The Tides Are Turning: The People’s Seat(s)

People, working people, in Massachusetts are confused.  And with good reason.  The party that they’ve long supported, if not paid close attention to, has deserted them.  Granted, this has been a long time coming, but the difference between Scott Brown, the people’s candidate, and Martha Coakley, the out of touch, Washington candidate, is stark and speaks to the crux of the problems we face today.  Brown, now famously, reminded us all that the Senate seat that is being fought for is not the Kennedy seat, it’s not the Democrats’ seat, it’s the people’s seat.  Croakley, however, thinks that she’s entitled to it, should inherit it because she, like our former senator, is a progressive democrat, a member of the ruling class, heir to the power.  This highlights how far the Democratic party has moved from its one-time position as champion of the people, working for the working man and woman.

We, the people, have been protesting the agenda of this lunatic left administration, and they’ve been “above” it all.  The people, to them, are pawns to be played in politically-driven, greed-grounded, power-hungry grabs for power and to fulfill their “utopian” vision of themselves as the all-powerful governing class who answers to no one.  This is not how our founding fathers set up our constitutional republic.  The power not explicitly granted in the Constitution to the three branches is with the states and the people.  They’ve forgotten that.  Or more likely, they think it irrelevant.  They’ve shown time and again that they think we are irrelevant.

This Senate race in Massachusetts is showing, beyond any doubt, that the Democratic party has lost touch with the one thing that drew people to that party:  it’s no longer the champion of the working person, of the poor, of minorities.  It’s the champion of itself and its mad, blind, self-involved, aloof insistence that it knows best and that the rest of us, the minions, the proletariat, need to just shut up and sit back while they run roughshod over our Constitution and our individual liberties.

Every day, we learn of new semi-secret executive orders and back-room dealings that center more and more power in the Executive branch of our government.  Every day!  The people in power are people who are anti-American, who want to silence and oppress us, we, the people.  They are corrupt, and we know they engage in voter fraud and any number of practices that undermine our voting rights (universal voter registration, anyone?).  The people are nothing.  Nobody.  We have no voice.  We are workers to be taxed to within an inch of poverty, “extremists” to be ridiculed, demonized, and soon, I believe, acted against by this government (between all the moves to silence the right in the various forms of media, the DHS’s warning that we on the right are “extremist” dangers to be watched by the police for opposing big government or abortion, and now Southers, nominated to head the TSA!, who thinks that Baptists and other Christians are the real “terror” threat, it’s not long before they come for us.  We know that, right?  We’re paying attention?).  They’re setting it up, piece by piece, it’s only a matter of time.

But we, the people, are fighting back, and they didn’t expect it.  They didn’t expect the Tea Parties, and they tried to deride them into silence, to use ridicule to demonize them, but all that did and all it does is fuel the anger and justifiable outrage that Americans have at this elitist, out of touch, totalitarian administration.  Membership, if you can call it that as Tea Parties are fluid bodies, is growing daily, people who identify themselves as conservatives now outnumber those who self-identify as liberals, or as Gallup puts it, “Conservatives Finish 2009 as No. 1 Ideological Group.”  The tides are turning, and this election in Massachusetts is a watershed moment in our fight to take our country back.  When Scott Brown stated, what should be the obvious, what should be known, felt, and understood by every free citizen of this country, that this Senate seat is the people’s seat, he sent shockwaves through the media, and most importantly, through the very marrow of the people not only of this commonwealth but of this nation.

Wait a minute, the people’s seat?  The people have a say?  That seat is intended to be occupied by someone who represents the people, their interests, their wishes, their views?   Wow!  New concept.  Only it’s not, of course, a new concept.  It’s an old one, as old as our Constitution.  We’d forgotten it, or rather, in the past year, the Democratic party has forgotten that.  Their sense of entitlement, of party ownership of that seat, of ownership of this country is exactly what is wrong with their party and what is wrong with our country.  They don’t “own” a seat in the Senate, they don’t “own” this country.  They are not in charge here, we, the people, are.  Not only is this Senate seat the people’s seat, but every seat in Congress, and yes, that seat in the Oval Office, is the people’s seat.  Washington may have forgotten that, heck, WE may have forgotten that, but it’s time to remind them all just whose government this is and who they are supposed to represent not rule.


18 thoughts on “The Tides Are Turning: The People’s Seat(s)

  1. Brown is the man. He is right. The people who fill the Senate seats represent the people of that particular state. Coakley, the arrogant crank, thinks she is above working for the people. But, that is specifically the job of our representatives in both the House and Senate. If she and others want a utopia that doesn't exist, think their as above us and as high as the clouds, I am all for sending them to outer space so they don't represent anyone. Send em to the moon.

