Global Warming Threatens National Security (Yeah, right)

What to do when your dreams of a global government/New World Order appear to be melting away . . . unlike Himalayan glaciers?  What to do when ClimateGate reveals what many already thought: that anthroprogenic global warming is a hoax?  What to do when polls show that skepticism about human causes of climate change has reached new highs?  What to do, what to do?

I mean it’s vital that people imagine that there’s a crisis, can’t ever let one of those go to waste, even if we have to Wag the Dog it into “being”.  If they’re scared, they’ll agree to anything.  But now . . . gee, no one really believes the hype, most people understand that the data has been fudged and politicized with specific and dangerous goals in mind.  

Now where did I put my New World Order?  Is it over there by the bankrupting of America?  Or did I drop it in the snow at the massive blizzard in Copenhagen during the “global warming” conference?  Maybe one of the polar bears ate it . . . their populations are booming, after all.  

I know!  Let’s think about what people do care about and tie that in with global warming!  Won’t that be great?  Let’s see, what on earth do Americans care about?  Hmmmm . . . what could it be?  Hey!  Let’s say that global warming is a national security threat!  That’s it.  Everyone cares about national security, and even conservatives will jump on board if we say that.  Let’s do it!

If that doesn’t work, we can link climate change to increased abortions, racism, greedy oil companies, and . . . um, George Bush.  Yes!

14 thoughts on “Global Warming Threatens National Security (Yeah, right)

  1. They are going to get their way one way or another to control power and energy in this country. On the local level now, companies like Austin Power are pushing similar regulations in municipalities. I don't know if the dreams are dead. I beleive they are just slowing down and getting ready to condition people on a local level.

  2. It is worse than you might think.

    This will allow the “warmers” to sue companies nearly out of existence the way they have the nuclear power industry. They can't get their way through Congress, they will do it through the bureaucracy.

    Torches and Pitchforks, my friends.

  3. Fuzzy,

    I saw a snippit from tonights Sean Hanady where Larry the Cable Guy said, “He was just up in Canada and a polar bear begged him to shoot him in the head because it was sooo cold!”

    Lock & Load!!!

  4. πŸ™‚ Go Fuzzy GO !

    I got to work this morning, pulled up a 'news' page and saw that osammi the drown rat looking terrorist is very concerned about climate change….

    “We're living in a cartoon” was my remark to my office mates.

  5. I've been living in the desert of El Paso, TX for the last 16 years or so … we get snow about once a year (sometimes not at all) … last night it snowed for the 4th time this year. I blame global warming … and Bush.

  6. Far as I'm concerned the case for global warming is closed. Today Osama, yes Osama and not Obama, blamed the U.S. for global warming. He is now joined at the hip with his arab brother.

  7. @ Deekaman, yes, this is something that the progs do to ensure that they get their way (it's how they sued God out of our public life and classrooms, and it's how they sued us into a mountain of individual and company mandates that dictate everything from our wearing seatbelts to our not eating “too much” salt or the “wrong” fats.). We have to stop this, but I'm not sure how. These groups are all symptoms of the problem not the problem itself.

    @ L, LOL, I saw that, too.

    @ Kid, heh. Yeah, that's pretty interesting. I find it somewhat amusing, to be honest, I mean what's it going to do? Is any country going to do what bin Laden said? More worrying is that Russia and China have so much control over our economy and were talking about toppling it last year. We're in deep sh%t, and we have a president who is actively working to undermine us in every conceivable area: economically, militarily, socially . . . you name it, even our manned space missions, for God's sake. He is a traitor. I really believe that.

    @ Paul, hi and welcome! πŸ™‚ LOL, yeah, I was watching the weather this year, snow in Houston, blizzards all over the place. Of course, you know the global warming goons have convinced otherwise rational people that wicked cold weather actually indicates global warming. These are the same people, of course, who crow happily and point to 100 degree days as “evidence” of global warming. Seem to me that if the weather is still fluctuating between hot and cold, ice caps aren't melting, etc. there is nothing to worry about. It also seems to me that if there really is an imminent problem with climate change, it would make more sense to relocate coastal peoples than to tax the crap out of anyone and establish a New World Order. Trying to control the climate . . . crazy. Reacting to and preparing for it . . . . logical.

    @ Ron, It's closed. And yes, it figures that bin Laden would pipe in . . . any new reason to hate America. And you know that BO will use that as yet another reason to push Cap and Tax and the U. N. agreements . . . ooooh, look! We're causing people to become terrorists, it's a big recruiting tool. The man's an idiot. Or more likely, he's working with terrorists to destroy us. That certainly seems to be an emerging pattern with him and his policies: support terrorism while paying lip service to our national security.

    @ Trestin, yeah, I read it. No other nation will pay any attention to it. BO will, though, see my above comments.

    @ Deekaman, Naw, this bin Laden announcement will be used by this administration to further cripple us. Watch.

    @ Opus, omg, you are so great! Thanks πŸ™‚

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