I don’t even know where to begin to describe my reaction to last night’s SOTU (full text, video).  Here’s what he said, in a nutshell:  Nothing has changed, I still don’t get it, and I intend to carry on as before.  The second he said that the American people are thinking, in response to all his spending, is “what’s in it for me?” I knew, beyond any shadow of any doubt, that he doesn’t get it.  The question is not what can I get from the government, but what can we do for our country.  The government is not the country; its job is not to provide for its citizens anything except opportunity, freedom, and protection.  Patriots know this.

When BO evokes the Constitution and/or American values, he will, in his next breath, undermine the Constitution and/or American values.  He does this in almost every speech (this is one reason that I recommend reading the text of his speeches rather than watching him read them from the phalanx of teleprompters–though, to be honest, he’s not as “magical” or “inspiring” as he once was, so it’s becoming less important to read the words).  He began his speech last night like any good high school student: he placed the speech itself in a historic (and constitutional) context.  He then went on not to talk about the state of the union but of the state of his own crumbling presidency and what else he’s going to do to destroy our constitutional republic.

When BO talks about solutions, they are always (and I mean always) ways to grow government, ways to empower government.  Empowering the government means restricting the individual, the people.  It can mean nothing else.  When BO talks about “what is right,” it is always about what the government thinks is right, what the government will impose on the people, regardless of what we want or of our constitutional freedoms. Clearly out of his mind, BO intends to plow ahead with his radical progressive agenda while mindfully ignoring the will of the people (we don’t fit in his vision of a “fundamentally transformed” America).  Sure, he made some suggestions that might be considered conservative.  If you don’t think about them, that is.  If you think about them, the only conclusion to draw is that he is working his butt off to socialize and nationalize everything.  Everything.

Government Spending Freeze. Sort of.  Next Year.  
As just about everyone is pointing out the freeze on government spending is so microscopic that it is barely noticeable, and you couldn’t notice it anyway as he’s not going to do it until next year (if at all, remember this man has left a trail of broken promises in his wake).  This year he’s going to engage in more reckless and useless spending.  Carrying on just as if nothing had happened, as if there were no Tea Party protests, no town halls, no election losses in NJ, VA, and MA.  Just plowing ahead.  Spending and grabbing power and being a complete ideologue who is filling me with more fear and dread each day.

Massive Spending
Last night he announced another massive stimulus bill (he called it a jobs bill.  Same thing, different name.  Common radical prog practice as we all know by now.).  He also announced a bunch of initiatives to “help” people:

Small businesses:  He’s going to, in effect, make the government a lender via small bank proxies.  Giving TARP repayments to small banks to finance loans to small businesses.  What could possibly go wrong with that? 

Student loan repayment limits, loan forgiveness, and increased Pell grants (never to be repaid), again, sounds great.  But what this means is that the people are paying for higher education for all citizens, whether or not they go to college themselves.  Think about that one for a second.  People will go to college, pay a pittance back on their loans for ten or twenty years, and then stop paying them back.  Who pays for the balance of all these loans?  You got it:  you.

I come back to universities later, but for now, let me just point out that when BO said that a high school education is no longer sufficient to ensure opportunity for people, he was right (and frankly, even college degrees don’t guarantee good jobs–this is due, in large part, to both the flooding of the university system and to the lowering of educational standards at both the K-12 and the college level).  He was also implying that we all should be just as responsible (in the form of taxes) for paying for college degrees as we are for paying for the public school system (also via taxes). 

Climate change/Cap and tax.  Again, he mocks those, a majority of Americans!, who do not believe that humans are responsible for or can control the natural changes and cycles of the climate–changes and cycles that pre-date not only industrialization but man. Still on the table, still guaranteed to cripple our economy and blow out our individual household budgets.

Green economy.  Still on the table, still guaranteed to cripple our economy and blow out our individual household budgets. 

Healthcare takeover.  Still on the table, still guaranteed to cripple our economy and blow out our individual household budgets.  Also guaranteed to limit care and diminish quality.  He is determined to pass this, despite a century’s worth of Americans telling him “no.”

Aside:  Why does the left keep holding up MediCare as an example of how wrong conservatives were to object to it on the grounds that it would lead to socialized medicine?  The very fact that MediCare is being held up as a reason to expand the socialization of medicine proves that they were right to worry.  MediCare, however popular, is being used as a foundation on which to expand government control of our healthcare system.  Those who objected are being vindicated each and every day . . . each and every time someone on the left holds it up as a reason to expand government control of healthcare.  D’oh.

BO announced that he hated taking over the banks.  We know that’s a lie.  We know he forced many banks to take government funding they didn’t want, and we know that he’s making the best of the financial near-collapse to amass power.  His statement that we’ve recovered most but not all of the bailout money is true.  Then he follows this up with his intent (not new, he announced this last week) to tax “the biggest banks” to recover the rest.  Not the banks who took money from tax payers, not the banks who still owe money to the tax payers, but “the biggest banks.”  Even if they didn’t take a dime and don’t owe a dime and didn’t have one thing to do with the near-collapse.  Think about this.

