Matthews and Dean: When Liberal Logic Attacks Liberals

MSNBC is my new favorite channel.  It’s better than Comedy Central since the election of Scott Brown, and I watch and giggle and then I giggle some more.  Oh how I laugh as the libbies try to spin the Brown win into a “blessing in disguise” (for progs!) or try to tell each other that what they know to be true is false.  It’s so hilarious to watch libbies use their illogical craziness against each other.  Watching Erm, eh, ummm Gibbs tell Mr. Ed someone or other on the Mr. Ed Show that he (Mr. Ed) is “smart” and therefore should know that the insurance companies hate the healthcare monstrosity that they (insurance companies) love.  They hate it because Mr. Ed is smart enough to know it, and if he doesn’t know it, he must be stoooopid.

Gibbs also tells Mr. Ed that BO’s brand new strategy is to try to tell the American people that he is a populist (*snort*) president who is “going after the banks” who owe money to gain the people’s trust and their support.  Oh, it’s so rich, it’s so hilarious.  I guess we don’t know and won’t notice that those taxes, like all taxes on businesses and the rich, will be passed on to us, and we’ll be, in essence, paying ourselves back money . . . much of which the banks have already paid back and didn’t want in the first place.  (oh, and we’re not supposed to notice that Fannie and Freddie are exempt.)  Heee! 

The very best, most hilarious funniness was the following exchange between Chris Matthews and Howard Dean:


Seriously.  Isn’t that the funniest thing you’ve ever seen?  Matthews, who usually uses the same crazy logic Dean does, is perplexed by the obvious problems with it.  And Dean responds in the typical crazy liberal way, that it’s Matthews who is wrong because it’s so clear, clear as day, that indies, reps, and dems voted for Scott Brown because they secretly support a public option and wanted to send that message (via smoke signals?) to Washington.  Bwa ha ha, you can’t make this stuff up.


15 thoughts on “Matthews and Dean: When Liberal Logic Attacks Liberals

  1. I love what dean said…”there's only one crazy person around here, and I”ll hold up a mirror and you'll see him” Sweeettttt
    I wish I had cable…thanks for posting this, Fuzzy.

  2. If lord giggles wants to be a populist and go after banks, he needs to start with the Federal Reserve. The video was great. Dean is insane, It was like watching a naked man at the north pole durring winter, complain about how hot it is. Can he be more clueless even Matthews gets this.

  3. @ Bunni, that was too funny!

    @ Chickadee, lmao! That's probably exactly it. Hee!

    @ Nickie, nope . . . well, unless you count BO minus his teleprompter phalanx.

    @ Trestin, LOL, love that!

    @ SG, isn't it great to see them do to each other what they do to us? I was laughing so hard, I had to watch it again to catch all the name calling and finger pointing. You're stupid, you're crazy, you're blah blah blah. It's fantastic!

  4. Fuzzy,

    We can count on the Statist Elite to spend the next several months pointing fingers at each other, meanwhile True Americans are going to clean their clocks!

    I got an even bigger kick out of the BO interview with George Step-A-Posterous with BO actually blaming George Bush for Brown getting elected! Try as I may, I can't rap my head around that one!

    Lock & Load!!!

    Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

  5. Liberals squealing and squirming is beautiful.

    I heard that obama blamed the coakley loss on the 8 years of Bush everyone is still so angry about.
    Then he took the money from the banks and gave it to fan/freddie for more huge bonuses.
    And blamed it on Bush.

  6. @ L, I'm actually starting to find the blame George Bush strategy kind of . . . well, amusing. Is that bad? I think it's GREAT for our side: the more they do it, the more we get nostalgic for President Bush, whatever his faults, he loved this country and its people. And the more they do it, the more out of touch they seem, the more completely lost and inexperienced and childish. It's a win-win, dude, embrace it! LOL 🙂

    @ Kid, isn't it, though? It's so clear here that their only response, as we've known all along, is “you're stoopid”–“no, you're stooopid.” I love it! Yep, they LOVE to blame Bush, and the more they do it, the more his smiling face turns up on conservative blog pages, the more his numbers go up, the more popular and beloved he becomes. I hope they keep it up so we don't have to wait a hundred years for President Bush's presidency to be viewed as well as it should be.

  7. @ L, yes, I think they can be that clueless. Dean sounds like a raving lunatic, but then, he's always sounded like a raving lunatic. Who, but a clueless person, could sit there and mock someone for making sense? (oh, Matthews usually, right, forgot. LOL)

    @ Kid, nope. We're not going to let that happen. Game on.

  8. “Oh, it's so rich, it's so hilarious. I guess we don't know and won't notice that those taxes, like all taxes on businesses and the rich, will be passed on to us, and we'll be, in essence, paying ourselves back money . . . much of which the banks have already paid back and didn't want in the first place. (oh, and we're not supposed to notice that Fannie and Freddie are exempt.)” (FS)

    This assault on the banks is the most absurd kind of populism, mainly because it wasn't bankers who tanked the mortgage market, but government, through at least three administrations (probably four, since the initial law for government's intrusion into banking the CRA came in under Carter).

    In the 1990s officials like Reno and Cisneros sued banks who didn't make enough loans to “low income Americans,” and they wound up writing over $1 TRILLION of bad paper in the 1990s before thy had to be bailed out.

    Barack Obama worked on the team that sued CitiBank earlier this decade for “not making enough subprime loans to those same low income Americans. Between the legislating of how banks lend, to pushing for what Andy Cuomo called “affirmative action in lending,” bankers saw they both had no chance but to capitulate to government's demands and the opportunity for quick profits (via all those upfront fees) of making some quick cash before the inevitable tsunami of insolvency hit….and yes, Wall Street wrote over $4 TRILLION over subprime debt from 2000 to 2008!

    The proof that this administration has had no intention of correcting government's failures that caused the current and ongoing economic failure (if there really are any out there who thought that Barack Obama, who fought FOR subprime loans as a lawyer, ever sought to correct those abuses) the fact that NOT ONE of the the things that triggered this crisis have been repealed, not the credit default swaps or the new complex derivative-based mortgage-backed securities model, not the 0% down FHA mortgage, not subprime lending itself, even the Glass-Steagall Act (repealed in 1999….somehow by “the Bush administration”) has NOT been restored.

    If Obama really wants to target those most responsible for the current mortgage meltdown triggered mini Depression, he doesn't have far to look….Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the liberals in Congress aren't that far from view…..and he could always look in any mirror.

  9. Hiyas JMK, they know this, but they think we are stupid enough to believe whatever they tell us. They've selected their target, isolated it, and are demonizing it. I'm not jumping on board with that. (but hey, I'm getting better at spotting their Alinsky methods. heh)

  10. The sad thing is that it'll work and resonate with some…and that's sad.

    The really pathetic thing is that while the banks have been “allowed” (and that's exactly what it is – government permission) to return temporarily to traditional (a/k/a sound) lending standards, the abuses heaped on the books are still on the books and can be put into effect/enforced any time the government wants.

    In fact, we've had all sorts of mini subprime bubbles since the mortgage meltdown.

    I'm hopeful that more Americans are like yourself than ever before. One reason I hold out such hope is the ratings that Fox news is putting up – last week they were the top Cable Network bar none….they even topped perennial cable leaders USA and Nickelodeon.

    That would seem to bode well for Conservatism.

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