Scott Brown Supporters Hopeful for Change They Can Believe In

So I’m on my way to the Stand Out for Scott Brown, and I decide that I’ll pop in on my neighbors who have a Scott Brown sign in their window and see if they want to come along.  For those of you who don’t live in Massachusetts, this is not done.  You don’t “pop in” on strangers, even if they live next door (unless they’ve just moved in, then it’s more “welcome wagon” than intrusion).  I’ve been in New England since 1998, and one thing I’ve learned is that New Englanders are a tight knit, fiercely loyal group who don’t welcome outsiders.  Once you are “in,” though, they make the best of friends and will do anything in the world for you.

I knocked somewhat tentatively, not knowing who lived there, just that they were Brown supporters.  I was holding my Scott Brown yard sign, and as soon as my neighbor saw it, his suspicious reticence melted away as he smiled and rushed to undo the chain.  Wow.  I explained why I was there, and we just started talking about the campaign and how important it is; he invited me in for a moment, and what do you know? There was a picture of President Bush (41) on the wall.  I’m not making this up.  On top of that, my neighbor and his wife are young graduate students (I’d say early-mid-twenties), and they were informed, knowledgeable, and independent thinkers.  I wanted to adopt them.  They couldn’t make the Stand Out but are voting for Brown on Tuesday, and that’s what counts.

Leaving there with a spring in my step (seriously, I had to write that, cliche and all, because it’s truth), I headed down to the Stand Out location.  There were at least 25 Brown signs/supporters all over the place, standing on the corners, holding their signs, waving, smiling, woohoo’ing.  It was electric.

Of course I forgot my camera. 

If the reactions of the drivers were any indication of the election on Tuesday, Scott Brown will win handily.  For every six or seven cars that honked, waved, shouted “Go Brown” and “It’s the people’s seat,” there was one that was for Croakley (we could tell this because they flipped us off or gave the thumbs down).  The rest of the drivers were just driving to wherever they were heading and didn’t pay attention to the many Brown supporters.  A couple of city vehicles (an ambulance and one of the medi-van things) even honked their support for Brown!  After a while, about an hour or so, the one lone Croakley supporter was joined by about five more, and they waved mechanically at the passing cars and one guy whooped when he got the thumbs up or a car honk.  Otherwise, they were uninspired, even bored.

There was no boredom among the Brown supporters.  We chatted and waved and whooped and thumbs upped with all our hearts.  I think I jumped up and down a couple times (but don’t tell anyone, so undignified).  It was a great experience!  The chatter among us was about what a great guy and honorable person Brown is.  Several of the people I met had met him in one capacity or another and sang his praises.  They like him, they really like him.  We also talked about how out of touch Croakley is (Curt Schilling is a Yankees fan?  That’s like saying Ted Kennedy is a [gasp] Republican), how dangerous Croakley and BO are, and we discussed the negative campaign Croakley seems intent on running.  We do not approve.

The people walking along the sidewalks were mostly supportive, stopping to tell us that they and their families were voting for Brown.  But this one little Croakley shrew came stomping out of a nearby bank and announced that she was going to call the tow company to have our cars towed from the bank (it was about 11:30 then, the bank closes at noon).  Well, we all live here, so we know where to park and where not to park, but boy, was she bent of shape (wouldn’t it be funny if the lackluster Croakley crew were some of the bussed in SEIU peeps and they got towed? heh. Okay, I shouldn’t sink to their level, but geez!).  She said she was going to call the police.  To which I responded, why’s that?  We have a right to peaceful assembly.  She sneered, thought for a second, and asked for the number to Scott Brown headquarters.  We gave it to her, but really!  What the heck does she think she’s going to do?  Oh yeah, she’s a liberal.  She wanted to stop our “extremist” standing on the public sidewalk holding signs for Brown.  Ugh, if that’s what supports Croakley, I’m glad that I’m not “one of them.”  Shudder. 

