Herr Obama’s Radicalize America’s Youth Camp

Tired of your kid being honest and honorable?  Want to get rid of some of that pesky upstanding citizen attitude and instill a sense of subversive self-righteousness in your child?  Is your kid lagging behind his or her peers in the arts of deception, power plays, and manipulation?  Think your kid isn’t strong enough in the time-tested techniques of shaming, ridiculing, and humiliating people?  Is your kid too kind, too tolerant, too darned contented believing in God and human decency?  Too full of human compassion?  Are you losing sleep because your kid isn’t praying hard enough to the president or singing songs of his praise?  Have no fear, BO’s Radicalize America’s Youth Camp is coming soon to a school near you!  Your kid can join the brainwashing and propaganda fun right through their own public school . . . applications available at school and online! 

I’ve been shell-shocked for a day or so since reading at Opus‘ about BO’s new “internship” for children, an internship that will teach this nation’s children how to be the bestest liars, most corrupt and most evil manipulators around . . . next to BO himself, of course.  The complete application and training schedule are available at Atlas Shrugs, so suffice to say here that the ten week intensive training course provides a foundation for the radicalization of any young person.  The first book on the reading list is Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals and the curriculum includes sections on a variety of “tactics” and “strategies” to manipulate people and the system and how to force “change” (that is “change” as defined by the BO propaganda and radicalization arm the OFA–Organizing for America).  Week four sounds especially fun because this is when your child will be taught how to “analyze power structures, community assets, and opportunities for influence.”  Woohoo!  Nothing like a good week spent teaching innocent children how to destroy our nation.  I wonder if there are fun homework exercises like burning the Constitution in effigy and dancing on the still-smoking cinders?

This is nothing short of–and yes, I’m going to say it, so turn away now if you don’t think it’s gone that far yet–Hitler’s and Mao’s tactics to brainwash the youth of their respective countries before launching the most heinous, murderous rampages the world has ever known.  What possible purpose can there be to teach our children how to be radicals except to spawn more radicals?  What possible goal can there be here, especially when you add in all the other nasties that this administration has been and is engaged in? 

Aside:  What I wouldn’t give to see the original speech that BO intended to give our schoolchildren last year . . . the real one that prompted the Department of Education’s worksheet including a “What can you do to help the president?” essay question.

This administration is using our tax dollars, our central government, to sponsor and promote the radicalization of our nation’s children.  If this doesn’t send you into a tizzy, nothing will.  How much writing does there really need to be on the wall before this country wakes up to what is happening?  This has all happened before, almost exactly as it’s happening now.  And it didn’t end well for MILLIONS of people.  Think I’m exaggerating?  That it can’t happen here?  In this day and age?  Look around you.  

We have a narcissistic ideologue leading the country, a skilled liar and manipulator, who has made it very clear on more than one occasion that his idea of progress is to destroy our capitalist, free market system and replace it with another, government-run economy (gee, what’s that called again?).  He’s made it clear that his complete faith is in the (his) government’s ability to rule everything and everyone, that he has no regard for our nation’s Constitution, nor her laws.  He’s told us repeatedly that he’s going to “fundamentally transform” this nation, that he’s going to set up–to meet “our goals,” whatever those may be?–a “civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded” as the military” (what does he need that for?  We HAVE the best military in the world!), that he’s going to make volunteerism mandatory for all U. S. citizens.  He’s already using actors (well, Demi Moore) and the National Endowment for the Arts as propaganda tools, school children are taught songs about him (mmm, mmm, mmm!), people are praying to him, his face and logo are everywhere all the time, and now he’s actively recruiting our youth . . . to train them to be radicals? 

Obviously, we must stop this radicalization youth camp.  Fire up the phones, faxes, emails, Twitter . . . write and call everyone and anyone with any authority to stop this, including the news media.  Make a lot of noise and make it now.  It’s worrying that BO has pledged not to give up, that he’s delusional enough to believe that he is “acting for The Greater Good,” but we still have time to stop his horrible plots before they get out of hand.  We can work diligently this year to remove all progressives (including reps) from Congress; if we’re not sure, out they all go.  I’m not picky at this point.  Keep only people who love our country and who will protect our Constitution and we, the people; that’s probably a short list (and McCain is NOT on it). 

That’s longer term (is it just me or does November suddenly seem like it’s years away?).  Something you can do right now is an idea floated by the HillBuzz boyz (I heart the HillBuzz boyz!):  Run for your local school boards.  Starting right now.  We can no longer sit around while radicals run our schools, dictate what books our kids read, what “version” of history they learn.  It’s not too late, Patriots, but we have to move now to take back our schools, our kids, and our country. 