You’ll note, too, that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are exempt from this tax.  They are the huge, and I mean huge, banking/loan institutions that can most directly be tied to the dire straights that this economy is in.  Don’t forget that the whole downward spiral was not started on Wall Street (though it did end up there).  It started in community organizing groups like ACORN.  It started because these groups lobbied the government and demanded that loans, specifically housing loans but also student loans and others, be made to everyone, regardless of their ability to pay them back.  The pressure from these groups caused people in Congress to jump into the fray and start forcing such high risk loans on institutions, loans that people could not possibly repay.  We know all this.  BO pretends that we don’t.  And he gets away with it because the general public does not know all this–Wall Street has become the isolated target of this administration, the scapegoat for problems that did not originate there and that it had no control over.

BO is counting on the unwashed rabble to support this unethical and highly suspect move because they are incensed about the massive bank bonuses.  He is counting on the public to rationalize taxing “the biggest banks” because they have the money, because they are the greedy evil ones.  He is counting, in other words, on the public to approve his unfair and unethical actions . . . just this once.  And thus the slippery slope.

National Security
Barely discussed.  Scarcely mentioned.  Not a priority.

Revoke “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”
Whatever.  I don’t care about that, and I suggest that those of you who do calm the hell down and worry about what he’s doing to our country.  My guess: even if it is revoked (and he promised only to “work on” that), it won’t make any difference.  Gay military people are already “out” if they want to be and not if they don’t.  The PC culture that turned a blind eye to the Fort Hood terrorist also turns a blind eye to gays.  That won’t change.  Nothing will change as a result of this:  it’s an empty gesture to his hard left base.

Nuclear Disarmament: are you kidding me?  Evoking, daring to utter the names of, Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy to justify our disarmament is beyond belief.  He’s living in a bubble, a dream world.  He’s a complete nut.  Does he honestly believe that President Reagan or President Kennedy would push for disarmament now . . . with North Korea and Iran proving that they are not only unwilling to go along but are outwardly mocking the U. S.?  Seriously.  This is the craziest thing he’s said.  For someone who is supposed to be intellectual, this is the most intellectually dishonest thing he said (and that’s saying something).  Saying you’re going to adhere to the policies of past presidents in a completely different situation, a completely different world, is absolutely insane. 

Iran.  What can you say?  He’s going to get firm?  Really?  Ooooh, watch out Iran, he’s going to give you another deadline to ignore; he’s going to order more sanctions for Russia and China to ignore (and, incidentally, get wicked rich in doing so).

BO’s going to get us all killed; he’s leading us straight into a nuclear war, handing nutty regimes and (yes) terrorists nuclear weapons as surely as if he sent them wrapped in shiny paper with a big big bow on top . . . and working to ensure we are unarmed and unable to retaliate.  The man is a menace to freedom, to safety, and to the entire world who will be unprotected when we are disarmed.

And what did he say about supporting the opposition to oppression and tyranny in Iran?  Oh, yeah, bad Iran, bad.  Carry on.

Patriot Watch
Last night he planted one seed and he threw down one gauntlet in his maniacal consolidation of all power in the executive branch.  He has set his sights on two new targets.

The seed he planted was that universities should “take responsibility” for ensuring that college is affordable.  This sounds great.  It sounds like a no-brainer.  But this is the president of the United States addressing the country, watched by the world, saying that he has his eye on the university system.  He’s already taken over the student loan industry (interestingly, Fannie Mae had, prior to the near-collapse, bought up a huge portion of student loans, including my own, in the past several years).  And we know that this crazed socialist will take over any industry that he can.  Mark my words, he’s going after universities.

The gauntlet was of course his criticism of the Supreme Court.  He lied when he said that the ruling would enable foreign companies to finance American elections; that’s an absolute lie.  He’s worried that the unions and other pet liberal campaign funders like ACORN and trial lawyers will not hold an essential monopoly on buying elections (as always, it’s okay if the left does it, but un-American when it’s on the right . . . whatever the “it” is).  So he decided to take on the Supreme Court in the SOTU.  Unbelievable.  Absolutely outrageous.

Three words:  Separation.  Of.  Powers.

This, I believe, is another item on his agenda.  Undermining the constitutional mandate that there be three distinct branches of our central (federal) government and that these branches remain discrete to ensure that there are checks and balances, that one branch can’t run roughshod over the others thereby taking rulership of the entire government, of the country.  The reason the Supreme Court is not elected and that they are appointed for life, is to ensure that they answer to no one.  No one.  Ever.  Including–no, for our founding fathers and for our republic to survive, ESPECIALLY–to the executive branch.   

“If you adhere to our common values, you should be treated no different than anyone else.”

And if we don’t adhere to your values, BO, then what?

“I have never been more hopeful about our country’s future than I am tonight.”

If he‘s hopeful, we are in serious trouble.




17 thoughts on “POS BO’s SOTU: WTH?

  1. Yeah, Fuzzy, that was pretty creepy listening to Obama bad mouth a Supreme Court decision. I don't recall that any president has done that in a SOTUS before, at least not in my lifetime.