However, that was just one person.  The rest were largely supportive.  The people who were walking around downtown doing their usual Saturday errands or whatever would signal their support, and when one (or all) of us would say, be sure to vote on Tuesday, they’d respond that they wouldn’t miss it.  One elderly lady, who had on a great hat, stopped and told me that “all the elderly” support Brown because he’s the one who cares about them and their health (Medicare, I’m sure).  She said that all the ladies in her “club” were going by bus from the senior center to vote for Brown (she didn’t say what kind of club, but it could have been a gardening club.  Croakley declared war on ladies’ gardening clubs, after all, one great way to lose votes is to be easy on terrorists and clamp down on little old ladies who like to garden.).

As I was walking to my car, preparing to leave, a guy who was walking by asked me if I had any more signs.  I had the one in my hand and the one in my trunk, so I gave him the one in my hand.  He was so grateful and said that the election was so important.  To which I responded, yes and not just to us here in Mass but to America.  This caused another guy who was walking by to say that was the truth and did I have another sign that he could have?  Down to my last one, I asked if he would put it in his yard, and he assured me he would, so I gave it to him.  The support for Scott Brown is enthusiastic, electric, and yes, hopeful for the change his election would bring to Washington.  But it’s far from a done deal, and he needs all of our support.

___________________________ This Just In ____________________________

. . . from the Brown Brigade.  I took this photo (with their camera) of some of the people who were standing out for Brown this morning: 

You can see some of the other Brown supporters up the block on the corner to the right.  There were more on the opposite side of the street (behind these good patriots) and still more around the corner to the left at the next intersection. 

The next photos are from last night’s rally (from Red Mass Group) someone tweeted the link (I think Opus, but I’m still not great with Twitter and things fly by so fast), but they say so much about this race that I had to post them:


30 thoughts on “Scott Brown Supporters Hopeful for Change They Can Believe In

  1. Fuzzi, I'm glad you had a great time campaigning for Brown. Exhilarating isn't it? I'm so glad that people “get it” and know it's time to throw the bums out. Can't wait to see the results on Tuesday.

  2. Those are great personal stories Fuzzi. When I first heard those words come from his mouth “The Peoples Seat” I knew he was the man of the hour, and perhaps the man of the year. I new rallying cry this fall could very well be, “Its the People's Congress”! Keep up the good work lady!

  3. @ Chris, I did! I don't think any weather will stop Brown supporters (and maybe not those, if there are any, who are enthusiastic about Croakley). Short of a nor'easter, we're pretty good with cold and snow up here in January. Woohoo!!

    @ Kerry, it's a different experience, that's for sure! Thanks 🙂

    @ CC, no, I'm on the south shore, but glad that there were people out up in Cambridge, too! BO pi$$ed off a lot of folks up that way with the Gates thing, so I'm not surprised.

    @ Chickadee, it really is!

    @ CC and Chick, big big rally in Worcester tomorrow at 3:30 p.m., hope you can both make it!! It's the People's Rally, and I'm pretty sure that includes you, too, Chickadee, even though you're in RI! 🙂

    @ Ron, thanks 🙂 And yes, if he wins, that could well turn out to be this year's rallying cry. I know that the Croakley supporters weren't comfortable with us and the drivers shouting it. Heh.

  4. Oh, and I forgot to mention that the sign you see leaning against the wall (to the left in the shot I took) says “Obama go home!” It was a hand-written sign and received mixed responses: some Brown supporters wanted to keep the message positive, as Brown himself is doing, and some wanted to express their outrage, however benignly in comparison to Croakley's underhanded lies and negative campaigning.

  5. Fuzzy, I'm very hopeful.

    And Matt Burden in Illinois. Not as hinge pin as Scott Brown, but one socialist out and one conservative in is a double benefit.

    I'd sure like to have the libs worried, fretting and squealing again. And most of all out of majority power. Thanks again for helping 'us'.

  6. Heyas Kid, my pleasure. I can't serve my country in the military, but I can fight the fight here at home, and I will. 🙂 I'm with you, let's do all we can to affect needed change throughout the country. This year is KEY!