31 thoughts on “Herr Obama’s Radicalize America’s Youth Camp

  1. Tricky one this. It all sounds too off-the-wall to be true. BUT history shows us time and time again what can happen when ordinary citizens take their eye off the ball. So I must stay open-minded.

    If this IS true, and clearly many conservative Americans believe it to be so, then they are not doing themselves any favours by withdrawing their kids from the public school system. I saw it time and time again in the US – right wing and religious parents homeschooling. If you are not involved in the system then you are not in a position to change things from within. While democracy at all levels is still very much in evidence in the USA the people have to be able to deal with a situation as it is emerging, not withdraw and then fight once things have gone too far.

  2. @ Trestin, mob wars? eh? It's all about FarmVille! lol

    @ CL, yes, it's true. I didn't make it up, and you can view the documents yourself via the links I provided. And yes (again :D), that's why I recommend, in my post, people run for local school boards (not sure why you talk about withdrawing kids? I don't mention that and wouldn't recommend it). I do, though, think that home schooling is a viable option for people (it's not just for culty loons anymore), but as a more effective approach, it's far more sensible to become active in the process ourselves rather than sitting back and complaining about it or withdrawing from it without trying to fix what is happening.

  3. FS – I'm not doubting the existence of the documents – just where this could actually be leading.

    I know you didn't recommend withdrawing kids from public schools. It was just an observation that most of the homeschoolers in the US seemed to be from the religious right – the very people who are most concerned with this issue – yes?

    I simply suspect that dividing into separate camps won't deal with the bigger issue, should there be one.

  4. CL, I think we are all wondering where this is going; there is no certainty. It's not like BO has stood up and connected the dots; that's for us to do . . . or future historians, as it also seems to be a historical fact that people who are subjected to the sort of tyranny we seem to be headed for don't realize it at the time. There is certainly a bigger issue here, but up for debate is how big it is and how far BO will push it. Let's all hope (and pray, if you're a praying sort of gal) that it's not going to go as far as many of us fear.

    FYI, there are a lot of far leftists who home school, too. It was the option of choice for both far left and far right, but now more and more people are doing it because public schooling is simply substandard these days. Home schooled kids do statistically better on standardized tests, etc. It's sad, but our K-12 education system, in particular (though it's getting bad at the university level, too), is more focused on socio-cultural teaching than on subject-based teaching.

  5. I certainly share your concerns for the demise of education on both sides of the pond. Homeschooling is becoming more popular here – often undertaken by the religious or those with a desire for their kids to be free spirits.

    Weirdly the UK's primary (elementary) school education seems to have improved slightly, in the sense that children who aren't mastering basic literacy and numeracy are picked up far far earlier. At secondary (high) school level the trend I am observing is that the exams are becoming far more based on coursework, divided into bite-size chunks and probably a lot easier to pass. (My kids will be doing the European Baccalaureate if I have my way!! ) I think the Universities despair because the kids are not so well prepared for the rigour of higher education.

    Sorry, I digress…….. 😉 Have a good day!

  6. The old adage goes that once you bring up Hitler in your argument, you lose the argument. But I just can't help it here, the similarities are just striking.

    Hitler & Obama: both got their feet in the door with their exceptional oratory skills.

    Hitler & Obama: both moved to socialize their country's health care first thing out of the chute.

    Hitler & Obama: neither held any kind of executive position before obtaining power.

    Hitler & Obama: both immediately singled out a villain to rail against to mobilize the masses, Hitler chose Jews, Obama chose big business.

    Hitler & Obama: recognize controlling and channeling youth as the vehicle to achieving long lasting change.

    I guess I just lost the argument.

  7. @ Odie, right you are. We need to run and get elected to school boards and put a stop to ALL the leftist nonsense once and for all. Only then can we raise the level of K-12 education back to its previous levels (perhaps one day exceed those, but let's start with just getting back what's been lost in terms of educating our young in actual subjects, real history, real literature, real everything. No more gay freakin' penguins!).

    @ Opus, yep, me too. You go, Girl!

    @ Fredd, well, that old adage was probably was once an argument killer. God knows, I'd never have imagined even a year ago that I'd be saying anything so extreme! But the parallels are striking. Very striking. And what can possibly explain all that he's doing?

    @ Candle, well, this “internship” coupled with BO's “mandatory volunteerism” and “civilian national security force” all go together, they all contribute to the same piece of the puzzle. There's no doubt about that.

