Rant: BO’s "Plan" to Call-Out Republicans

Geez!  BO is such a boob.  He’s spent a year hammering something that people don’t want, haven’t wanted for one hundred years, and he’s still hammering it (but he’s not an ideologue.  He’s nohhhhttt!).

This latest move is so stupid that it makes me want to pull my hair out and paint a giant “hell NO!” on my still-bleeding scalp.  Cornered like a vile, nasty, lice-ridden rat, he’s now going to put the healthcare talks on C-SPAN, and he’s finally gotten around to thinking that the republicans in Congress should have a seat at the televised table (thank you, Scott Brown).  Here’s the rub: they’re not scrapping the crap that we all hate.  So . . . call in the republicans, let them say “hell NO!” and then crow about how the republicans refuse to work on healthcare.

Uh-huh.  And we all fell off the turnip truck yesterday, only moments after we were born.  “Here’s what I insist upon.  You don’t want it?  You RAAAAACIST obstructionist sayer of ‘NO!’  Look, America, LOOK!!!!  I invited them in (against my will), gave them a chance to do exactly what I want, and they said NOOOOOOO!  They are anti-American RAAAACISTS who hate poor people, want the status quo, and are divisive, polarizing, and some other synonym for the same damn thing!”  So there.  Foot stomp.  Chin jut.   

And we, like the dimwit dems who already believe this drivel, are supposed to nod and agree:  Gee, you did offer them a place at the table, and they said “NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!”  They suck.  But you . . . you are exceptional, unprecedented, a giant of history, bestower of unicorns, crapper of rainbows, wee wee-er of sunbeams.  Mmm mmm mmm!

Yeah, right.

Good grief, is this guy getting advice from junior high school kids or something?  What kind of partisan effort can possibly be achieved when it’s clearly got to be BO’s socialist road to hell or more whining, more speeches, more finger pointing, more stubborn refusals to understand a simple simple fact (um, we don’t want it.  Get it? We. Do. Not. Want. It.)?   The reps will offer their ideas . . . yet again.  The dems will allow that they are good ideas, good.  Funny how we never heard them before now, they’ll murmur doltishly.  And then they will say that they will add the oh-so-excellent republican ideas to the government takeover.  Won’t that be wondermous?  Isn’t that the epitome of bipartisan cooperation?

The glory of it all:  the whole thing will be on television!  We can all watch the dems say, this is how it is . . . you on board?  And the reps will look a bit sadly at them (seeing them for the drooling idiots they are and understanding that no one out here in America is going to be fooled by this slack-jawed lunacy) and say, NOOOOOOOO!!!!

And the people will cheer.

And BO will sputter and stammer and erm and uhhh and ask someone to phonetically write out his speeches so he can read them correctly from his army of teleprompters (d’oh, is that “corpse man”?  Write it out as I should say it!  I’m CIC, I can’t be expected to know what a corpsman is!  COREMAN.  Got it?  I’m Hooked on Phonics in Chief!), and he’ll plan another speech in which he can spew some more lies, insult conservatives both in Congress and across the country, and whimper about how hard he tried to bring everyone together . . . to support the same damn plan that no one wants, the same damn plan that his own friggin’ party couldn’t agree on and pass (in a full year . . . with supermajorities no less!), the same damn plan that has spawned a grassroots movement that is threatening the very survival of progs in government (my working theory is that the Democratic Party will awaken one of these days and realize that they’ve been infiltrated by dangerous and anti-American freaks and that the only way to survive is to shove all radical progs out).

But BO still doesn’t get it.  What a boob.


13 thoughts on “Rant: BO’s "Plan" to Call-Out Republicans

  1. BO is a boob and a nimrod. BO is going to try and paint the GOP as obstructionists, and the party of NO. I am all for the GOP obstructing and saying NO. They are listening to the American people, standing up against this massive government takeover, and infringement on our individual rights.

  2. Fuzzykins…BRAVO!

    And wow…how funny! I pretty much had the same reaction to the same headline or 'snippet' about the 'wee wee sunshine' the mighty one decided to dribble down to the Republicans.

    Wee wee sunshine….I like this side of you….CRACKED ME up….

    I needed this good laugh….as my pessimistic side reigns a bit much lately.

  3. Great rant, Fuzzy. We are blogging the same topic today, but you said it better, I think. I am a bare-bones newsie girl. You have the fire and inside scoop on maniacal Dem thinking. Well done!

  4. I agree with Opus #6, great rant Fuzzy—you had me going and the juices were flowing. Don't you wish you could, just for one time, stand in front of the great man and let him have it with both barrels—wonder what he would say! Would he have to check with his teleprompter? Keep it up Fussy–oops meant Fuzzy!

