brown wins in MA.

  2. @ Teresa, hear, hear! These people are ridiculous and out of control. Scott Brown's election would be our first big step to stopping them in their tracks!

    @ SG, oh boy, do we!

    @ CC, thanks! 🙂 And that kind of thinking is EXACTLY what the DNC, and Croakley herself, are COUNTING on. They know that a whole BUNCH of poeple stayed home in 2008 thinking the state would go blue as always, and because of that, at least in part, it did. We've elected republicans beore and can again. PLEASE don't stay home because you think Croakley has it in the bag. She doesn't. Polls show Brown within single digits, one even 1 point ahead (the Public Policy Poll), and everyone agrees that this election will be about turn-out. We have to go to the polls, that's the only way we can make a difference. I believe he can win, and you should, too! (heh)

  3. I would venture goose stepping to be a better description of the trampling American values have suffered over the last few years.

    It is encouraging to see there are those who can march to the beat of a different drummer. Good luck Mr. Brown and America.

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