  8. There is nothing wrong with indoctrination in our schools, but this unAmerican kind is a big no!no! For hundreds of years we have been telling our kids how good our country is and how great the founding fathers and the constitution are, but we are now faced with a new type of indoctrination that says the old values are wrong—this cannot stand. Good indoctrination in fine, but this crap has to go. I taught for many years and I always, always sought to impress on my students the greatness of our country—yes, I indoctrinated and promoted what was good about this country.

  9. I agree with all that recommend to run for local school boards. They are (most of them) all corrupt already, especially in the inner cities, i.e. Detroit.

  10. I am glad you wrote on this one….I had intentions of doing so…but my schedule runneth over right now.

    I almost spewed tea out of my mouth when I read this a few days ago.

    And Saul Alinsky's Rules For Radicals is on their TOP suggested READINGS list? YO! Hello America!!!!!

    I pose the same question as Fuzzykins….HOW much MORE writing on the WALL does there need to be before we justify showing up with pitchforks and shoveling out the manure from the DC poop machine?

    Sometimes it seems like they aren't listening.

    Ahhhh, heck! I am going back out to the barn to finish shoveling horse apples, they can't possibly stink as bad as the current condition of our government gone awry.

    bid you all good day…time to muck about in the barn while the temps are thawed enough.

    God speed folks!

  11. This could actually turn out well. In 2013, a bunch of kids wondering “what are we supposed to be doing Now?” when we vote Obama back to the Chicago gutters.

    I may even send Ashton and Demi Moore a letter asking how they intend to serve Obama from Jan 23, 2013 and into the future.

    La de daa dee da dee daaa

  12. Add to the must do list: Only elect conservatives to office who will investigate the nation's educational system and vote to withhold federal funding to school districts that promote the progressive agenda.

  13. Dear Unclogged Conservative. Exceptions for everything Mademoiselle.. No Offense Merci..
    just passing along a story Mon Frere, Mon Ami.

    I was surprised at the comment too. It seems to me, and I'm not a teacher, but that you could simply find and follow good lesson plans, and just stay a week or two ahead of your pupils.

  14. Kid — You must have found it strange to hear the teacher you quote express malignant disapproval of someone who is a threat to her source of income.

    As I read this unsettling post I realized that it will be difficult to get this info widely disseminated through normal channels. Members of the MSM understand and sympathize what is being attempted by OFA and they also understand that it can only be successful if done on the down low. So the MSM would not cover this. It might be mentioned obliquely if James O'Keefe were arrested in OFA's telephone control room and they thought they had a chance to delegitimize his exposure of ACORN.

  15. Chris M. Righteous comment, but in this case, the teacher in question teaches mostly black kids who generally don't eat outside of school and who have parents who give them names like KWNCE (Supposed to be Quincy, but they don't know how to spell).
    Tow of her students are named Male and Female (pronounce Malie and Femalie) She met the mother and asked her how they got these names, and the mom said, the Hospital came up with them and she liked them so she kept them.

    No competition in her case.

  16. Kid — She might not be competitive. I don't even know what you write has to do with the issue. That woman's comment was intellectually abusive and dismissive of people who do not want to be a part of the establishment she works for. I read the blogs of some home schoolers and I doubt that your teacher friend is as well educated. Maybe before commenting about home schoolers you might find out about them rather quoting someone's snide comment that you have no factual backup for.

  17. Chris M. Who said she was competitive. I replied that she doesn't see home schoolers as competing with her.

    It wasn't a “snide” comment. The woman's comment was not “abusive” and “dismissive”. It was a FACTUAL observation by two people who know what they observe in the scenario they are in and the people they have met who home school. Her and her husband could easily be members of mensa, even though YOU “Doubt” she is intelligent. Next time I'm in Vegas I'll call you for some Roulette numbers OK?

    Unlike you, I didn't try to convey that impression to reach into the entire home school-O-sphere across the nation, as you seem to insist the vast majority of home schoolers are downright geniuses.

    I take it you're a home schooler and either consider yourself or factually know you are good at it. Well, good on ya. But, you don't represent the people in this story.

    Before assuming you know me or the teacher in question, you might step back a few feet Dig?

  18. Kid — This lady's off hand insult is not a fact. It might raise to the level of fact if it included some objective information about the individuals being judged that was the basis of the judgment. But to lump every home schooler she had ever met into one quick insult is mere subjectivity. So, the lady has an opinion, so what.
    I can't believe I'm explaining the meaning something as basic as 'fact.' You might try Dictionary.com. You would also find that I used the terms 'abusive' and 'dismissive' properly and you could find out what they mean.

