Yep, I’m a Patriot Who Opposes "Change." And?

Dear Radical Progressives,

Hi there, my name is Fuzzy, and I’m a patriot, tax payer, free citizen of these United States.  I wanted to take a few moments to explain a few things to those of you on the shrill, hate-filled, mean-spirited, thoroughly loony far far left, things that I’m pretty sure you cannot grasp, but I will try nonetheless.

1.  Calling Tea Party patriots vile and crude names is (well, yes, vile and crude, but also) silly.  You explode our numbers with your out of touch ridicule, that darned Alinsky magic just isn’t working anymore.  And you know why?  Because we get it.  You think we’re wing nuts, whackos, blah blah blah.  Shrug.

For your crazy, hate-filled raging to make any difference at all, two things would need to be true: I.) That we care, and by this I mean, that we are bothered enough by and/or shamed by your name-calling into stopping our resistance, into slinking into some PC “time out” corner.  Oops, we’re not.  And II.) That you are making a difference to our detriment, and by this I mean that you are attracting an audience for and succeeding in your attempts to marginalize and demonize us.  Oops, you’re not.   You’re sitting in an enormous, once-overflowing auditorium, spewing venom, and you don’t seem to notice that a steady stream of people are filing out and rejecting your message. 

2.  Sit down and take a deep breath, this one may sting:  Saying that we are “against change” is not an insult.  It’s simple fact: we own it and are proud of it.  We are against “change.”  We think that your brand of “change” is not only restrictive, anti-American, and substantively socialist but that it’s also exceedingly dangerous to this country and to its people. 

Your “accusing” us that we are against “change” is like “accusing” someone of being patriotic or of loving their family or their God.  You sound thoroughly silly when you say it.   So yeah, I’m against “change.”  Very much so.  And?

By the way, all the variations of this–that we want the status quo, that we want to “go back”/”regress,” etc.–are not only untrue but equally ineffective.  As always with progs, the only way forward is your way, and as I’ve just explained, we reject progressive “change” and the horrifying “fundamental transformation of America” that you have in mind.    

3.  Thinking that it’s a hurtful “accusation” that we want to block/obstruct/just say “no” to healthcare “reform.”  Silly rabbits.  Of course we want to block it.  It’s a complete disaster and will do nothing but explode costs and raise taxes, while vastly expanding the size, power, scope, and reach of government.  Not something I want to see happen.  There are a few good things in the healthcare bills in the House and Senate.  Take them out, type them up neatly on a page or two, run it through the CBO, and then we can talk about portability and tort reform.  As is?  We oppose it, want to block it, say “no” to it, and will do all we can to obstruct its passage.  Yay us!

4. Blaming Bush is silly.  With each passing day, we miss him more and more.  All you are doing is making us rather nostalgic for a decisive, principled leader who loved this country and worked day and night to keep us safe.  Whatever his faults, he wasn’t a menace to our national security, to our individual freedoms, or to our Constitution.

Honestly, though, I think that this strategy (like the others I’ve mentioned) is doing our side more good than it’s done for yours.  Every time someone in his administration or BO himself blames Bush, BO looks petty, unwilling to take responsibility, and sniveling.  He also looks out of touch, in denial, and like the amateur he is.  I can live with that.

5. Bashing Beck and Limbaugh . . . well, okay, I kind of have fun bashing your insipid, spiteful duo of hate, but at the end of the day . . . our guys sell more books, reach more people, and have higher ratings than your two.  Now, I know you’re fond of saying that we are “brain washed by” or programmed by Beck and Limbaugh (or Fox), but the truth is (again, this may sting), they aren’t creating our values and beliefs, they reflect them.  Well, for the most part, I think Beck goes too far and don’t listen to Limbaugh, but generally speaking, I know I watch Fox because they more closely reflect my conservative values and not for my daily dose of brain washing.  So, the high book sales, high ratings, and larger audience are indicative of the fact that more Americans identify as conservative than liberal and that we are a center-right country.  Bashing Beck and Limbaugh doesn’t change that.