    And I'm old enough to remember John F. Kennedy giving one (I was 6, hey, but my dad translated it for me).

    And Chuck Schumer is calling for an investigation or hearings into the decision? What? This administration and 111th congress cannot go away soon enough. It's just awful.

  2. I don't see how people still buy into his rhetoric. This speech was predictable. Nothing new, just Obama and the belief by his very existence will solve all of lifes problems. I have more faith Duff Beer to do that than Mr. Obama.

  3. The people that still believe this guy are the people that still believe HE (government) will give them something for nothing, that's it in a nut shell. The problem is we are creating a country of poor people and the standard of living will continue to decline.

  4. please publish this in your local paper and anywhere else you can!

    a few more things, though meaningless,
    i noticed;

    the words “freedom” as they rolled off his tongue, did not seem to fit his agenda….
    and as he ended with “God bless You, God bless America” obviously, completely scripted and totally unnatural coming from him ….all just part of the game for this clown.

    i am disgusted!

  5. Fuzzy,

    Another GREAT POST!

    One would think with those huge “DUMBO” ears of his, that he could hear the rumbling of not just Us, The Right Wing, Fanatical, TEA Bagger, Astro Turf, Dumb Asses, but also that of his own party! Although he ran as a Democrat it was only because he could not find The Marxist Party on any ballots!

    He is totally oblivious to “We The People.” I heard him say something about he would rather be a “Good one term president, than a mediocre two term president.” Well I think a half term president sounds even better! I figure if we start now we can have him impeached before his next SOTU speech!

    Who's with me?

    Lock & Load!!!

    Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

  6. Excellent analysis Fuzzy, even tho I didn't watch.

    Here's to hoping the asshole simply fades to black, turns into shards of stale crisp paper, slightly burned but entirely spent, and blows down the cobblestone and asphalt streets in the cold January wind of 2013, never to be heard from again.

  7. @ Fredd, when he said that, my blood ran cold. His hubris knows no bounds. And apparently, the left are saying that it's okay because he prefaced it with “with all due respect to the separation of powers” . . . . Imagine.

    @ BB, I don't either, Bill, seriously. He's so obviously full of crap.

    @ Kerry, yes, me, too. He's not going to stop or even slow down. No matter what, apparently. 😦

    @ Lady Di, exactly. And he's trying to sweep what's left of the middle class into government dependency, too. That's what all the “middle class commission's” plans are designed to do. It makes me sick.

    @ Odie, I'm going to have to stop watching him, too. He aggravates me no end, just the sight of him. It's not like he's ever going to say anything I want to hear, anyway.

    @ Pedaling, lol, thanks! 🙂 There were a couple of parts that were forced, the “God Bless” part was one of them. I'm disgusted, too, believe me. And more than a little afraid for our country.

    @ Samuel, hi and welcome! 😀 LOL, well, I think I'd rather not have him in the WH at all. Just think, I could go back to feeling secure, not worrying all the time, and blogging about shopping and shoes. heh

    @ L, thanks so much! 🙂 Well, I'm convinced now that nothing will change his mind or his idea of governing. He's a complete lost cause. I figured, even before last night, that he wouldn't tack to center, but I thought he'd be a bit less obvious about his determination to carry on carrying on. He's already, as far as I'm concerned, the worst president in the history of this country. I'm not exaggerating (or kidding).

    And I'm with you; let's get his arse impeached post hasty. All we need is majorities in both houses of Congress, and I think we can pull that off this fall.

    @ Kid, let's work our butts off to ensure that he is effectively a lame duck starting in November of this year. Letting him keep power until 2013 is a disaster in the making.

  8. Nail, Head…whack. Nice job, Fuzzy.

    Deekawife 3.0 and I screamed at the TV through most of the “Scolding of the Union” speech, but when he dissed the Supremes, we were aghast.

    @ladyDi: He believes we are The Stupid People and the are The Smart People. They will not stop.

    All: It's less Obama and the Congress we need to worry about at this point. It's the bureaucracy that needs dismantling. The programs He wants to push through will never see the light of day from Congress. But it is easily accomplished through the EPA, or Homeland Security or some other department.

    Hang on tight, folks.

  9. @ Deekaman, hi and welcome! I agree that it's other agencies that we need to watch, but it's BO that we need to watch in this. Or more appropriately, his shadow cabinet of czars who oversee these other agencies. They aren't spontaneously enacting anything. And yep, we need to hang on tight! 🙂

    @ Hattie, hi and welcome! I'm so pleased that you're reading and happy to have you commenting. 😀

  10. That man in the WHite House … I am at a loss for words and that usually doesn't happen. But God is not mocked and pride goeth before a fall.
    He is building himself up for colossal failure. His hubris will amplify it and the socialist syncophants surrrounding him guarantees it. I only hope he doesn't take the country with him for he does not love this land.

  11. @ Sig94, hi and welcome! 🙂 I agree that BO holds no love for America. We have some disturbing evidence of this, and his agenda is certainly sending on the path to destruction. We'll have to work hard to vote dem majorities out of Congress, while ensuring that we are lied to by progressive reps. We have our work cut out for us, but we are Americans, we will prevail.

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