  19. Chris M.

    While your doing your study work, you might try putting some time into a subject called Reading Comprehension. If you are a home schooler, it would tend to substantiate what You feel is my positon on the matter.

    I was actually being nice in the face of your totally unsubstantiated insults toward myself and my friends.

    You, on the other hand, insisted on showing us the results of several years of unsatisfied sexual tension.

    Last word over to you. I won't pollute Fuzzy's blow any further with your adolescence.
    C'mon over to my blog and attack me there if you must 😉

  20. Kid – You plainly can't handle criticism.
    It is so kind of you to save people from me but that fantasy smacks of so much narcissistic magical thinking that I can't imagine that your blog is anything but wish fulfillment.
    I figuring that you're young. You have a lot to learn. One of the best things you could learn is that, as long as you think you know the answers, you cannot learn.

  21. @ Ron, good point. I think that instilling our children with a sense of pride in their country is a positive thing, and I'd even be all for a more balanced view of American history where both the negatives and the positives are taught, neither to the exclusion of the other. Just a well-rounded viewpoint. (though to be honest, I'm old enough to have been in school prior to the liberal infiltration, and I don't remember being lied to about the mistakes that America made. We studied them. They were covered in history class.). This all-out bashing of America, with no consideration for the considerable good we do and have done in this world is what gets me riled up.

    @ Nickie, right you are, Sir. 🙂

    @ Rotti, the only way to help affect change is to get involved. We're all finally realizing that (and I don't think it's too late!). 😀

    @ Cubbykins! Woohoo!! And lol, my pitchfork is my voting ballot, so it's definitely pitchforks ahoy! They still aren't listening. I'm watching BO bumble around and am embarrassed for him. (more on this to come, of course, in a post). Great to see you!

    @ Kid, heh, but I'd rather he not get his crazy grasp on our kids all the same. The last thing we need is formal training for nutjobs. As is, university is a good enough breeding ground for radicals . . . at least there, kids have 18 years of something else behind them. There will always be radicals, most outgrow it (thank God), but they'll be there. What is unsettling here is the actual move to train them at earlier ages to be anti-social, anti-American nutjobs.

    Home schooling is really not the scary underbelly of society that it once was, though some of the stereotypes do hold (and yes, apply in some cases).

    @ Chickadee, excellent addendum. They're going after our kids hard and fast now, no holds barred, no pretense at anything else. It's got to be stopped.

    @ Kid, people do follow the requirements for home schooling (they vary by state as do many public school requirements), and kids still have to pass the standardized tests to get into high school or college (depending when they mainstream). It's a really interesting topic/field, actually. I've had quite a few students who were home schooled over the years, and they've all been well-prepared for college-level work and have a good work ethic. I don't have the stats on this, but I'd venture to say that they are as well- and in some areas far better-, prepared than public schooled kids.

    But we all have our own experiences and can judge these things only for ourselves. I'm certainly not advocating home schooling (for a range of reasons, some of them social–believe it or not! lol), but it is something that has evolved (rather than devolved, as our public ed seems to have done).

  22. @ Chris, it's seriously disturbing. Not only that we have a president who is seeking applicants to radicalization boot camp but that our media is mute about it! Imagine if President Bush had sent out applications to students to join some conservative “radical” boot camp?!

    And yes, I've found watching and reading the O'Keefe coverage rather amusing. They're tortured because they didn't cover it properly to begin with and now can't find a way to make their spin on his arrest get traction. They all but hid the story, and now that they want to make hay with it, they're having trouble because they downplayed it so much. You have to love irony.

    @ Chris, I doubt seriously that Kid's friend was worried about a threat to her income. Home schooling is the red-headed stepchild of education, so it's probably more rooted in a combination of personal experience and unfamiliarity with home schooling across the nation than in any perceived threat. Public education isn't, after all, a competitive marketplace. They have a captive audience of people compelled by law/s to attend. Thus my outrage at the slithering of radical agendas into our classrooms. Most parents haven't the time, education, temperament, or money to home school.

    @ Bunni, yep, and we'll get there. This fall is key, but 2012 will be . . . wondermous!

    @ Kid, mi casa es su casa. Always.

    @ Chris and Kid, come on, you guys! I like you both a great deal, and I hate to see you dusting it up here. You both have valid points, but you're not talking about the same thing. And as an (I'm sure) unintended result are descending into the realm of ad hominem attacks. But remember, we're not liberals. heh (okay, that one actually made me LOL. I have to stop amusing me so much).

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