BTW, really sad to hear about Air America going bankrupt, but then, who really wants to listen to screeching, illogical progs?  Apparently, not even other screeching, illogical progs and certainly not normal, patriotic liberals, moderates, and conservatives.

6. Raging against Sarah Palin is, again, silly.  You may not have noticed this, but she’s not a politician any longer.  She’s a best-selling author and contributor on Fox.  We like her a lot, but what’s the point in going after her now?  Petty, confused, foaming at the mouth, rabid little rabbits.  We know she scared you, we know that her nomination for VP sent BO into one of his first petty stuttering tail spins, but to keep on now . . . well, what can I say?  It’s silly.  And ineffective.

7.  Most of us believe in God.  Yes.  And?

8.  We don’t believe that global warming, or whatever you’re calling it these days, is man-caused or that enormous taxes and a global government would solve the problem if it were a problem.  Which it’s not.  We know this.  Heck, even you know this.  Too bad about ClimateGate and the “faulty” data about the disappearing glaciers, you must be heart broken that the earth isn’t in crisis . . . or that you can’t scare people with that silliness any longer, as it’s quite clear now, that the people who were trumpeting this loudest knew it was a hoax.  So, sure call us “flat earthers” or whatever nonsense you like.  You’re not getting anywhere with that . . . no matter how much data you “fudge,” delete, and bury. 

9.  We don’t hate our country, we are proud of it.  Why is that a problem for so many of you?  This is the strangest one of all to me.  As Americans, why would you bash your own country, focus exclusively on mistakes (past and present), and try to destroy it?  Honestly, this is not even a problem with what you say about us (like “oooh, you love America” is anything but a compliment); what I don’t understand is why on earth you would imagine this is a bad thing.

You may have noticed a trend here.  Almost everything you accuse us of is not only true but something that we take pride in.  The days of silencing and shaming us or attacking and marginalizing us are over.  Sorry.  I’m sure it was great fun for you while it lasted.  But tides have turned, things have changed, and your bullying attacks are now merely laughable.

You see, we mostly think you’re kind of funny . . . a little sad and rather pathetic, but funny.  So go on, keep telling it like it is:  We do believe in a power greater than a government or a mere man (mmm mmm mmm!), we want limited government and opportunity for all, we are proud to oppose “change” as defined by and enacted by this administration, we support free market capitalism, we support and will defend our Constitution, we will resist any and all efforts to “transform” us into a European nation or a utopian nightmare, and we are damn proud to be Americans, citizens of the greatest country on this earth.  

Fuzzy, a patriot and a proud American opposed to “change” 

P. S.  I probably won’t be writing to you again.  You see, it’s dawned on me that while you’re making lots of noises, you are losing.  Losing power, losing the upper hand, and losing the war you’ve declared on this country.  You won quite a few battles, but they were mostly Pyrrhic victories centered on overloading the system, removing God from our public lives, taking over our classrooms, silencing and demonizing us, and debasing our nation and its people.  That sounds like a lot, and will take some time to rebuild and fix.  And sure, we let you get pretty far along.  But here’s what we know that you don’t (and I don’t mind telling you because your hubris, your belief in your own lies about us, will not allow you to hear, much less understand this, but):  We. Will.  Win. This. War.

And after we do, we will remain vigilant, informed, and ready to respond to any signs that you are regrouping and starting another 100-year siege on our nation.  If you do, we’ll stop you, and we’ll win that war, too.  It’s over.  Your parting gift is that we’ll allow you to continue living here, in our midst.  Be thankful.




37 thoughts on “Yep, I’m a Patriot Who Opposes "Change." And?

  1. I don't think there was anything “FUZZY” about your logic… Using words for a scalpel, you pretty much disected those “progs” just like I used a real scalpel to disect a “frog” in my high school biology class…

    The results were remarkably similar, they both are “still dead”…

  2. WOW, Fuzzy, you are on FIRE! This was the best post ever.
    I'm going to tweet and FB it around and link to it when I post a similar subject.