  7. Great story! Glad to hear you (per your previous post) got up and out and into the action. Good to hear you met some neighbors too!

    I've been to a couple of local events and it's been fun.. I need to do so more often. My Congressman (Shaddegg) just announced retirement, so I may have a busy summer campaigning for someone.

  8. @ Soloman, yes, I'm glad to be able to get out to things, too, and wish I had done so sooner. I've never been one to get this involved in that sort of thing; I guess all those images of hippies and other assorted lefties protesting turned me off. But this is vitally important, and I couldn't not get involved and still hold my head up. You'll have a fun summer campaigning, I'm sure! 🙂

    @ Nickie, you are more than welcome to come to Mass 🙂 It's really amazing how many people are coming up and over and down to help Scott Brown, not that you should feel compelled to do so. You've done so much blogging and contributing!

    @ Dave, hi and welcome! I'm off to the People's Rally this afternoon, and will take my own camera this time! I'll have some photos and stories to share afterwards, I'm sure. This will be my first political rally, too, so I'm looking forward to it.

  9. What great pictures! They really tell the true story….who knows we might hear something from the 'lame-Stream-media' that these were vicious people carrying weapons! I'm going to toast Scott Brown right now….

  10. Fuzzy:

    Thanks for the first hand account. I really wish I lived in Mass now, the excitement sounds infectious! Trip over to Memeorandum and look at the two polls. One has Brown at 9.6 the other has him by 3. What does your gut tell you?

  11. Fuzzy, this post is WAY TOO COOL! Looks like you will be up late with your posterboard and markers. I hear there are hand made signs popping up because of the high demand for Scott Brown signs.

    We need to get you tweeting from your phone when you are out on your reporter beat. Also, maybe get some business cards printed up with your blog address on them. 😉

    I went to a Tea Party meetup the other night and everybody wanted my blog addy.

  12. @ SG, lol, yes, those are our pitchforks! hee!

    @ Janie Lynn, aw, thanks muchly 🙂

    @ WHT, thanks so much 🙂

    @ Clifton, my tummy's in knots, and I'm afraid to say . . . don't want to jinx it (which answers your question, I guess ;)).

    @ Trestin, yes, we're all worried about that. A LOT of people intend to stand watch at the polls, and I just learned today that we can letters from the Brown campaign to do so, so I'm looking into that tomorrow (well, later today, I guess).

    @ Opus, lol, no, I'm afraid that I'm technologically challenged (well, financially so, which has the same result). But yes, I know what you mean about the blog addy thing, I've had to write mine down for quite a few people. Yay!

  13. FS, tomorrow is the day and Scott Brown is the man and I suspect that Cris Matthews will really wet his pants as the returns come in tomorrow night. I would also guess, there will be a cold chill in the Oval Office.

    Do you thinks the bums in Boston are trying to figure out how to steal this one?

  14. Yes, Ron, I do. But Scott's been down that road with them before and volunteer lawyers are arriving in Mass as I speak. The people will be manning (and in my case “womaning”) the polls. There's some worry about the electronic system, so a hand count may happen. It's very upsetting and incredibly surreal to be worried, seriously reasonably worried, about voter fraud, election stealing, and corruption in the United States of America. But that's the scum pond these low-life lefty loons have dragged us into. Cross your fingers and toes, say a prayer, and get ready to protest if things go awry. I hope they won't, but we're preparing for it.

    And Chris Matthews can kiss my white arse. He's so 2009.

  15. By the way, I may push for a head count if that happens. Have every single living voter show up and be counted . . . okay, that wouldn't happen, but we have to push back before we're pushed under.

  16. Bunni Toes, Snarky, and Rotti – Sorry I missed these comments earlier. But YAY! We did it, and boy does it feel great!

    Thanks to each of you for your support; we'll be there for you, too, when November rolls around. Things have changed, and the old days of “all politics are local” are gone. Every election this year is national.

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