Does BO Want To Be President When He Grows Up?

With Robert Gibbs’ bizarre antics, one really has to wonder what is going on in the White House.  Sure, the “scandal” of Sarah Palin writing a few key words/talking points on her hand is interesting(ish), but it’s hardly in the same league with the fall of the greatest orator of all time, the rhetorical genius, the supreme intellectual . . . who stutters and stammers and becomes visibly confused and rattled when his ten teleprompters malfunction.  THAT is something to note.  As is the related fact that he can’t speak extemporaneously  . . .   at all.  He either says the absolute wrong thing (“corpse man” / I’ve visited 57 states and have one left to go! / a woman . . . can’t recall her name . . . who died of breast cancer thinks I’m as great as I think I am and wanted to be buried in a tee shirt with my name and/or face on it . . . so let’s put the government in charge of healthcare!) or he speaks the truth (telling Joe the Plumber that he has a wonderful Marxist plan for “spreading the wealth around“).

The fact that Sarah Palin doesn’t meet the unmet standards set by BO and his koolaid-slurping Stepford acolytes for BO’s grand rhetoric and superior intellect strikes me as . . . ridiculous, manufactured, intellectually dishonest.  They, the BO koolaid swillers, are all up in arms because of the keen disappointment they feel about their own rhetorical whiz being a stuttering, stammering, tin-eared buffoon rather than about Palin not meeting their (high? since when?) expectations.   Seriously, that’s all it is.  It’s aw, crap, our guy sucks rocks, but hey! look at your girl, she’s written some talking points on her hand, now we feel better about our guy sucking rocks.  Keep in mind, these are the same people who have been reduced to “supporting” BO simply and only because he’s not President Bush.  They are disappointed.  And  desperate.

What is far more interesting, to me at least, about Hand-Gate is what it reveals about this administration.  Gibbs’ bizarre shopping list stunt is classic Alinsky-style campaigning.  The key word here being not Alinsky (as one might think, the ridicule “strategy” in full gear) but campaigning.  I’ve written before about BO’s perpetual campaign mode, but that was back in September . . . before NJ, VA, and MA.  Before the mysterious “retirements” of key dems in Congress.  Before the Fort Hood terror attack, before the Christmas Day would-be panty bomber was read his Miranda rights after 50 minutes of (polite, even fawning, I’m sure) questioning.  Before Holder and what’s her face who runs (um, sort of) DHS were revealed to be even less competent than we’d originally thought (and that’s saying something).  Before it was crystal clear that Iran would never ever stop its drive for nuclear weapons–well, it was crystal clear to anyone with a brain and access to a history book, but not, apparently, to this administration (even yet?).  All this (and more) has happened.  And the CIC’s response?  I’m not an ideologue (I’m nooohhhht!), I’m going to carry on down this path to destruction (of either America or my presidency, whichever comes first), and I’m going to launch into still more aggressive campaign mode.  His bringing Plough back into the fold to address the problems of his presidency (um, not candidacy) underscores this mindset.

Rather than seeing the Tea Party Patriots and Town Hallers (not necessarily one and the same) as American citizens engaged in the civic process, expressing their First Amendment rights, and sending their message to their representatives in this representative form of government, this administration took battle position and painted about half the nation as the political opponent in a campaign.  Engaging in political attacks against half the population as if they were opponents in a political race is what is undermining this president.  It’s not just that he’s not listening to the people he is supposed to be governing, but that he is actively seeking to undermine, belittle, and malign us.  Daily.  Unlike real campaigns, his opponents in this one hold more than half the likely votes, and we are not amused.  Nor are we charmed to be painted as adversaries (RAAAAACISTS, rednecks, etc.) rather than as concerned citizens of the country he leads . . . or should be leading.

The difference between being a candidate with one opponent and being a president who has cast every opposing voice as an opponent should be clear.  He’s supposed to be the nation’s president, its leader.  Instead, he’s a petty, whining, malicious candidate on a perpetual campaign against his own people.  Gee, that’s going to read well in the future history books of which he is so fond, right?

He’s stuck in petty, pimply, radical adolescence, and unless he is able to grow into the role of adult president, this is one campaign he is doomed to lose.


7 thoughts on “Does BO Want To Be President When He Grows Up?

  1. ZERO, just like Clinton, has never and will never stop campaigning. Too bad “We The People” are tired of hearing his socialist lies.

    As for getting with the Republicans on ObamaCare. The Republicans had better heed this warning, “JUST SAY NO !”

  2. “radical adolescence”
    i was disgusted with gibbs, obama, and really the entire administration, yet once again- IT NEVER ENDS!
    so immature!
    i couldn't help but reflect on Bush's
    Press Secretary, Tony Snow
    Obama's Gibbs.
    those, who Past Presidents surrounded themselves with vs who obama surrounds himself with,
    speak volumes…
    oh, and don't even get me started on the t-shirt joke- that, in obama's sick mind, wasn't a joke, at all.
    holy hell-
    and all without even a clue, on their idiotic part. Obama and his middle school, humorous clan of out of touch, comedians, once again, elevated s.palin up another notch!
    way to go, funny guys!

  3. Great rant Fuzzy—shove that knife in and give it that twist. You are right, and you bring out something I noticed from day one, Obama is in constant campaign mode. One thing we can say about the great speaker, oops great reader is that he's just that a good reader.

  4. @ Opus, thanks! And yes, the hypocrisy is appalling. And lol, I think you mean White House hit “corpse.” Isn't that what our dear leader would say?

    @ Trestin, he won't. A lot of people expected him to pull a post-1994 Clinton and rush to center, but I didn't think he'd do so. He's an ideologue, a radical, and a narcissist. He's incapable of moderating, of seeing a need to do so. Even after he's trounced this fall, he'll keep on trying to do everything on the DL, under and behind the Constitution. He'll cross a line, I'm hoping, and be impeached. But that won't happen until we get the numbers in Congress, and he feels that his back is against the wall (and that bizarre historic legacy he has fantasized is in serious danger).

    @ Odie, agreed. And I may be imagining it, but you seem to be implying that you doubt the reps will “just say NO!.” This is a concern of mine, so I may be projecting here. But yes, they better not give in on this one; the reaction across the country would be . . . intense. To say the least. If they can't see, hear, and feel that the tide has turned, that doing what President Bush was pressured to do (i.e. play ball with the progs to the detriment of our nation), then they will all pay dearly in every election until they are purged. ALL of them.

    @ Pedaling, they are mean-spirited, immature, and ridiculous. I would be embarrassed of them if they were my children, to see them being so disgusting as “leaders of the free world” is simply a disgrace.

    @ Ron, thanks, Ron 😀 Campaigns seem to appeal to him a great deal . . . they move fast, and they require a lot of backstabbing, lying, and other sordid nonsense. He's got all that down pat. What he cannot do is lead. Or be a grown-up.

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