    This is the LAST WORD on the liberal prog nut jobs… never have to waste your breath trying to explain us again…they don't listen anyway, but we feel the same way! You done us proud, Fuzzy, you should be Scott Brown's speechwriter too πŸ˜‰

  3. Fuzzy, Fuzzy, Fuzzy,

    That my dear was a work of art!

    Trouble is they still won't understand, Thank God!

    Lock & Load!!!

    Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

  4. You mention that steady stream of people flowing out of the auditorium, rejecting the venom: now the auditorium is closing – Air America going belly up lately is only the latest testament to this rejection mode.

  5. My own representative just called me and us right wing extremeists in an email and we are out to get him next election. So, please send me some money $ 5 or 10 will do so I can fight them this November. This, after his warchest is already filled with 1.4 mill.

  6. @ Born Again American, hee, thanks πŸ™‚ They aren't dead yet; we need to do everything we can to undo what they've done in our schools, our legal system, our society (“God” is not a “dirty word,” for instance, and it is NOT okay to marginalize and silence white Christians). But it's a good start. πŸ™‚

    @ Bunni, lol, thanks so much! πŸ™‚

    @ L, heh, I'm with you on the “Thank God!” Once they do begin to understand, they'll scurry back into the dark corners like cockroaches and be far more dangerous back there.

    @ Chickadee, lmao, Party of Hell No, I love it! And oh, yeah, I'm getting a real kick out of the crazed frenzy on the left.

    @ Kerry, yay! thank you. πŸ˜€

    @ Ron, thanks so much!

    @ Nickie, aww, you make me blush. No, YOU are great! πŸ˜€

    @ Velcro, you are so wonderful, thanks so much πŸ˜€

    @ Trestin, lol! And thanks πŸ˜€

    @ Fredd, hi there and welcome! Agreed. But what do you want to bet this starts more chatter about revisiting the Fairness Doctrine? If people don't want to listen to leftist lunacy, we'll force them . . . and make them pony up the tax dollars to pay for it. The far left doesn't approve of the free market in media because they always lose (i.e. go bankrupt). That pesky supply and demand thing bites them in their arse every time.

    @ Rotti, the left are just nuts, aren't they? When did it become a good strategy to attack, belittle, and call your constituents names? What a bunch of morons. Buh-bye idiot dems!

  7. Wow!

    Sorry it took so long to post a comment. Had to go find a black marker and write on my monitor,

    “jaded, do not piss fuzzy off!”

    A little hard to read now; but I am, for once, gonna listen to my own advice.

    Superlative is an understatment.

  8. I am FOR change.

    I want our government to work for US!

    I want our politicians to stop constantly campaigning and get to work fixing our problems!

    I want our President to acknowledge that this is the greatest nation in the world … and stop apologizing for us being so!

    Yeah, I want change, and I also believe in Santa and the Tooth Fairy.

  9. Fuzzy: we are expecting the libs' efforts at resurrecting that dusty old Fairness Doctrine, we knew it wasn't dead, no liberal idea ever dies; like Dracula, even when you pound a stake through its heart, another sequel always seems to rise from the darkness.

    We're up to it, tho'. That's page 1 in the playbook: when they fail in the free market, they try again with legislation, or worse through the judicial system. It never ends, but we can minimize it with just a few of our Senators and Congressmen/women growing spines.

  10. @ Jaded Fellow, lol, no worries about not reading it immediately! I often have to read several posts by people I love to read because I miss a day or two or can't get to everything at once. πŸ™‚

    And, yeah, don't threaten my nation, its people, or its Constitution. Makes me cranky. LOL

    @ Jam, thanks! πŸ™‚

    @ Paul, now THAT is change I can believe in! πŸ˜‰ And we'll get there. Now that the people are finally waking up, we'll get these changes. We'll weed out all progs first, of course, they being the biggest threat to our nation, but then it's on to RINOs and dems and everyone else who thinks that the Congress should RULE us and not REPRESENT us.