  5. In addition to what you said; all he knows how to do is talk. So, what else is he going to do for the next three years?
    As long as he stays impotent. With a lot of help to make that happen in Nov this year, things will be quite tolerable.

  6. @ SD, thanks. I'll have to check yours out; love the blog title! :p

    @ Teresa, he makes me so angry with his shiftiness and manipulations. Sure, all pols do it to some degree, but he is so stupid–and thinks WE are so stupid–that's it truly unforgivable. He'll never grow into the role of president; he'll always be a back alley radical playing games and “strategizing for change.” Grrr

    @ Cubbykins, lol, so glad you enjoyed it. I was typing faster than hell on this post (so enraged was I) and rather worried that I didn't edit enough on that point. Heh.

    @ Opus, I love your bare-bones newsie girl-ness! And yeah, bummer about my being a reformed lib, but it does afford a bit of insight that comes in handy when watching this moron try to play the entire nation for fools. 😉

    @ Ron, thanks! I think that the people who believe that he can slay anyone on the right in a debate are going to be very very disappointed when both the primaries roll around (who thinks he'll really get the 2012 nod without a fight, and who thinks that I won't support with all my heart anyone who runs against him for the dem nom). I think that he's lost it–whatever mojo or magic or facade he once had (and he did have it, it just never worked on me). And I think that Sarah Palin (for instance) would mop the floor with him in a toe to toe debate.

    @ Kid, he knows how to do more than talk, Kid, but he does most of his nasties on the DL (those tidbits we hear about more restrictions on free speech, his noms who are all crooks and liars and radicals, etc.). That's the stuff to worry about and watch carefully (and shout from the rooftops). I agree that he's been neutered to some degree (though I don't think he's savvy enough to know it; too egotistical to engage in any honest self-reflection) and will be further neutered come November, but I won't rest easy until 2012 when he's voted out of office along with whatever other progs are up for reelection that year. They all need to go.

  7. Is there a way in the US to have a referendum on this issue, in isolation from all the other policies?

    It seems that both sides are saying they have the right to either force through or stop “socialised” healthcare and in the meantime the system as it stands is still broken and needs reform. Even the most die-hard conservatives appear to agree on that??

    A national referendum would give Obama a firm “go ahead” or “no way”, would be democratic, and if his ideas are rejected then progress can be made on other reforms. Stalemate is helping no-one, not least those without insurance right now.

    And this is coming from a citizen of a country that never holds referenda – much to my regret :S

    Good rant BTW!

  8. @ Trestin, heh, and yes, stalling it is better than it going forward, but I'd rather BO and Pelosi (not sure how “into it” Reid still is) would just drop it. It's a non-starter even within their own party, no way are the reps going to fall for this ridiculous trap (any seventh grader can see right through it!).

    @ CL, heh, thanks. That's pretty much what reps are proposing: that progress can be made incrementally, without dismantling the entire system, a system that over 300 million people ARE covered under and do receive excellent care. The “healthcare” crisis (not sure how closely you've followed it?) is about cost, not coverage. We have only about 9 or 10 million (some go up to about 15 million) people who are not covered, once you weed out the people making $75k or more and who opt out and the illegals. That's not too bad given our population and is something that can be addressed relatively easily and with only minor reforms.

  9. Oops, just looked that up, and it's 253.4 million Americans who have health insurance (not over 300 million, obviously). Even so, that's a LOT of people who are happy with their quality of care and access to services. Portability and tort reform are the best ways to lower costs (thereby making health insurance more affordable to those who earn too much to qualify for MediCaid but not enough to buy their own independently). I do like the dem's idea of not disqualifying someone for pre-existing conditions; that's a problem, as is being cut off when you get really ill and need insurance most. However, neither of these would be solved by a government takeover. MediCare (our government-run health insurance for seniors) denies a larger percentage of claims than any private health insurer. They also limit treatment options, pay doctors crap, and otherwise make it difficult for very ill seniors to wade through the bureaucracy and nonsense to get the care they need. The bottom line is that the LAST thing we need or want is a government takeover of our healthcare system. Even BO's OWN party doesn't want that. He just refuses to accept it. And to the detriment of other area of our lives: the economy and national security being among the biggest problems, real crises, that he's ignoring to pursue this utopian pipedream. (Ugh, I can't STAND him!)

  10. I think that Obama really DOES have junior high kids as advisors. Do those Republicans who just fell off the turnip truck really think BO wants their ideas?


    This move of BO's is as subtle as ol' Uncle Fredd asking little 6-year old nephew Billy 'go ahead, pull my finger…'

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