  2. @ BB, I think he does, too. ๐Ÿ™‚

    @ Teresa, lmao at “arrogant crank.” That's the best descriptive I've read of her. What a hoot! And lol, they're already loony, so a trip to the moon seems fitting!

  3. Browns 'peoples seat' will go down in history as a quote to be remembered…as powerful as JFK's 'ask not what you can do for your country….' comment. Go Brown…maybe a NEW rooster in the hen house that takes care of business!

  4. That was such a fabulous statement by Brown. Also, when Hannity asked him what kind of Republican he was, Brown responded, “I'm a Scott Brown Republican.” Coming close isn't good enough, he has to win!

  5. I also posted on this today. Scott Brown is the man of the hour and at this point in time when many traditions hang in the balance he could very well be the one to turn the tide.

  6. Fuzzy! I love this Video, I saw it when he first said it, and it's just PERFECT! He should make that his TV commercial. The Coakley thugs are running scared and I sure hope He wins! THey better keep the dirty trick watchers out, cause like Nickie Says, it's going to get extra filthy now.
    Pray is right, The Lord must help us on this one.

  7. @ Cubbykins, I know! wasn't Gergen the worst? That made Scott's remark even more remarkable! Woohoo!

    @ SG, that's one quote that we won't soon forget!! A Brown win on Tuesday will seal it as of truly historical proportions!

    @ Opus, aw, your comment makes me so happy. And likewise, I'm proud to be at your side in this, as well.

    @ Chickadee, I liked that, too, but I know what Hannity was going for (he's a HUGE Reagan republican), but for Mass, that was the right answer. And yes, he does need to win big, or it will be stolen away. We cannot have that.

    @ Nickie, yep pray our hearts out and keep supporting him in every way we can. The big dem dogs are coming out, and he's not really getting big time support except from the people at this point. The RNC said it was “fund raising” for him, but I've not seen that that has born much fruit. Thanks for stopping by, too, it's always a pleasure when you do. ๐Ÿ™‚

    @ Ron, did you?! Oooh, will have to go over and check it out asap. And yes, I agree. This is a huge moment, and we have to seize it.

    @ Bunni, me, too! And I'm with you and Nickie, prayers needed for sure. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. @ Rotti, it sure will! And we ALL need to remember that every single seat, including the one in the WH, is the people's seat. We need to take this country back!

    @ Trestin, the race is closer than anyone dreamed, and he's going to win it. It's so important that we start NOW, while we can, to send messages to DC that even they can't ignore. As is, we've already made them sit up and pay attention, but if he wins, it'll be huge, and it might just be what is needed to put the brakes on whatever horrors they have planned for this year. November's a long time away, and this administration is doing all kinds of crap under the radar (well, we hear about it, but it's so much, so fast, that it's hard to keep up much less put it all together AND come up with a plan to respond).

  9. You know as I was watching the news I was considering who in MA is what party. If the dems out number the Reps 3 to 1, then where is Brown getting support. These people are still Democrats. What may be happening up your way is that the people no longer believe in the party. This is very similar to what has happened to the Republican party. So now there is a huge block of potential voters who do not like either party. The tea party organizers are really not just Republicans but people that see that our government is corrupt and needs to be held accountable.
    So this may create a problem for both parties later this next year. If it really gets bad it could work for the Dems because of moronic solidarity of the left. This may be what the party leaders are hopeing for with Brown. But you can be sure that the party leaders are formulating some kind of contingency plan to disrupt Brown's seating in Congress should he win. There will be countless recounts aka FL. Law suits, political skulduggery in releasing election certification and so on and so on. I believe the Republicans aren't proactive enough to make plans for such action. Once again they need to study Alinsky.

  10. Heyas Heyman, well, that's the thing. Everyone thinks that dems outnumber reps in Mass, and they DO. However, and it's a big one, Indies outnumber both dems (33%) and reps (13%) COMBINED! People don't pay attention to stuff like that because this has so long been such a blue state, but people have been jumping the dem ship for YEARS up here. Not jumping on the rep ship, but still, it's something. And it just might make all the difference on Tuesday.

    Also, people who are manning the Brown phones are reporting that the majority of Dem voters they speak to are voting for Brown. That's huge and supports your point about dissatisfaction with their party. We're stuck with two parties this year, I'm afraid. Let's stop the madness and then worry about fixing our party (or starting a new one, which I prefer).

  11. Me, too, Opus! I really think he can, and with all of our help, he WILL. I'm SO excited about this race and plan to be “womaning” the polls this Tuesday, too. I'd like to see a Black Panther try to intimidate ME! hmph! I'll hit them with my rolling pin.

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