    @ Bunni, aw thanks! I read your post and enjoyed the vid and rant. And of course the linky love. πŸ˜€

    @ Odie, wow, thanks so much! πŸ™‚

    @ Fredd, now that's the truth. And exactly what is WRONG with them. Roosevelt and even Truman tried to some extent to explain their “plan” to Americans, and it was rejected. Every time progs get control, Americans resoundingly reject their agenda. Instead of understanding that this is not a dictatorship but a constitutional republic that is supposed to represent that people's voice, they just scuttle into the dark corners, change their rhetoric and tactics, and intend to shove it on us against our will. That's wrong. If it's so great, explain it and let the people decide. Oops, tried that, it was rejected. Honor the wishes of the people? Hell NO! We'll run roughshod over them and enforce our will. Or try to. It's over.

    As to the Fairness Doctrine, what a joke. Again, they call it something that people shouldn't be able to reject (who's against “fairness”), but it's the least fair thing of all. The public should not have to subsidize failed leftist radio, sure, but more importantly, this is a rejection of the First Amendment because it forces people on the right to censor their own thoughts and speech. That's my bigger problem with it. It's designed, like all prog agenda items, to undermine the Constitution, strip rights away, and push something that the majority do not want.

    Ooops, went a little ranty there, but that's so typical of the subversive, dishonest progressives of today that I just can't help it.

  11. Please.. please.. do not stop writing to the leftist America haters.

    The entertainment value is through the unimaginable, the inspiration unbelievable, the truth undeniable.

    Hope you don't mind, I'm going to post the first few paragraphs and a “read more here” link to you…

    Great work, you flat-earther, God-loving, “change” resisting, right wing wingnut tea-bagging patriot you!

  12. Fuzzy, That was a MASTERPIECE!!!! A work of Brilliance!!! Yo go on telling those Libs how it is because you talk so eloquently, passionately, and assertively.

    I love the fact that the progressives are losing the war in this country. We will fight to keep our Constitution in tact, which is the law of the land, as well as the principles that our Founding Fathers laid in place. We will stop Barry from “remaking” America.

  13. OMgosh, this is a masterpiece rant. I tweeted the heck out of it, line after line. I expect to get some good retweeting too. Such great content. Bravo, Fuzzy!

  14. Fuzzy, this was awesome. These exact thoughts go through my head every time I hear one of them, or read one of their blogs. Like (L) said, most of them will never get it. I'm going to forward this to many. Thanks.

  15. Yep, when you start name calling you have just admitted to everyone you have no substantial argument to make. All you got left is “Your mother!” πŸ™‚

    I mostly agreed with you but I do not think Palin is dead yet which is why they keep stabbing her.

    Ok since the names callers are by default uniformed, you can bet they have never heard of “climate-gate”

    On that note they seem to rarely have any idea about what is actually in legislation they oppose or care for! I just wrote a blurb today about how people who are oh so angry that ObamaCare wnt down PROBALY would not have liked it IF they knew what was really in the 2700 pages of legislation. As far as I can tell by speaking with them, “Obama was for it so it MUST be good!” is about a complex reason most of the name callers can seemingly grasp. Sad.

  16. Oh, BTW. 1) I hate PC euphemisms. 2) I like efficiency.

    So β€œradical progressives” is just too long and not a factually correct term so I just stick with β€œCommies” for accuracy *and* brevity. Lol

    Interestingly, both my nerdy and my rednecky half’s both agree on this one item! πŸ™‚

  17. @ Nikki, hi and welcome! hehe, thanks! It's been a long time since I've earned a “holy freaking moley,” so I'm thrilled. πŸ˜€

    @ Teresa, aw, thanks. I have to admit I'm a little surprised by the response to this post, but in a good way.

    @ Kid, heh, “Loserism” works for me πŸ˜‰

    @ Sandy, hi and welcome! And YES, we most certainly will. Heck, we are on our way now; we just have to do what you say: keep on keeping on!

    @ Opus, lol, thanks so much. And you are too funny tweeting it line by line! That must be confusing as hell, but how funny. πŸ™‚

    @ Tammy, hi and welcome! I don't think they'll get it, either. Actually, we are hearing evidence yesterday and today that they don't (plowing ahead with healthcare, more “commissions” and massive spending sprees to push government into the role of our own ingenuity and American resourcefulness).

