Against All Odds the American People Prevailed

This video appears with Scott Brown’s Boston Globe op-ed A New Day is Coming at Mitt Romney Central and is worth seeing.  Twice.


11 thoughts on “Against All Odds the American People Prevailed

  1. Speaking from a pretty-neutral UK perspective it's good to see someone called Brown who's actually popular with the electorate 😉

    May the best candidate win. I shall be very interested to see how this all plays out.

  2. @ Velcro, me too.

    @ Opus, I love it!

    @ CL, lol, and the best candidate if definitely Brown, so I hope he wins!! Honestly, it would be the best thing to happen not only for this country but for the world. BO is determined to tear us down and financially ruin us (among other fun goals), and that would mean that we wouldn't be here to help those who need our help when they need it. Even countries and people who hate America expect us to come in with aid and yes, force, when needed. And we always have. What happens when we can't? Who will? China with its pathetic $1 mil to Haiti? Russia to stop Iran? Not on the likely.

  3. I agree with you Fuzzy that the world does not need a bankrupted America. We need a strong America that stands by its allies and is worthy of our support.

    Just one niggle – not aimed at you – but from some of the reports/blogs I've been reading in the past couple of days you might believe that ONLY the USA has responded to the crisis in Haiti. There is a truly an international effort going on here and I know my own countrymen are donating and sending expertise to Haiti right now.

  4. CL, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to imply that at all. I know that people and countries the world over are helping Haiti; whatever our faults, humans are incredibly heartful when it comes to tragedy like this. I remember very well how the world, particularly the UK, rallied around America after 9/11 and am forever grateful.

  5. LOL, I know what you mean and feel likewise about some blogs that I read (my blood pressure really can't take it, heh). Glad I'm not among the ones you're considering ditching. You have a good weekend, too 🙂

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