Let’s Roll

Congratulations Scott Brown, junior U. S. Senator from Massachusetts!  We, the people, have spoken.  And not just those of us in Massachusetts, but patriots across this great nation who’ve made phone calls, donated money, traveled to our commonwealth, and blogged, tweeted, and supported Senator Brown on Facebook and via other social media.

Holy friggin’ crap, we did it!

While we want to celebrate our victory in the first battle of the new American Revolution, we are reminded that this was but one battle–a big one to be sure but only one battle–in a year that promises to be filled with more battles as we wage on in our fight for freedom and for America.

We are peaceful people, kind people, people of heart and faith, but we cannot stop now and let the prog machine regain its footing.  We can’t.  Read this article at HillBuzz, and fire up the phone, fax, and email lines to democrat and RINO (yes, RINOs, too!) members of Congress across these fifty states.  This victory is great, it feels sublime, but you know–you know–that this will not stop or even slow down the BO-Pelosi-Reid triumvirate of tyranny.  They have pledged defiance, to push on regardless of what we have so resoundingly said in today’s election.

We have a representative government, yet they do not represent us.  They do not even bother to pretend to represent us.  Because of this, we must continue the fight for freedom without a pause.

We have a nation and a Constitution to defend, Patriots.

Let’s Roll!


13 thoughts on “Let’s Roll

  1. Hey Fuzzy,

    Wow! You certainly did do it! Congratulations to the Commonweath of Massachusetts! America is back on track, and the Patriots of this Great Nation thank you!

    Now let's continue to kick ass and take names!

    Lock & Load!!!

    Sons & Daughters of Liberty Continue to Unite!!!

  2. Well Said Fuzzy. I like the reference to Flight 93 also and I think the people aboard would too ! Most of them.

    Wow, this is truly outstanding. A Red Team guy in MASSACHEWSITS ! And I'm thinking of how pathetic JKerry looked in some picture I saw of the coakley campaign events.

    So, clinton stumped. obama stumped, and they both got stomped. I love it !
    I'm feeling some Love Here !

    No slam dunk elsewhere but imagine what can happen if MASS can elect a Repub !! Arg Matey !

    I read it here first.
    I hope you're celebrating. Enjoy.

  3. Hey Fuzzy,

    Just me again.

    Just one question, where were you when I was fresh out of college?

    You speak a volume of wisdom when you state, it ain't over until we give up. Day in and day out we have to stand and fight for what we hold dear or else we give up the ghost of freedom.

    Words well written!

    The Minutemen would not have been what they were without the Minutewoman who kicked some fannies when needed. Keep pointing out the important details my dear.

    But please, take off your likeable shoes if you are going to kick my fanny.

    Nighty night. πŸ˜‰

  4. That must have been one helluva party last night Fuzzy. How's your head?

    This result even made it onto the BBC Breakfast News this morning!

    I shall watch further developments with great interest.

  5. Congratulations to Brown. More importantly, congratulations America!

    Usually, and most unfortunately, candidates are selected because they're the lesser of two evils. Well, Brown actually seems to be a good guy — despite what Olbermann told his 52 viewers about him!

    And a nice chunk of wisdom for that elitist Coakley to choke on: Don't insult the Fenway faithful.

    And something else I'm wondering: Does Obama give interviews with egg on his face? How's that for the cover of another magazine!? You bum you.

    Now we have to hope they let him in before 2017! lol These progressives play dirty and the mainstream loves it. It's up to us and many more Browns to take control.

    A nice step.

  6. @ L, woohoo! We have our work cut out for us, and time may not be on our side, but we can do this!

    @ Kid, it's truly inspiring, isn't it? And if the dem machine, including BO's OFA, hadn't come in with a MASSIVE GOTV, it would have been a blow-out for Scott Brown. No doubt about that!

    @ Bunni, they're going to seat him, they have to now that people like Barney Frank–BARNEY FRANK–are advising against ignoring the Mass election!

    @ Kerry, πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

    @ JF, lol, we Minutewomen will gladly push forward; we're patriots, after all!

    @ Opus, yes. But we can't stop now, now is the last time that we can stop or rest.

    @ Trestin, yes, very good news! Woohoo!

    @ CL, yes, I was surprised that it made such news over there, as well. And then I thought about it, and wasn't so much. πŸ™‚

    @ Josh, hi and welcome! πŸ™‚ The thing about BO is that he doesn't see any egg on his face, he's such an ideologue, such a narcissist that he cannot conceive that this has anything to do with him. Or his agenda. He's wrong. And his not knowing it, may well be our saving grace.

    @ Chickadee, who'd have thunk it, huh? And yes, onward to November!

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