    @ Nerdy, hi and welcome! Love your comments. πŸ™‚ I have to admit that one of my favorite blogging pastimes is coming up with new names to call the koolaid guzzling radical loons, but I take your point. We may call them names, but there is more substance to our points. As in we actually HAVE points beyond the name calling. heh And I agree, if people knew what all was in the bills, they'd be just as ticked off as we are. But they don't. They listen to BO spin his web of lies and gobble it up without a thought. It's really sad.

    And “Commies” works, but I'd like to come up with something that fully covers the true horror of what they propose. Interestingly, a lot of people self-identify as communist. People who don't really understand the implications of it, that is. Again, really sad.

  18. It certainly does look like the American people are sick of this lurch Left.

    Still, Leftists thrive on slime and distortion…they successfully blamed G W Bush for a bi-partisan and disastrous micromanaging the banking industry and covering their abuses through the machinations of the GSEs.

    Even now they're still trying to blame Bush, Conservatives and Tea Party people, Big Oil, Bankers for the excesses of the political class.

    The Scott Brown victory is a real win IF it turns out that it was fueled by voters getting sick of the abuses of their own detached and very nearly tyrannical political class.

    We just witnessed a Keynesian debacle (G W Bush's spendthrift administration) followed up by breathtakingly reckless hyper-Keynesianism. This has happened twice in the past century, first, when Roosevelt followed the first Progressive U.S. President (Herbert Hoover, who was that era's Jimmy Carter) and when Carter followed the Keynesian Richard (“We are all Keynesians now”) Nixon…and both times with disastrous consequences.

    My fear is that this time, there is no Ronald Reagan on the immediate horizon.

  19. We aren't worthy!–We aren't worthy! We will win this confrontation to be sure, but realize the truth in what Reagan said. Freedom must be reinvented every generation. Tyranny, by the name of Progressivism, liberalism, socialism communism, fascism, or nazism will always exist in one form or another. NAME YOUR ENEMY AND KNOW HIM. You do this so very well. Thanks.

  20. @ JMK, well, I can't speak for every voter in MA, but I know that I voted because I am not only sick of but also horrified by the abuses of the tyrannical administration, etc. I can also say that I met a lot of people working for Brown, and not one of them voted for him because they support BO, healthcare, or anything this government is doing. And yes, I worry, too, that we don't have a Reagan to swoop in and save the day. We may have to do it ourselves this time, and I suspect that now that we are all awakened, we'll keep an eye on our elected representatives and other government officials and all band together to vote them out of office if they start down this path again. First, though, we need to clean house (and Senate) this fall. :p

    @ Scott, lol! Thank you. πŸ˜€

  21. “I met a lot of people working for Brown, and not one of them voted for him because they support BO, healthcare, or anything this government is doing.” (FS)

    Oh yeah, THAT'S some of the dumbest “spin” I've ever heard (that the MA voters were really voting for MORE of this government incompetence)….although I'll give them credit that this was the most transparent thing they've done to date.

    As far as a Reagan or Gingrich go, I meant that in terms of a front-man who can articulate the goals and aspirations of Conservatism and deliver it such a way that it resonates with people – Reagan and Thatcher were both extraordinary in that regard.

    Gingrich was more an idea man and still is, though he's been damaged politically. In a like manner Milton Friedman was the idea man of choice for both Reagan and Thatcher.

    We need a new idea man for a new generation – Dr. Friedman was absolutely awesome and Gingrich engineered one of the greatest ideological revolutions in history….we sure could use that sort of person again now.

    The void is here, such voids are usually filled as there are many capable of delivering….it'll come down to who can get organized best and fastest to move into that void.

  22. Great post Fuzzy! I am new to your blog and appreciate it very much, you,ve spelled it out very well. I am partial to Beck and Limbaugh but agree with you that they only reflect our values, not dictate them. Progs need to get over that. I would like to link this post off my blog

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